Thursday, October 27, 2016

Halloween movies I like to watch

Halloween is right around the corner and I am pretty excited! I thought it would be fun to share some of the movies that I enjoy to watch this time of year.

(1) The Halloween movies- cliché, I know but I love Mike Myers and despite the unpopularity of the Third Halloween installment, Season Of The Witch, I like that one very much. I understand that most people affiliate the Halloween movies with Michael Myers and he is not featured in the third movie but I think this is an excellent film nonetheless. The jingle for the Halloween masks are super catchy too (I dare you to go on Youtube and watch). A couple of years ago, Rob Zombie remade the first two movies. While I think they are really good and I do appreciate Rob's filmography, I prefer the originals.

This is where I got the image

(2) Friday The 13th movies - I never tire of these movies. I still jump at the end of the first one. Jason is awesome!

This is where I got the image

(3) Hellraiser - I love Pinhead. He has such sights to show me!

This is where I got the image

(4) The Ring - I head about this movie from a Japanese friend before it came out. The idea of watching a videotape and it killing you seven days later, terrified the shit out of me. Apparently, the movie was based off of a Japanese novel called Ringu. I saw both the US and Japanese version and I prefer the Japanese one. Samara still scares the shit out of me!

This is where I got the image

(5) The Hunger - David Bowie, Peter Murphy in the opening scene and Vampires. Need I write more?
Image found on Pinterest

(6) The Howling movies - You know, these movies came out before CG right? I love the use of prosthetics.

Image from

Now for the 'fluffy' Halloween stuff I like:

(7) I have a soft spot for It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. I passed down this tradition to my little one and we look forward to watching it every year.

from my tv!

(8) Another non-horror but it scared me when I was little. The Garfield Halloween Special with the ghost pirates.

Image from

(9 The animated Disney version of Sleepy Hollow. I watched this as a kid and the scene where Ichabod was going over the bridge scared the crap out of me when I was little!

This is where I got the image

(10) Jaws - I know it's not horror or Halloween related but I am terrified of sharks. I don't care where I am. Be it a bath, pool or lake and if you were to scream shark, I would be running out of the water.

image from wikipedia

(11) Bonus - Due to fear of sharks...Deep Blue Sea. Sharks with intelligence. I actually screamed and accidentally punched my ex boyfriend during one of the jump scenes. For those who have seen this movie, you know which one! My mom, who is hard of hearing, heard me scream and she was in our basement while I was in my room on the main floor.

Taken from Wikipedia

*off topic - I have been sick all week. I apologize for my lack of posting as well as for my change in posting schedule . I normally try to post on Mondays, Wednesdays and occasionally on Friday. If I go MIA, it is because I am trying to recuperate. I had plans for this weekend but I had to cancel. I wanted to see VNV Nation last night but didn't go. At least I can watch some of these horror movies I mentioned! Obviously, I will wait until my little one is asleep first. My goal is to be recovered 100% for Monday!*

What are your favourite things to watch this time of year?

Monday, October 24, 2016

Halloween pet peeves

I was not feeling well this weekend and spent some time on Social Media, specifically, Facebook and I caught myself face palming with some of the memes that appeared on my news feed. Before I go any further, this is NOT a personal attack towards any well-meaning person sharing these but I often question the source. Halloween is obviously my favourite Holiday but I have so many pet peeves with it that I thought I would write a list for fun.

(1) Now for the first Meme:

Really? Who does this? Perhaps I am naive, but I do not let children linger at my doorstep for various reasons (re: creepy) and I don't let kids choose candy. In my area, growing up, I never got to choose and over the last 5 years trick or treating with my son, we were never given a choice. I buy a shit load of various candy and I make loot bags. They get what they get. End of story. I try to avoid peanuts because it seems to me, nowadays, everyone is allergic to them. We won't be needing guns to fight future wars. We would be killing each other with peanuts!

Not all children say thank you. Not just the non-verbal ones.  A parent needs to remind them. I can attest to this. In my area, there are so many children at my door, I never take notice or care anyways! If someone is so butt hurt over not getting a thank you, well, they should not be giving out candy.

