Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Year in review 2016

I started this tradition last year when I noticed so many other bloggers doing this and I thought it would be fun. I decided to keep this tradition because like most people, 2016 was a pretty messed up year. So many people, myself included were taken aback by the large amount of celebrity deaths and politics. The year ended on a sad note. My cat Pippin died and it was hard trying to get through the Holidays without him. New Years was always just another date on the calendar for me but this year, like so many people, I saw a new beginning and welcomed it in my arms. It was a trying year but there were many shinning moments as well.

πŸŽƒ  I wrote about my favourite outfits I wore in 2015

πŸŽƒ I wrote about what I had learned from blogging and the first thing I learned was not to sell myself short. This was a reoccurring theme all year. Companies would contact me and ask me to write about their product for free and I would be getting exposure for return.

 My birthday month! Oh boy. February was quite special!

πŸŽƒ As an early birthday gift, my niece Lori bought me a ticket to the Doctor Who Concert. I got to see a live orchestra play music from the TV show. Right above the orchestra was a large screen with clips from the show that played in sync to the music.

πŸŽƒ A couple days before Valentine's Day, I admitted to having a fan-girl crush on Voltaire! I still can't believe that I published that post.

πŸŽƒ My babybat, Philip celebrated his 100th day of Elementary school while he was in Kindergarten!

πŸŽƒ I participated in the Vampire's Day Soiree where I geeked out again. You see, I wrote about Vampire, The Masquerade's Book Of Nod.

πŸŽƒ My birthday this year was excellent because I wasn't sick for once! In addition, on my actual birthday, all the parents were invited to the school to admire all the projects the kids worked on for their 100th day of school! That was a really nice birthday present! I love the picture below because he put his shoes on the wrong feet, haha!

πŸŽƒ I also wrote about my parenting style when it comes to having an introverted kid.

Was kind of dull compared to February so nothing here that is really worth noting.

πŸŽƒ I started the month off by pranking everyone on April Fool's!

πŸŽƒ By the end of April, my anxiety was on overdrive, I had severe neck and shoulder pain. I think this was related Philip having a school bully.

πŸŽƒ I celebrated Mother's Day by getting a new tattoo.

πŸŽƒ I wrote about how I handled Philip being bullied at the school, I am still proud of this article!

πŸŽƒ I had a lot of fun participating in the May Monster Madness Blog-a-thon because I geeked out once more and wrote about the Doctor Who villains!

May Monster Madness 2016

πŸŽƒ I discovered that I had a forehead because I decided to grow out my bangs.

πŸŽƒ I  got pretty upset over the Orlando shootings. I am very proud of this article!

πŸŽƒ The highlight of the month was going to see The Cure. Look at how excited I was!

πŸŽƒ Another very significant article that I wrote back in July was an outfit post because despite being ashamed of my body in the photos, I not only published the post for all to see but it motivated me to really focus on a positive lifestyle change! In fact, not only did I lose a significant amount of weight since this photo was taken, I am getting less migraines and am healthier. This post about my wardrobe malfunction changed my life. I am going to see if I can take a side by side next July wearing the same outfit as a one year later post.

πŸŽƒ Philip had a hard time adjusting to Summer Camp due to his introversion and leftover anxiety from being bullied by that kid. I wrote about how I helped him deal with it by supporting him instead of forcing him to be someone he wasn't.

πŸŽƒ I wrote about my walks and how keeping fit is important to me because I want to live a long, long time for Philip. I took pictures of some of the really old houses in my area and daydreamed about winning the lotto 649 so I could buy one of them! For the record, one of these houses were for sale for 1 million dollars!Dream big or go home, I guess!

πŸŽƒ I attended the Goth picnic and made some new friends there!

πŸŽƒ I am very proud of the post where I reminisced about growing up in Montreal as a goth in the 90's!

πŸŽƒ Philip started grade one!

πŸŽƒ Due to the warm temperatures, I was still enjoying my outdoor nightly walks. There was one walk in particular that stood out the most. I was at the local cemetery near my house and I encountered a fox!

πŸŽƒ I also wrote some advice on what it is like to parent a strong-willed child. Seriously, I wonder how I keep my sanity at times!

πŸŽƒ September was filled with parenting posts because I wrote about how Ashbury heights helped teach my son a valuable lesson.

πŸŽƒI wrote an article about eating healthy and exercise that were based off of my personal experiences. Disclaimer, I am by no means a health professional so don't take my word for gospel and please see your Doctor before starting any diet. What works for me, might not work for you! Nonetheless,  I like to think I gave some pretty good, sound advice here!

πŸŽƒ I spent time looking back at my youth because there I was writing about my baby bat years!

πŸŽƒ I got my first collaboration!!! Woot! Woot! Thank you kind people at Punk Rave!


πŸŽƒ Due to the chlorine from the pool killing my hair (I swim twice a week), I found a better alternative to bleach because I decided to not dye it black. It was called Colour Oops and it took two applications to get some of the black out of my hair.

πŸŽƒ I said good-bye to Leonard Cohen

πŸŽƒ I became an adopted mother to a little bat daughter who likes to cause mischief.

πŸŽƒ I said good-bye to my cat, Pippin.

πŸŽƒ I said good-bye to Carrie Fisher


  1. Wow !! I keep trying to do a round-up, but keep getting distracted. It might be ready by June.

  2. The Cure was definitely a highlight and it was great knowing so many friends in other countries all saw them!

  3. well that was a very busy year!
    i feel too lazy to recap mine LOL



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