Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Canadian Vampire Queen

Most of us have heard of Nancy Kilpatrick because she wrote The Goth Bible. Did you know she has a new novel coming out and it will be part of a series?

I am very fortunate to have been given an advance copy of her latest novel, The Revenge Of The Vampir King for an honest review. The official release date for a digital copy  is February 1st, 2017 but you can pre-order now. If you prefer a printed copy, this will be available in April.

Revenge Of Vampir King is the first part of the Thrones Of Bloods series  You can expect sometime later this year, the second book, Sacrifice Of The Hybrid Princess to be released.

It has been a while since I have read a vampire novel and I am very pleased I was given this privilege. Nancy, created a wonderful story in which it was often very difficult to pry myself away from. While in the beginning, you will most probably detest some of the characters, you also love them at the same time. This is not your every day vampire story and if you are looking for sparkly vampires, you certainly wont find any here! In fact, there are some pretty detestable things both the humans (or as Nancy brilliantly calls them, Sapiens) and vampiri do.

In the novel, humans and vampires are at war and centers around Moarte, the King Of The Vampiri who was taken prisoner by the Sapiens and brutally tortured by the human princess, Valada. Somehow, despite all this, Moarte manages to escape his captives and plots his revenge against the princess.

In turn, Valada is then captured by the Vampiri. As much as Moarte would like to kill her, he comes up with a plan to manipulate the princess in order to achieve his goals. The plot thickens and both become adversaries towards a common goal: both want revenge. Not only do the both them manipulate each other in order to achieve this goal, both want control over the other. This is not your every day cat and mouse story either, there is lots of erotica in between!

I really do recommend this novel and hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

You can pre-order the novel here

I also highly recommend Nancy's blog. She writes about many subjects, such as going to the ballet,   Danse Macabre and meeting Forrest J. Ackerman. You should really go send her some love!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

How I get away by sneaking chocolate every day and how you can be sneaky too!

Found off of Pinterest

If you have been reading my blog, you know that I have lost a little over 20 pounds since last summer. I have not done this overnight. I just simply changed the way I view things and made some adjustments to my lifestyle.

When I wrote my post about losing 20 pounds and dished out that I didn't have an eating disorder, I also wrote "So folks, if this chocoholic can do it, so can you!"

Fellow blogger, Lesthi asked "What is your secret to stop eating chocolate though? I couldn't do that, haha!"

Recently, a coworker (Hi Nancy!) asked me something similar.

The thing is, I eat chocolate every single day. Yes, you read that right. Every single day.I never really gave it up, I just learned to be creative (I prefer the term sneaky) about it and let me tell you how you can be sneaky too!

When I first started with this lifestyle change, I learned real fast on how I can not give up certain indulgences. For me, that means coffee and chocolate. I need to keep my sanity! Besides, I knew that I would eventually have a bad day, I would go for chocolate and totally gorge on it because I depraved myself on something I love for so long. I knew that all the hard work I did would be ruined because I would go back to my old habits. The video clip below, taken from a Scooby Doo episode describes this perfectly. I am just like Daphne!

 I learned to find a way to still enjoy the things I love but still be healthy about it too. You all don't want me to pull a Daphne, now do you? Told you, sneaky sounds better now, doesn't it? Forbidden things always seem better because well, they are forbidden. For me, that's chocolate. This is what I have done to be sneaky whenever I become "Cou-Cou for Cocoa Puffs"! It has been six months and I have not fallen back into old habits so I guess I am doing something right! So here are my tricks and hopefully you can adapt your own creative sneaky way too

In the beginning, I would buy an Aero bar, break off two pieces, crumple it up,and mix it with yogurt. I ate one chocolate bar in a week vs a daily chocolate bar that way.