As for autistic children, my child is not autistic and I will not comment on something I have never dealt with. If  a parent explains to me the situation, I have no qualms working around anything to accommodate that kid. If I think anything is up with a particular trick or treater, I don't judge and try to be as kind as I can without compromising the Holiday. From what I was told by parents of autistic kids, Halloween is very difficult from them. Some don't go trick or treating but will go to organized activities that are planned for them.

If people are actually saying these things expressed in the above meme, then this makes me sad. 

(2) The second Meme made me chuckle and I have to admit, it is probably true. I still inspect my kid's candy to be prudent but I won't be super paranoid over rumours unless there is actual local news coverage telling me otherwise.

(3) The super slutty costumes. Remember when Halloween was scary? My all time favourite: Goth costumes. So tacky

(4) I try not to get too annoyed since the other person doesn't know any better but it drives me a little nutty when non-goth folk assume I am dressed that way for Halloween. Nope, I dress that way all year. I don't get butt hurt in these situations and would never be rude. It's slightly irritating, that's all.

(5) Not only that these non-goth people assume that I am showing Halloween spirit but I often get comments on how they found a similar article of clothing that I am wearing (you know a goth brand that I paid through the nose for) at a local Halloween costume shop.*Face palm* Again, this is nothing really insulting and nothing to get butt hurt over but it gets old and annoying.

I do realize these are pretty trivial pet peeves but the majority of us share them and I thought it would be fun to write about it. You know, first world Goth problems and all!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The second time around - color oops

To follow up from my previous post, I decided to purchase ANOTHER bottle of Color Oops and it got rid of more black! I think this product would work better for newly dyed hair. You know like you dyed it a color but it didn't turn out the way you anticipated. I have a build up of black dye in my hair and it wasn't something that I did recently. The fact that I am getting results surprises me!

I would like to note a few things that I failed to mention in my previous post:

- This works on dyed hair. It is not a bleach. It will not make your hair go lighter unless you have hair dye over it.

- This product cannot change your hair back to it's natural color if you bleached your hair or put highlights in it. It doesn't work that way

- This product dried out my hair a little but it is no where near as harsh as bleach. My hair was already dry to begin with and I will most probably get a trim in the foreseeable future to cut off the dead ends.

- You do need to rinse your hair for 20 minutes when it is time to remove the product. I did not do this the first time around but still got results. I believe that I got better results the second time around because I wasn't being a dumb ass  and I actually fully read the instructions!

The top seems to be lighter but the ends are still black but its a nice change. 

Anyways, here are the recent results:

Monday, October 17, 2016

Color Oops review

image taken from

Getting black hair out of hair is nearly impossible. I will not bleach my hair but I did try Color Oops instead.  This product is supposed to get rid of dyed hair and revert your hair back to it's natural colour. I have read mixed reviews online.

 My expectations were not too high but I am still quite impressed with the results. My hair is lighter - pretty much my natural colour in certain places but there is still a lot of black left. I might try this product again to see if I can get rid of the remaining black but I was pleasantly surprised to see some of the black go. If you do plan on using this product, be prepared for a bad smell. In fact, it smells like those home perm kits my mom used to buy in the eighties. Do you remember that rotten egg smell??? Blech! I suggest to burn scented candles or incense BEFORE using this product. Rinse your hair well with a strong smelling conditioner afterwards. My hair had an odor  for two days! Be forewarned.

The product probably came from The Bog Of Eternal Stench! Disclaimer: Any visions of David Bowie in those tight trousers are purely hallucinogenic in nature!!!!

After - outdoor shot so you can see the results better

**** Off topic, if you have not seen the link I shared on this blog's Facebook page, a fellow blogger, Jessica from Chronically Vintage needs our help! Both her and husband recently lost all their belongings (except for the clothes on their backs, wallets, and dog) in a fire. It is really sad what happened to them. Yes, she may not be a goth blogger but she is a HUGE source of inspiration for me and I have had the privilege to get acquainted with this beautiful person. If you have read her post, she gives us details on what we can do to help her. I will be making some donations and my lovely colleagues at work will be helping me too*****

Friday, October 14, 2016

Getting black dye out of your hair

Yes, Darklings, I am letting my natural color come back in! After colouring my hair black for the past several years, I want a change.

