Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Star Trek, British Castles and hibernation...oh my!

I apologize for my lack of posting. Nothing has been really going on in my neck of the woods that have been blog worthy. I have not purchased any new clothes or accessories (self imposed shopping ban) because I am still focusing on my weight loss. This winter has been a cold one with lots of snow. I have remained indoors and only ventured out when needed. There were days that I didn't even go swimming because despite making sure my hair is completely dry, I am so paranoid of catching some lurgy.

What have I been doing? Well I have been staying indoors as much as possible! I play video games (Hearthstone and WOW) as well as watching Netflix on my couch with my blankets.

I have been watching Star Trek! So far, I have seen all the originals (Kirk and Spock!) and am almost finished with The Next Generation (Wesley Crusher, Captain Picard, and Riker!) I remember watching some of these episodes on TV with my dad. I also remember when I first moved out and was able to afford cable. Every Saturday morning I would watch the Original Star Trek on the Space channel.

Another cool documentary on Netflix I have enjoyed recently is called "Secrets Of The Great British Castles."  The second season just aired here in Canada and I devoured all the episodes! The documentary is hosted by a historian called Dan Jones and you learn all about the grisly history behind some of Britains castles!What I like about this documentary is the host. Seriously, he is not your stereotypical stuffy historian that has patches on his elbows! This dude is tattooed and genuinely seems to be really passionate about history! He doesn't drone on and on in a monotone voice either. He won't put you to sleep! In fact, the host even gets to try on medieval armor and try out medieval weaponry. How cool is that? If you are from across the pond like me and have a thing for British accents, well that is just an added bonus too!You don't need to be a history buff to enjoy this and I highly recommend it!

To conclude my post, I would like to point out that I never fully realized exactly how much of a huge nerd I was until I started writing this post.... but meh. Star Trek, Medieval history and British accents, what more could this girl ask for?

Live long and prosper my friends!


  1. I adore the original Star Trek! I was secretly a Trekkie in the mid-1980s. But gawd help me, I'm old enough to remember watching the series when it originally aired on TV 50 years ago.

  2. I'm obviously biased - being British! - but our castles really are amazing! I live in a town called Newcastle and we have our own rather squat functional one on the city boundary, but we also have some amazing ones across the country, and the north east (including Alnwick Castle which was in Harry Potter). I'll check that out on Netflix :)

    It's spring here right now and it's lovely to get back outside (not that we reach Canada's level of cold).

  3. Over here they are reshowing Farscape on Pick. After the Castles were show the next series like it was on Bridges and just as good, I can`t remember its actual name though.

  4. I've been using Netflix to escape the extreme heat here!



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