I used to NEVER eat breakfast in the morning and this is the WORST thing you can ever do to yourself. It is true what they say, breakfast is the best meal of the day. The thing is, I am so not a morning person. Whenever I do eat in the morning, I get nauseous and sick. I realized that I can drink coffee, right? Why not chocolate milk? In fact, I look forward to it. This works for me and it is better than having an empty stomach, I usually snack mid-morning if I do get hungry later on. Seriously, I have chocolate for breakfast!

Chocolate milk is my go-to after an intense workout. Forget the protein shakes or eggs. I hate eating after a work out anyways! Besides, why do you think I am motivated to workout? I get chocolate afterwards!!!!In fact, many articles, such as this one states that it helps with your body's recovery after a work out!!! Bring it on!

This dork over here has 3 nice jugs...get it? Haha!

Aside from breakfast and post-workout drink, if I am really craving a chocolate fix, I would measure 1/2 cup of chocolate milk and 1/2 cup of Almond milk (I buy the fortified, sugar free) There is less sugar and calories this way and it tastes like a chocolate Fugiscle! I won't replace my breakfast milk or post workout milk with chocolate almond milk  because there is a little more nutrients in regular cow's milk but this is more of a personal preference.

I still eat a small piece of chocolate cake every now and then. Seriously. It's chocolate cake! Fuck that shit. I would have to be REALLY sick to pass on chocolate cake! Besides, I would be one pissy Sylvie if I didn't get my daily dose of caffeine and chocolate. I just don't eat a ginormous piece anymore.

Eating healthy doesn't mean you have to give up everything you enjoy eating. Anything is fine, as long as it is done in moderation. It also enables me to think a little about the portions I eat and it allows me to be a little creative (re: sneaky) with food. Aside from the occasional little piece of dark chocolate (70% cocoa) I don't think I could eat a full chocolate bar anymore. It's just too sweet for me. Over time, my palate has changed and I crave less sugar. In fact, if something is too sweet, I tend to not really want to eat it!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Damn you, Steven Spielberg!

Every time my child enters a different phase in his development, I always exclaim that his current phase is my favorite one!

Having a six year old can be a lot of fun and obviously, I am going to state that this is my favorite phase so far.

You see, he says the cutest, funniest, most fucked up things!  Here is an example:

Yesterday, I had to take a sick day because he had the flu.  I also felt very run-down and nauseous myself and I thought it was best to stay home with him.

Having a sick kid can be sweet in many ways. He wants lots of cuddles and is usually very quiet! Yesterday, was spent on the living room couch watching movies. I noticed that the movie "E.T. The Extra Terrestrial" came out on Netflix. I remember loving that movie as a child and wanted Philip to take part in some of my childhood nostalgia, therefore, I convinced him to watch the movie with me. The movie begins and I am getting all giddy. I can't wait to introduce my son to something I enjoyed as a kid. Then Philip spoke: "Oh good. It's not a black and white movie. I thought movies that came out when you were a kid wouldn't have any color"

How do you respond to something like that? I decided to laugh and explain that I do love to watch old movies but when I was a kid, movies came out in color. I may be old but I am not THAT old!

Philip's drawing of E.T

Philip got into the movie. I am not surprised. He loves Doctor Who and Star Wars. He related to the protagonist, Elliott. In fact, he hung onto his every word and learned a new insult (thank you for that  Mr. Spielberg) You see, in the movie, Elliott called his older brother "penis breath" and Philip thought that was the best insult ever! Alright, I admit, I have dropped a few swear words in front of my kid and probably said much worse. Besides, I am the one who allowed him to watch the movie! Experience has taught me to simply ignore any bad language the kid repeats. If I give a reaction, it only encourages him to keep saying it.

Fast forward to bath time. Considering we watched the movie in the morning, I thought the insult would be long, forgotten by then. We were in the next room and we hear him playing in his bath. We couldn't quite make out what he was saying but we thought he sounded sweet and cute. On the other hand, the words were were able to make out very clearly were (you guessed it) "You penis breath!"

Friday, January 13, 2017

How to look like a cheap goth whore in a few easy steps.