I learned the hard way that bleaching black out of hair is not the way to go.

What spawned this choice was over the course of several months, specifically in the summer time when I started losing weight and going swimming on a daily basis.

The chlorine was  killing my hair.

Yes, I bought all these products and oils but my hair is very dry. The products leave my hair in an oily mess and I ended up washing my hair more frequently which obviously didn't help.

Now, the weather is cooler but I am still swimming (in an indoor pool) and I have to wear a bathing cap. I do put on some leave-in-conditioner under my bathing cap before I go in the pool and it has helped but it is very dull.

The chlorine fades the black and it looks lifeless . Alright,  I admit, I like things to look dead but not my hair, OK?

I googled "blonde hair goths" and I was taken aback by how beautiful these girls were.

It doesn't mean that I stopped dying my hair that I am going to be less goth. It just means that when I have my natural hair colour, I might be able to "up" my personal style and makeup a little more for  work. For some odd reason, despite black being a natural hair colour, a lot of people have this weird preconceived notion about me with the black hair. It is really weird.

Last summer, I decided to grow out my bangs. I had Bettie bangs for years. I was going through some anxiety issues and since my hair grows fast, I just didn't have time or patience for the upkeep. I am feeling that way now with dying my hair. My hair grows so fast that I am re-touching the roots every month. If I dye my own hair at home, I always get it on my neck or ears or face and all over the bathroom. I am tired of the clean up. I am tired of finding time to dye my hair and then have it fade after I go swimming  a couple of days later.

Will I keep my natural color? I don't know. I may just shake my head, laugh and bring out the bottle of black dye all over again. At this point, I just need a break from hair maintenance for a while!

A sample of my roots

You see my roots here

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Alternative parenting

I like to think that the majority of alternative parents teaches the same kind of values to their children as I do. Being individuals or free-thinkers ourselves, we try our best to set that kind of example to our children.

I refuse to teach my son, Philip to follow the herd or to tattle-tale on other kids whenever they do something he doesn't like. I will try to give him tools to resolve his own conflicts and only enlist help from a school official if that fails. I will not promote violence but will defend him should he feel the need to defend himself. I refuse to helicopter parent my child where he grows up and needs a safe space from the world.

My parents, while they did the best they could for me tried to get me to conform to a world that I never felt like I belonged in. I refuse to do that to Philip. I rather teach him to adapt to a world that may not always accept or understand the strange.

My son knew from an early age that he wasn't like most kids. I am not going to force that "herd mentality" upon him. He has a tough road ahead of him but that is ok. Sometimes the toughest roads walked are the most rewarding. Besides, he has two parents that get it and are there for him, which is  something I didn't quite have growing up.

I will teach him to think for himself and not just because he sees something on TV or reads something on the Internet, that it is true. We tell him why we fast forward all the commercials (or mute them if we are watching live TV) because we do not want to be sold something. We encourage him to question what is displayed in front of him and that not everything is all bells and whistles.

When he came home from school to talk about god and how some of his friends go to church, we listen but we give him our honest opinion on the matter. We then encourage him to choose for himself.

We want him to treat people equally despite their gender, age, skin color, religion, etc and hopefully has the self-esteem to defend his personal beliefs.

Despite my urging him to be his own person and have his own interests, I was proud when he told me the other day that he is Goth like his parents and by all means, I will never take that away from him.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Throwing gasoline on the scale and lighting a match

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my weight loss journey.

 In that post, I wrote: "...if you are like me you tend to put on a pound or two during that time of the month and the gain is due to your monthly "friend,"don't stress too much about it.  I try to avoid giving in to my cravings and I usually lose that extra weight afterwards. "

 I know, it is a do as a I say, not as a I do sort of thing because I stressed about it earlier this week

I woke up one morning, weighed myself and began cursing at the scale. I gained 3 pounds. That is about 2 or 3 weeks worth of diet and exercise!

