Friday, October 7, 2016

Throwing gasoline on the scale and lighting a match

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my weight loss journey.

 In that post, I wrote: "...if you are like me you tend to put on a pound or two during that time of the month and the gain is due to your monthly "friend,"don't stress too much about it.  I try to avoid giving in to my cravings and I usually lose that extra weight afterwards. "

 I know, it is a do as a I say, not as a I do sort of thing because I stressed about it earlier this week

I woke up one morning, weighed myself and began cursing at the scale. I gained 3 pounds. That is about 2 or 3 weeks worth of diet and exercise!

It is discouraging. I see all that hard work going out the window.

These are the times, I need to keep my head more than anything despite how hard it is. PMS, anyone?

This is the time where I focus inward and say my mantra:

I am worth it.

I am beautiful.

I am smart.

It is only a number. My sense of self-worth is not based on a number on a scale.

I am eating healthy. My body is healthy.

Life is too short to beat yourself up over things you can't control.

I use that stress and put it towards my personal goals. I do something about it. For me, it can be a few extra laps in the pool or to write something. In the moment, I may still want to set the scale on fire but it helps me do something productive over getting all whiny over something I have no control over!

Sometimes, you need to find happiness in the little things. For me, it is my extra cup of coffee in the morning and the new shampoo I bought for myself. Look at my good hair day!

Edit: Once I finished my monthly "friend", I lost the weight. I only ended up gaining half a pound. I take that over 3 pounds any day!


  1. Dear, excercising always gives you extra weight! Dieting decreases your weight, but working your muscles for several weeks always makes them heavier! So don't worry. Maybe it's PMS, maybe it's too much water stored in your body, maybe it's muscles. Whatever it it, it's just a number. It's much more important to feel comfortable with your body - if you already feel a positive change after these weeks of dieting and excercising, then it's fine and 3 pounds more mean nothing. In kilograms that we use in Europe it's just 1,3 and it's literally nothing, just a bottle of water :D

    1. Awwww thank you. You were right. It came off once I was done my period. Water retention! I am going to add this in with my post.

  2. Oh, I pretty much feel like a whale during my period. The ugliest whale in the universe...:/ I never weigh myself, though, I have no idea how much I actualltly weigh, because it's just a number anyway...I notice weight gain or loss by how my clothes fit...:D

  3. Water retention! That's what it was. Always water retention during a period.



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