While I was Facebooking away, I noticed that my friends over at Cemetery confessions shared an article on their page called "I gave my sweetest coworker the goth makeup of her dreams"

Edit: It appears they changed the title! I guess they got mocked by too many Goths! Seriously, go check it out, it gets worse!!!!

This article greatly amused the elitist in me because the post also appears to be an advertisement for clothing an actual goth wouldn't go near with a ten foot pole.

 I tried to look beyond the Calvin Klein sports bra and focus on the makeup, which I think is what the blogger was trying to post about. That is the thing, if you are going to give a "goth makeup" makeover, do you REALLY need to show her sporty outfit? Or are you getting paid by these well known brands to sponsor their clothing? Calvin Klein and Steve Madden do not make up a goth outfit, no matter how hard you try to label it! Why not dress up her Goth from head to toe?

Image on the left is what Health "Goth" is supposed to be, ironically, the majority of us mocked the shit out of that trend when it came out a couple of years ago. Image on the right was taken from that article. It is sad that a movement that was created to sell athletic wear to Goths is far more goth-like and athletic looking (I can't believe I wrote that in the same sentence) than a bad makeover! I never thought I would see the day!

These sort of articles make me laugh my ass off. It just shows that yet again, the mainstream has no  clue on what Goth really is. The overall impression I got from this article was "Yeah, let's put some black lipstick and heavy eyeliner on to make her look edgy."

I also love how they put "sweet coworker" in the title. Like Goth people can't be sweet. I guess we are too busy being edgy or a bad ass bitch in our black lipstick, right?

This article made my Friday. I am not laughing at the girl getting her makeup done. I am laughing at the fact that the mainstream thinks that as long as you slap on some dark makeup, boom! There you have it! Insta-Goth!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Dealing with the school

In response to my previous post where I discussed being a parent and Goth, I would like to follow up on how I have dealt with the schooling system, especially when you get THAT call from the principal's office. You know the call, the one where your kid got into trouble, usually for fighting. I also think that this can be particularly difficult if you are an alternative parent and you are fearful that the school may have some negative judgements towards you. For me personally, it has happened in the past that I had to deal with my kid's school because Philip got into trouble for fighting. Naturally, the school wanted to have a meeting with me to discuss this. This is nothing out of the ordinary and is standard protocol. Yes, I had to go to school because my kid got tired of this certain kid harassing him so he took matters in his own hands.

I like to think, regardless of the way you dress, the way you handle yourself in these meetings can speak VOLUMES about you as a parent. For myself personally, I have not really faced major discrimination but there was a remark that didn't sit too well with me, which I like to think that I handled super well. On the other hand, my kid was never singled out because his mom is a bit strange. In fact, I think a lot of it had to do with me being overly paranoid more than anything else!  Knowing that there are other parents who are also walking in my shoes stompy boots, I thought it would be nice to compile a list of advice based off of my own personal experiences. Considering this is only the second year my son has been in school and I am still learning the ropes myself,  I welcome you, dear goth parents to chime in the comments if you have something else you may want to add!

(1) To tone down or not to tone down, that is the question - School officials have seen me in all sorts of clothes. My lazy day all blacks, to more corp goth outfits, to my general day to day goth wear. They have seen me once or twice in club wear too. They have seen my tattoos, the black lipstick, and all sorts of get ups. If I toned myself down now, especially for a meeting because my son got into a fist fight with another kid, wouldn't it be showing them I had something to hide? So, no, I don't pretend to be someone I am not. Besides, what sort of example would I be teaching my kid?

(2) Stay calm - Do not, I repeat, DO NOT LOSE YOUR TEMPER! I was called into a meeting once because Philip got into trouble for fighting. The last thing I want is the school to accuse me for teaching him violent behavior. I smiled a lot and showed concern at the appropriate times. I did get annoyed over certain issues, mainly because Philip was fighting back after constantly being picked on by this other kid and I raised my voice. I immediately apologized, lowered my voice and said that I was upset over my kid being picked on so much. It's hard to not get emotional when your baby is involved but if you want to school to take you or your concerns seriously, you need to do this. I also realized that there were some issues, some behavior that Philip was displaying that I didn't approve of. I made that clear that this will be dealt with at home too.

