Friday, September 2, 2016

What does big hair, a fox, a smartass kid, and a personal challenge have in common????

I regret cutting my hair and I miss my long locks. The weather over here in the afternoon is very humid and thanks to the humidity, my hair looks like something one of my cats coughed up. Normally, I have products I put in my hair to combat the frizz but I have been staying away from them for various reasons but I found a good solution to the problem!

 I am very fortunate to live near two cemeteries and I decided to visit one of them during my evening walk! I visited this particular one a while ago and it was nice to go back. There is something very serene walking through the cemetery before the sun sets. I heard all sorts of wildlife and this is a very small, urban cemetery! In fact, I even made a new friend!

I apologize for the photo quality.

This little fox came right up to me. I moved closer to the little critter and it ran a few paces back but it kept on approaching me. As much as I wanted to pet the little creature, I was afraid of its bite. The little fox followed me for a little while too!

Don't blink!

Since this is a random post but there is a point to it all, I swear, I thought it would be funny to add in some of the funny things that Philip told me earlier this week:

The door to my medicine cabinet sticks and you need to use some force in order to open it. Philip is a witness my fight with the cabinet and was impressed that I managed to force it open. What he said next made me laugh: "That is why I don't mess with my mom"

We were discussing education and how I hope he would attend University one day. He asked me if he would have to sleep in a dorm. I told him that if he decided to go to University here in Montreal, he didn't have to move out if he didn't want to. He would be old enough to decide whether or not he would like to live on his own. His answer made me laugh: "No, I don't want to move away. They might not have the Internet or Wifi over there!"

Having been active and eating healthier, my outlook on life has been positive recently. The weather here in the evening is bearable, unlike the afternoons.It is not too hot, not too cold and I have enjoyed my nightly sunset walks. I now love being outdoors because I got to see so much happening in my area! The City held these line dancing programs in the park near my house where people could attend, at no cost. Personally, I did not participate in these things but it is so nice seeing people come together and get moving!

I got to see young families play with their children in the park and having fun. I even got to know a few people from my community while I went swimming at my local pool. I saw the full moon a couple of weeks ago while I was in the water and I wondered how many more full moons will I see in my lifetime? How many more defining or inspirational or even silly Philip moments will I get to experience? I realized that I did not experience all these things by simply sitting at home, in front of my TV feeling sorry for myself. I spent time with people that mean the most to me in the world. I got to hear Philip saying cute things and I got to send him off to grade one! I became friends with a fox at my local cemetery! I met some really nice people at my pool and I got to see families bond together. I got to see perfect strangers come together and exercise in the park. This is why I challenge you Darklings to go outdoors! You don't need to do any sports if you don't want to. Go explore the creepy places like a cemetery or an abandoned building. You may just make a new friend like I did. I hope you can post about your experiences too so I can read about them as well.

Have a good weekend, Darklings and remember, should you encounter an angel statue, don't look away, don't turn your head, and don't blink! 


  1. There are plenty of days were I regret cutting my hair, but then again, it feels so much more healthy when regrown. And the good thing about hair is that it grows back. Quicker than I thought, actually!

    And yay, you made a foxy friend! How cool is that?!

  2. Urban wildlife luuuuv cemeteries because they're quiet and not full of people or cars or dogs. How wonderful to see a wee fox! Ours are full of squirrels and wild rabbits.

  3. How cute^^ I love wandering around the fields on the outskirt of our village because it's quite and you can spot alll kinds of animals^^



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