Tuesday, July 11, 2017

New blog

I do not want to give up on blogging but I feel like the cutesy Little Corp Goth Girl doesn't fit me anymore. I want to do something new and exciting. I am no longer a corp goth. Yes, I work but there is very little corporate in my look anymore. That whole corp goth look ship has sailed a long time ago! It is time I re-brand and change things up a little!

What I have in mind for the new blog: Less Mommy posts. Correction, unfortunately, you won't read about my kid so much. I may write about some of my personal experiences with motherhood but unless my kid specifically asks me to write about him or gives me his permission to share a photo of him, I most probably will not be doing so. My son is getting older, writing about a baby or young child is one thing since babies are babies, they all reach the same milestones around the same time but as a kid gets older and develops their own personality, the child may not want the whole world to know about their private life. I know many of you watched him grow up with me and I had such pleasure sharing his stories with you but as a parent, I need to respect his privacy. The new blog will be more of a lifestyle/fashion blog than anything else. Obviously, I am a huge Sci-FY fan, you will continue to see my geekiness slip in there as well!

Since there are many articles in this blog that I am quite proud of, I will be re-publishing them in the new blog over the next couple of weeks. My audience has pretty much quadrupled since I started and I want some of the newer readers to enjoy the earlier stuff too. I am very proud of some of my content and I want it on my new blog before I permanently delete this one! I also noticed that my grammar has greatly improved since I began blogging and can't wait to edit some of the earlier ones!

I am really looking forward to this and it has been months since I have been this excited about blogging!

So here is the new blog:

With all that, I want to thank those who stuck around this blog, especially when there were times you didn't agree with me! Thank you for all your support and I hope to see some of your comments in my new blog!


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