(3) Do NOT make excuses or justify your lifestyle but do make it clear that you have your kid's and the communities best interest at heart - In my personal opinion, your child's school life is like a community, especially at the elementary school level. You may not always agree with everything the school has to offer but you need to work with them. You also shouldn't be afraid to address your child's needs either and make sure the school officials know that you are willing to work with them. Especially if there are behavioral concerns.

The school actually said to me once that I was different and may have different ways of raising my child. For the record, this is the comment that didn't sit to well with me, I immediately interrupted, smiled and calmly voiced my opinion (although I really wanted to use a long list of profanities and yell at them). I told them that in some ways, yes, they were right, I may be an individual and not necessarily look like a stereotypical mom but I want what all loving parents want for their kids: I want what is best for my son.

 I then  made it very clear with the school that I am teaching my child the importance of individuality, tolerance and acceptance towards those who are different from him, which in essence, is something that the school does too. I pointed out the various religion symbols along with a sign that says "all welcome" that  I noticed hanging on the wall, right in the school's main entrance. I made it very clear that as a community, we need to show a positive example for our children, just like that wonderful sign we see when we walk into the school!  I reminded the school that we need to work together despite any differences and this is why I was meeting with them in order to enlist their help. I am a firm believer that it takes a community to raise a child and in return, I hope to do my part within the school community by addressing the negative behavior at home but I expect them to help me by  making sure this bully leaves my kid alone too. I pointed out that he never had any issues at school until this kid purposely broke something that belonged to him. That every time my kid turned around, this bully was there taunting him. What happens when you continuously poke a dog with a stick? It eventually bites back and that is what happened! I reminded the school that thanks to our coaching, and working together as a team, Philip will make an excellent leader someday.  In other words, I threw it back in their face!

(4) Work with the school - They are not out to get me. I show them that I am on the same footing as them as long as they are being reasonable but will have no problem with calling them out if necessary. I have addressed concerns in a polite, courteous manner but made it very clear that I won't take any BS either. For the most part, we cooperate well with each other.  I communicate a lot with the teacher and she is excellent at giving me an update on his behavior. She knows we have a reward system and by working with me, she is better equipped with running her classroom. My son is known for being a rebel, for testing boundaries, not putting up with BS and will defend himself and his friends if provoked. In the past, I was fearful they may look at him as a troubled kid but after meeting with me, this is not the case, in fact, I get the impression that they are on the same page as me.

(5) Get involved - Don't just work with the school but get involved. I don't have time to volunteer all the time (I work)  but I do communicate with other parents when I drop him off or pick him up after school. I am even on first name basis with the secretaries. This helped because I discovered that my son was not the only one who had issues with that bully. In fact,some of the other parents told me their kids had the same issues as my son  I can dress the way I want and like the things I want bu being my own person should not have to affect Philip. In this case, I am a mom first.

Dealing with the school isn't so scary. It has it's perks. Any new staff member or new teacher tend to remember me and associate my kid with me a lot sooner than most parents! It makes transitions easy for Philip. They know to expect spooky things and are no longer concerned when Philip draws people with un-natural hair colours or when he says that he loves monsters. He is just quirky like his parents. They know they can communicate openly with me and I will address any issues at home if need be. They also expect to hear from me if there are any concerns. Philip is starting to think that his parents can be "lame" at times but we all thought that when we were young but often comments that his friends think I am really cool. Some of his friends even told him that he was lucky to have a mom who dresses like a vampire and plays videogames!It's nice being admired by the little people, I love kids and it always amuses me when they look up to me. Especially when I can tell their parents may not always like it but that is a story for another day!

