Monday, January 9, 2017

First outfit post of 2017 - In my full, magnificient geeky glory!

I wear this outfit frequently on the weekends when I don't really plan on going anywhere but need to run a few errands. I never really posted it here because it's nothing too exciting. I am just super comfortable while wearing it.

I want to show if off today because I have a cute little backstory that comes along with the outfit. You see, this shirt came from Jay, and to be honest, I "borrowed it on a permanent basis!"

 In fact, the "borrowing" happened back when I left the Goth scene and it was right after I had Philip. My main reasons for claiming it were simple: it was comfortable, looked bad ass and it fit. It also goes really well with leggings. This was also around the time Philip had Pyloric stenosis and while he underwent surgery at the Children's Hospital! I got to take him home on Halloween while wearing this same shirt! Here I am, 6 years later, still rocking it! Wearing this outfit always makes me look back to how difficult things were in his early life and it makes me grateful that I have him in my life today.

 Yes, we still have our tree up. I plan on taking it down this weekend. I was busy leveling my WOW character and watching Star Trek episodes on Netflix (I was watching the original ones, with Kirk and Spock for those who are interested) and decided to take down all my Christmas décor next week. Considering I wasn't really going anywhere aside from grocery shopping, I wore my glasses (I ran out of contacts) but since I am rambling about Star Trek and WOW, I thought the geeky look would be appropriate for this post anyways. So there you have it. Me in my full geeky glory!

Live Long And Prosper!

P.S. After looking at these photos, I decided it was time to cut my bangs again. It was fun but I needed a little "oompf" in my look. I feel like I look like a dork  without the bangs (I really am one in real life but I don't always want to look like one, OK?) or a little kid with my hair like that. My hair, as usual is two-toned. It is a science experiment I tell you! It's ALIVE! ALIVE!!!!!!


  1. Cool, storey, when I can't be bothered but need something other than my pj's Normally, I don t-shirts with leggings, my favourites are the Cookie Monster one fishing for a cookie. Lol

  2. We still have the tree up in our house; we usually let it up all January.
    BTW yours look shorter than you. :p

  3. Hey, don't worry about the tree. I once left mine up until June.

    Ha ha, love that BiTREKtual video too. Are you into slash?

  4. T-shirt and leggings is my usual go-to outfit when we have company over.

  5. In Swedish tradtion Christmas last until January 13th, so you are still good for a few more days.

  6. We still have our tree up too...:3 Your outfit looks comfy, my go-to lazy outfit is a pair of striped leggings and a longer black sweater. And I'm the same with the bangs, I've been meaning to grow them out for years, but it never happens...:)



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