It is discouraging. I see all that hard work going out the window.

These are the times, I need to keep my head more than anything despite how hard it is. PMS, anyone?

This is the time where I focus inward and say my mantra:

I am worth it.

I am beautiful.

I am smart.

It is only a number. My sense of self-worth is not based on a number on a scale.

I am eating healthy. My body is healthy.

Life is too short to beat yourself up over things you can't control.

I use that stress and put it towards my personal goals. I do something about it. For me, it can be a few extra laps in the pool or to write something. In the moment, I may still want to set the scale on fire but it helps me do something productive over getting all whiny over something I have no control over!

Sometimes, you need to find happiness in the little things. For me, it is my extra cup of coffee in the morning and the new shampoo I bought for myself. Look at my good hair day!

Edit: Once I finished my monthly "friend", I lost the weight. I only ended up gaining half a pound. I take that over 3 pounds any day!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

There And Back Again, an expected reading

Philip is getting older. He no longer has the attention span of a gnat. Last year, I tried reading him Harry Potter. The year before, it was CS Lewis and I gave up. He just couldn't sit still long enough. This year, at the magical age of 6 and learning to read himself, we decided to give grown up books another go and we were successful. This year, he accepted the Golden Ticket with glee and off we went to The Shire to visit an old friend. The old friend of mine is quite a peculiar character. He is shorter than me, eats a second breakfast every day and has furry feet. He is my old pal Bilbo Baggins and we have embarked on his not so wanted journey to the Misty Mountain!

Philip is very much into fantasy and shares my love for dragons. He took an interest in my husband, Jay's D&D books and would spend time inventing his own stories or dungeon crawls based off of the pictures in these books. Thanks to Philip's fascination with the D&D books, I figured introducing him to The Hobbit was in order. I do realize that I could make him watch the movie but I won't for two obvious reasons: (1) the book is always better (2) The Hobbit movie is NOTHING like the novel and I hated it. The other LOTR movies were amazing but I was so disappointed with The Hobbit.

It has been about a week since we started reading a chapter (or less) from The Hobbit at bedtime. Hopefully, we can get through the entire series by the end of the year!

Once we are done with the hobbit we will be tackling the trilogy, which is something else I am excited for. We have two cats called Merry and Pippin. I am interested in seeing Philip's reaction when those two hobbits are introduced. He will finally realize the reasons why we chose those names for our cats.

In spirit of introducing him to The Hobbit, there is a park with an actual Hobbit hole that is located in the "Waste Island" - for those of you new to this blog, I wrote about growing up in this area and if you have not yet noticed, I am not particularly fond of the West Island. The things we do for our kids because I ventured back into that area last weekend. So many people have told me about "The Hobbit park" that I had to check it out. By the way the media made this park out to be, my expectations were quite high. In fact, if I would have blinked I would have missed the hobbit hole! I was pretty discouraged because I expected much, much more. The only upside to this park is that it has a zip line. All three of us took turns on it.

I don't have any zipline photos but here's one of Philip and I in a huge saucer swing instead!

Monday, October 3, 2016

A Hallmark moment

This is where I got the image

I always appreciate those who read my blog, especially those who have stuck by me even when they did not always agree with my blog posts.

I am feeling festive with Halloween being right around the corner and I thought I would send some of my readers a Halloween card in the mail.

These will be nothing special. I don't have time to make cards so don't expect anything that was made by me! It is always fun getting something in the mail, especially when it is not another bill and I always appreciate getting Halloween cards in the mail and I thought it would be fun to send some out!

If you want to receive such a card by yours truly, it is simple:

(1) Like my Facebook page

 (2) Send me a message either by email or on my Facebook page with your address.

(3) Sit and wait for the postman

Obviously, your contact info will be kept confidential.

Thanks for reading, Darklings. We finally made it to October! Squeeee!



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