Monday, January 9, 2017

First outfit post of 2017 - In my full, magnificient geeky glory!

I wear this outfit frequently on the weekends when I don't really plan on going anywhere but need to run a few errands. I never really posted it here because it's nothing too exciting. I am just super comfortable while wearing it.

I want to show if off today because I have a cute little backstory that comes along with the outfit. You see, this shirt came from Jay, and to be honest, I "borrowed it on a permanent basis!"

 In fact, the "borrowing" happened back when I left the Goth scene and it was right after I had Philip. My main reasons for claiming it were simple: it was comfortable, looked bad ass and it fit. It also goes really well with leggings. This was also around the time Philip had Pyloric stenosis and while he underwent surgery at the Children's Hospital! I got to take him home on Halloween while wearing this same shirt! Here I am, 6 years later, still rocking it! Wearing this outfit always makes me look back to how difficult things were in his early life and it makes me grateful that I have him in my life today.

 Yes, we still have our tree up. I plan on taking it down this weekend. I was busy leveling my WOW character and watching Star Trek episodes on Netflix (I was watching the original ones, with Kirk and Spock for those who are interested) and decided to take down all my Christmas dΓ©cor next week. Considering I wasn't really going anywhere aside from grocery shopping, I wore my glasses (I ran out of contacts) but since I am rambling about Star Trek and WOW, I thought the geeky look would be appropriate for this post anyways. So there you have it. Me in my full geeky glory!

Live Long And Prosper!

P.S. After looking at these photos, I decided it was time to cut my bangs again. It was fun but I needed a little "oompf" in my look. I feel like I look like a dork  without the bangs (I really am one in real life but I don't always want to look like one, OK?) or a little kid with my hair like that. My hair, as usual is two-toned. It is a science experiment I tell you! It's ALIVE! ALIVE!!!!!!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Goals for 2017

By now, you read my favourite outfits of 2016, you read my 2016 year in review post, and if you haven't seen already, I have a wish list for 2017 but now it is time to set some goals, something that I never really focused on in the past. Sure, I made goals for myself but meh, they fell through the second week of January. This year is different. I put a lot of thought in these goals!

I wrote this post many weeks ago ( I think before Christmas)  but I decided it was fitting to publish and only start making preparations this month, in January. A lot of goals I did start right away while some of these things I plan on doing over the summer, Jay was a major influence behind some of these.

Like most people, 2016 sucked balls, especially when my beloved cat, Pippin died a week before Christmas. I am determined that this year will be MY year and I don't plan on coasting by, I plan on force-chocking the year into submission!

(1) Get a less expensive place. I have listed the pros and cons with staying at our current apartment and in this case, we are moving. The idea to move was in the back of our minds in 2016 but we decided to stay another year. The rent is very high in this area and we want to save money. Philip will still go to the same school but there are cheaper apartments elsewhere in the same borough just not in such a nice neighborhood and further away from the local shops. That's fine. We have two cars and I like to walk long distances when it is mild out.

(2) Save Money. By paying such high rent, it is very hard for us to save money every month. Our current apartment was great when Philip was small but now he is bigger, we can downgrade a little. In fact, I checked some cheaper apartments (bigger buildings, more units, vs the triplex we live in) and we would be saving between $375 to $500 per month depending on the place.  I am tired of paying a mortgage for an apartment and much rather invest that money elsewhere. In addition, I am an impulse buyer who often buys things to feel better. I am going to stop this.

(3) Continue to invest in my health. I did an excellent job with this last year, why not keep it up? I really don't think I can go back into my old eating patterns, I much happier and healthy now!

(4) Get some mad DIY skills - My goal is to lose another 20 pounds to be exact. My clothes are already starting to feel loose on me. My mom volunteered to "take in" some of my clothes but I am also saving money towards buying more items. Seriously, I lost all that weight, I should indulge in some new things! Due to my previous goal of saving money, I plan on thrifting items and DIY some clothes too. I can do a lot with the very limited sewing skills I have but my mom used to be seamstress and volunteered to help me if I need it.

