Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Sylvie's 2017 wish list

 Before I begin this post, I would like to thank you all for your kind words and comments you made in my previous post and social media. Losing a beloved pet is never easy but your kind words helped ease some of my pain. If I could wish to have my Pippin back and that would actually be possible,  I would but I obviously know that is not realistic, therefore, I am going to concentrate on frivolous things. There is no therapy quite like retail therapy, right? Even if I am just browsing for now.

Just like last year, I decided to compile a list of things I would like to buy for myself throughout the year. I am going to add some things from last year that I did not purchase yet.  Some items, I could have purchased but did not do so (probably due to unforeseen expenses) and clothing items were put on halt when I started to lose weight. I decided to go on a shopping ban and only buy clothing once I lost the weight I wanted to lose.

 (1) Buy a pair of Winklepicker boots. 
This was on my list last year. Unfortunately, I had too many unforeseen expenses to really purchase a pair. This is going to change in the New Year!

Boots from The Gothic Shoe Company

(2) Buy a coffin purse/backpack
I missed out on one this year but I am sure I will be buying one soon.  

Taken from e-bay

(3) More dresses
I love wearing skirts and tops but I wouldn't mind more dresses. It takes less time getting ready. Something practical and work appropriate., kinda like this Hellbunny dress I have seen off of the Kate's clothing website. This would be appropriate with a nice cardigan to keep me warm in a cold office.  I am looking forward to buying some new clothes soon, considering I am losing weight at a nice pace. I actually opened a separate bank account and starting putting some money aside for my shopping spree. If all goes well, my goal is for this summer.

This is where I got the image!!!!

 (4) Get more body mods. I want some new ink, to get my rose tattoo re-touched, and  get my labret re-pierced. This was on my list last year and I did get a tattoo for Mother's Day but ... I want MORE!!!! I have an idea for at least 3 designs. I have a cute rose on my right shoulder that could use more colour too.  Like last year, I also want to get my labret (lip ring)  re-pierced. 

Taken last mother's day. Say hello to my photographer who was captured in the mirror. Haha! 

(5) Last but not least, I want to get a nice bikini.
  I purchased a one piece a couple of summer's ago because I was very self-conscious of my body but now that I am taking better care of myself by eating healthy and exercising, I feel better about the way I look. I want to show off now! This swimsuit, from Killstar would be ideal for me!

This is where I got the image

Like last year, I will update on this blog whenever I purchase something off of my list and I may just add items through out the year.

Disclaimer: Kate's Clothing, The Gothic Shoe Company and Killstar never reached out to me for any collaborations. I really want to purchase from them in the future but obviously wont turn down any offers... Hint, hint!!!!


  1. I confess, I'm a bit of a Hell Bunny dress junkie. They're cute, comfortable and easy to wear, and the cotton ones wash well. That dress at Kate's Clothing is so pretty - and I use KC all the time and they are generally great. Their reverse auction sales are epic!

    My first ever goth boots were winkle pickers and I loved them then and I love them still. Hope you get to treat yourself to a pair.

    You've done fantastic - I'm going to take some inspiration from you for my Bat Fitting starting in Jan! Must get back in the pool :)

  2. I'm glad you clarified what a labret is. I was starting to worry! May 2017 bring you all your heart's desires!

  3. I ordered a pair of pikes with kitten heels. Hopefully they get here soon. :)



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