Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The weight loss Hell Bunny

Alright, I take back on what I wrote previously about not wanting to do any outfit posts because I am not confident in the way I look. I think losing 10.5 pounds since I started this whole lifestyle change deserves to be recognized, right?

Not only did I notice that I gained a lot of weight, my favourite Hell Bunny skirt (featured here many times before) no longer fit me. Once I finally admit that I actually gained weight, I stepped on the scale and my worst fears were confirmed. I sadly put my little skirt in the back of my closet and after sulking, I was determined to turn my life around.

After I recently discovered that I lost 10.5 pounds, I decided to give my skirt another go and lo and behold! It fits! The damned thing fits!

Due to the cooler temperatures (FINALLY) I decided to add my cute little Hell Bunny cardigan to the mix. I purchased this cute little cardigan a couple of months ago during a heatwave (yeah, I do shit like that. Go me!) and I was anxious to wear it!

I still have about another 40 pounds to lose but each milestone deserves celebrating.  It is not the ultra goth look I was going for but I know that would be frowned upon at the office so I am just happy that I can actually wear this stuff to work! Yes, I wore this outfit to work and no one said anything. Well, a coworker who has been out of the office for a few weeks said something but it was because she noticed the weight loss ! I am one lucky, lucky girl! Just like my weight loss, being able to wear alternative clothing to work is not easy. I did not do this overnight. It took years to build up that level of acceptance and now coworkers all think I am cute. They smile when they see that I added a little bit of me into my job (whether it is in my clothes or the Halloween stickers I use to decorate my notebook with)  Life is too short and I don't want to be boring.



  1. Lookin' good! That 10 lbs has made a real difference in how much slimmer you look!

  2. Wow, congratulations you can defiantly notice the difference even the loosing 10 pounds is an amazing. I think think fbmessager to ask for advice as I'm struggling to loose weight at the mom. You look fab.

  3. Wow - what a difference 10 pounds makes - you go girl!

  4. Glad to see your smiling face! The most important thing is that you FEEL good :) <3 Love that sweater, you know we are twins ;)

  5. Aaaaaw, you look so happy...!Seriously, your photos cheered me up^^ Congrats on the 10 pounds, you're awseome! ;)

  6. I love that cardi! You are looking great, that happy smile makes me smile too!

  7. Go you! :) You look good. And happy.



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