In addition, due to moving into a new place, I am really inspired by Voltaire's Gothic homemaking videos, Bane's blog GIY (Goth It Yourself) Aji from CafΓ© Lastrange and sometimes Sara from Tales From A Geordie Goth because these bloggers do a lot of DIY within their homes.  I am going to not only come out with my own ideas but they will obviously be a huge influence on me and my go-to people for inspiration. Be forewarned, I am going to be stalking your blogs and Voltaire's videos this year! Muwahaha!

(5) Give myself some credit for my accomplishments - I started this in December and I plan to continue. Far too many times I have made sacrifices and did things for others, willingly but never spoke up about it. I guess I was hoping people would notice. There is nothing wrong with giving yourself some credit for things as long as you don't make yourself to be martyr over it. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging your hard work and giving yourself a pat on the back every once in a while. This is especially true at work. I often work behind the scenes and often things would go unnoticed. This is a source of frustration for me but my managers are no mind readers so I politely speak up about how I handled certain issues. I was always afraid of doing this because I didn't want to come off as an ass or a suck up but the results outweigh those fears as long as it is done gracefully.

(6) Continue being the best Mom I can be and continue to give myself some down time - Some of you read my "Mom posts" and have an idea what my parenting style is like. I am a nurturer, I push my son, Philip to be the best version of himself he could possibly be, and I don't take a lot of shit from my kid either. We have rules, I don't tolerate nonsense but know when to back off. Being a parent to a strong willed child is very exhausting and I go swimming not only to exercise but to do something productive two evenings a week without my kid around. Sure I bring him to the pool with me during the child friendly swim times when I can but I have no qualms finding time for myself to regroup and relax. Being a parent is the hardest job I could ever have, sometimes you need a break. In fact, even Jay started doing this last year and he seems to be grateful for it too. It is also nice to have an adult conversation that isn't about kids or with kids around!

(7)Adopt a dog -  Despite my frugality, I plan on adopting a dog once I move and get settled. I may see if I can get one beforehand but I am not sure if that would be a possibility. I don't think the landlady allows dogs where we currently live. This is one of the many reasons why I want to move. I wanted a dog for a long time and now that Pippin has passed on, I am ready for it. At this time, I don't want another cat because I feel the animal would be taking Pippin's place but eventually, I may change my mind. Philip loves animals and wants a dog too. Our cat Merry is fine around them. I had family members come for a visit with their animals as a trial run and we were successful! The only children I want are going to be the furry kind. For some reasons, that just sounds wrong, really-really wrong!

(8) Finally get something published the traditional route. A friend of mine who is a writer once commented on the publishing industry not being as lucrative as it used to be. With the popularity of e-publishing anyone and everyone can be a "published writer" and as a result, the market has become saturated. I am not really one to comment too much on this since I too can fit into that category with this blog but knowing this discouraged me from writing. I decided that I still plan on writing something and getting it published by an actual publisher vs to posting something online. If it happens, great, I would become a published author, if it doesn't, at least I know that I did something creative this year instead of just talking about it.

(9) Invest in better quality makeup - I needed foundation. I broke my compact a couple of weeks ago and the palest foundation I could find was MAC. I am in love with MAC now! I use a quarter of foundation as I used to, its easy to apply and strangely enough, it does wonder for my skin. While I do plan on being frugal, sometimes buying something of a higher quality lasts longer and has better results.

(10) Be more sustainable - Last year, I wrote about this skirt I got off of e-bay and thought it was such a steal until I realized it was very cheaply made and didn't really look like it did in the picture. Not only by shopping local helps local businesses but if I am going to a Goth store, I am also helping my local Goth scene. In addition, due to my saving money goals, I also plan on thrift shopping more. Any items that I don't want to modify or no longer wear, will be donated. By shopping local, I am also reducing my carbon footprint by not having to rely on delivered goods. Being sustainable has always been important to me and I want to continue this trend next year.

