Monday, November 14, 2016

What's in your bag?

I never thought I would in a million years be doing a post like this! I never carry anything interesting in my bag. I usually carry a hairbrush, makeup (lipstick), my wallet, keys, and phone. Not to mention, Philip's toys, grocery lists and old store receipts! In fact, for such a big bag, my receipts and old grocery lists seem to take up space until I throw all that paper in the recycling. Usually by this time, I also take advantage and use a different bag.

We set the clocks back one hour a couple of weeks ago and I welcome the time change! I love coming home from work in the dark but having a little kid is difficult. Philip, as always, has trouble adjusting. One particular morning last week, he didn't want to be separated from his beloved plush he had since he was a baby. He calls him Mr. Monkey.

When you are in a hurry to leave the house, the last thing you want is an argument over a silly toy. Especially when you, yourself is not a morning person and you know your kid is just as tired and cranky as you are! I found a way to compromise because let's be honest here, no amount of coffee would allow me to keep my sanity that morning and I like my sanity very much!

This should give you an indication of how I am in the morning!
 I do not want him to take his favorite toy to school because he will not sleep without it and I was afraid of it being left behind. I am so amazing, really, I was able to think that far ahead first thing in the morning after having only one cup of coffee. Seriously, I should win an award for this!!! I also didn't want him to get into fights with other children because I am pretty certain one kid is going to try to take it away from him. Wow, I was able to consider that first thing in the morning too, no wonder I get migraines! My compromise was that he could bring Monkey with him in the car for the whole whopping 5 minute drive to school but he gives Monkey back to me before he walks in the door. That appeased him because he was able to get his one last cuddle with him before he starts his day. I know perhaps I could have just told him no, dealt with the meltdown in the car but sometimes a parent just needs to pick their battles. This was one of them.  I knew he needed the extra comfort Monkey offers and perhaps I wouldn't have been so lenient if it were a different toy. I am sure if it were a different toy and we told him no, there wouldn't be a meltdown but Monkey is a whole different territory.

I thought the best place to store the Monkey would be in my purse for safe keeping and I got busy with the rest of my day. I completely forgot about the Monkey until I actually had to go in my purse for something. This is when I was reminded of Philip and all these wonderful memories of his babyhood came back to me. Although I do think about him a lot during the day, I realized just how much I miss him when he is not with me. Even when he drives me crazy. I miss him when he is not around and all that annoyances he caused earlier in the day, magically goes away. Seriously, my husband is envious of Philip for this because usually when I get ticked off at Jay, he can hear me bitch about for a good while!

I looked at what time it was. He was finishing his lunch and was most probably playing outside in the schoolyard with his friends. I wonder if he ever stops to think of me and I wondered if he missed me too. 

When I came home from work that day and after returning Mr. Monkey to my little one, I asked him if he missed me around lunch time. His answer made me laugh "Mommy, I am sorry, I didn't miss you at all today. I was busy with my friends" Talk about chopped liver!

This incident allowed me to look back to how I was like when I was younger, even before I met my husband. I used to stash weed, cigarettes (I don't do those first two things anymore by the way) and booze in my purse along with a mini version of the cosmetics counter one would find at a pharmacy. Now, I keep things simple and enough room for toys and sometimes, I get a little reminder of how special my little one is to me. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. It is amazing how our priorities change as we get older and become responsible!


  1. Where do you keep your weed now? XD

    1. Haha! No where, I dont do that shit anymore :p

  2. Priorities, huhh...:D I've been wanting to do a 'what's in your bag' post for so long though^^



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