Monday, November 7, 2016

Some fun old photos

The other night, I was trying to find some old photos of myself to see how I changed over the years. Until the last couple of years, I hated having my photo taken and the few I did actually have, I remember deleting or destroying them because my ex was in the photo with me! I look awkward in some of these and I hated the camera!

Circa 2006

I miss that waterfront. It was right across the street from my old place.
circa 2005. You can't really see but I was wearing a fishnet, PVC top for Lip Service and I think those were PVC pants. I dont have them anymore :(  This is why you should never put PVC in the dryer. I first moved out on my own here. I think that was my first apartment where this photo was taken! I had a lot to learn back then now that my mommy wasn't washing my clothes for me (yeah, I know she spoiled me, shut up!) The cat I am holding unfortunately passed away in 2011. Her name was Riddles and she was the sweetest thing. She even had her own "room" in my top cupboard. She claimed it as her hiding/sleeping spot and would jump on the stove, then the fridge to get inside! 
Circa 2005. I miss that apartment. I think i was trying to cosplay as Witch Hunter Robin. Like always, my cat, Pippin is always at my side. A witch needs her familiar, after all! Boy, do I ever look dorky here! Hahaha!


  1. Replies
    1. I know, eh! I hope to get back to that body! LOL

  2. Blonde (your natural?) colour suits u so well! :)

  3. I love these photos; you look so happy and cheerful on them^^
    You put me is a nostalgic mood with this post, so I might look for some older photos too...Sadly - or not...- I don't have too many either...:/



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