(11) De-clutter - Another goal and thanks to moving, I am going to be getting rid of items that I have easily tossed over my shoulder. I currently live in large place, holding onto things is easy. It is also amazing the amount of crap I have accumulated!  I am also going to donate items that are salvageable, since I also plan on being sustainable too, after all, why fill up a landfill with stuff that someone else can use?.This year, I am going to have the motto "If I have not used it in 6 months, it gets tossed" obviously, my Pop figures and books get disqualified from this!

I like to think this is a reasonable list for myself. These goals are going to easily tie in with some blogging goals as well, therefore, expect some moving rants along with some DIY posts this summer, more weight loss/ health stories, more makeup reviews/photos, outfit posts, and you get to read about me making fun of myself when I begin getting rid of some useless items (we and by we, I mean Jay tends to latch onto the weirdest things!) and I will obviously continue to write about my family. Who knows, maybe I will be a published author next year too?

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Year in review 2016

I started this tradition last year when I noticed so many other bloggers doing this and I thought it would be fun. I decided to keep this tradition because like most people, 2016 was a pretty messed up year. So many people, myself included were taken aback by the large amount of celebrity deaths and politics. The year ended on a sad note. My cat Pippin died and it was hard trying to get through the Holidays without him. New Years was always just another date on the calendar for me but this year, like so many people, I saw a new beginning and welcomed it in my arms. It was a trying year but there were many shinning moments as well.

πŸŽƒ  I wrote about my favourite outfits I wore in 2015

πŸŽƒ I wrote about what I had learned from blogging and the first thing I learned was not to sell myself short. This was a reoccurring theme all year. Companies would contact me and ask me to write about their product for free and I would be getting exposure for return.

 My birthday month! Oh boy. February was quite special!

πŸŽƒ As an early birthday gift, my niece Lori bought me a ticket to the Doctor Who Concert. I got to see a live orchestra play music from the TV show. Right above the orchestra was a large screen with clips from the show that played in sync to the music.

πŸŽƒ A couple days before Valentine's Day, I admitted to having a fan-girl crush on Voltaire! I still can't believe that I published that post.

πŸŽƒ My babybat, Philip celebrated his 100th day of Elementary school while he was in Kindergarten!

πŸŽƒ I participated in the Vampire's Day Soiree where I geeked out again. You see, I wrote about Vampire, The Masquerade's Book Of Nod.

πŸŽƒ My birthday this year was excellent because I wasn't sick for once! In addition, on my actual birthday, all the parents were invited to the school to admire all the projects the kids worked on for their 100th day of school! That was a really nice birthday present! I love the picture below because he put his shoes on the wrong feet, haha!

πŸŽƒ I also wrote about my parenting style when it comes to having an introverted kid.

Was kind of dull compared to February so nothing here that is really worth noting.

πŸŽƒ I started the month off by pranking everyone on April Fool's!

πŸŽƒ By the end of April, my anxiety was on overdrive, I had severe neck and shoulder pain. I think this was related Philip having a school bully.

πŸŽƒ I celebrated Mother's Day by getting a new tattoo.

πŸŽƒ I wrote about how I handled Philip being bullied at the school, I am still proud of this article!

πŸŽƒ I had a lot of fun participating in the May Monster Madness Blog-a-thon because I geeked out once more and wrote about the Doctor Who villains!

May Monster Madness 2016

πŸŽƒ I discovered that I had a forehead because I decided to grow out my bangs.

πŸŽƒ I  got pretty upset over the Orlando shootings. I am very proud of this article!

πŸŽƒ The highlight of the month was going to see The Cure. Look at how excited I was!

πŸŽƒ Another very significant article that I wrote back in July was an outfit post because despite being ashamed of my body in the photos, I not only published the post for all to see but it motivated me to really focus on a positive lifestyle change! In fact, not only did I lose a significant amount of weight since this photo was taken, I am getting less migraines and am healthier. This post about my wardrobe malfunction changed my life. I am going to see if I can take a side by side next July wearing the same outfit as a one year later post.

πŸŽƒ Philip had a hard time adjusting to Summer Camp due to his introversion and leftover anxiety from being bullied by that kid. I wrote about how I helped him deal with it by supporting him instead of forcing him to be someone he wasn't.

πŸŽƒ I wrote about my walks and how keeping fit is important to me because I want to live a long, long time for Philip. I took pictures of some of the really old houses in my area and daydreamed about winning the lotto 649 so I could buy one of them! For the record, one of these houses were for sale for 1 million dollars!Dream big or go home, I guess!

πŸŽƒ I attended the Goth picnic and made some new friends there!

πŸŽƒ I am very proud of the post where I reminisced about growing up in Montreal as a goth in the 90's!

πŸŽƒ Philip started grade one!

πŸŽƒ Due to the warm temperatures, I was still enjoying my outdoor nightly walks. There was one walk in particular that stood out the most. I was at the local cemetery near my house and I encountered a fox!

πŸŽƒ I also wrote some advice on what it is like to parent a strong-willed child. Seriously, I wonder how I keep my sanity at times!

πŸŽƒ September was filled with parenting posts because I wrote about how Ashbury heights helped teach my son a valuable lesson.

πŸŽƒI wrote an article about eating healthy and exercise that were based off of my personal experiences. Disclaimer, I am by no means a health professional so don't take my word for gospel and please see your Doctor before starting any diet. What works for me, might not work for you! Nonetheless,  I like to think I gave some pretty good, sound advice here!

πŸŽƒ I spent time looking back at my youth because there I was writing about my baby bat years!

πŸŽƒ I got my first collaboration!!! Woot! Woot! Thank you kind people at Punk Rave!


πŸŽƒ Due to the chlorine from the pool killing my hair (I swim twice a week), I found a better alternative to bleach because I decided to not dye it black. It was called Colour Oops and it took two applications to get some of the black out of my hair.

πŸŽƒ I said good-bye to Leonard Cohen

πŸŽƒ I became an adopted mother to a little bat daughter who likes to cause mischief.

πŸŽƒ I said good-bye to my cat, Pippin.

πŸŽƒ I said good-bye to Carrie Fisher

Monday, January 2, 2017

Favourite outfits of 2016

I admit, since my whole lifestyle change, I have not really done many outfit posts but I have compiled some of my favourites from 2016

Taken from my Blue Monday post where I was bitching about post holiday bills and major car repairs I had to get done. I think this is one of my most casual looking outfits I wear to work.

Not quite an outfit post (I know, I am cheating) but this was quite an epic event! I went to the Doctor Who concert where a live orchestra played music from the TV series and got to watch footage from the show on a large screen!Besides, it's not everyday I get the opportunity to have my photo taken inside a Tardis!

I reminded everyone to always wear your boots before putting on your corset!

I wrote about a nice elderly customer who mistook the bats on my shirt for butterflies!

April must have been bat month because here I am showing off my bat stockings!

What better way to start off the month by celebrating Star Wars Day? May The 4th be with you!

I wore this outfit when I went to see the Cure. I love this outfit so much that I have to show you two pictures. I also love how excited I was to see one of my favourite bands play live!

Yes, I went several months without a favourite outfit because I am not happy with the way I looked. If you see the photo above where I was wearing my purple corset, it wasn't laced very tight for several reasons (1) I was forewarned that the concert will be over 3 hours long. (2) I had trouble lacing it up due to weight gain. I am not proud of the fact I gained so much weight and it took me a couple of months to slowly start to feel like me again. This leads me too...

I decided that I wanted to look like a vampire

So here are my favourite outfits, I promise, there should be more to come in 2017!


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