Monday, September 26, 2016

I make a horrible friend

Some people might say I am flighty. Some people might be confused by me. I am never one thing. I am like the water. I am unpredictable and I come and go in waves. I can be harsh like the ocean water beating on the rocks or I can be the soothing cool shower on a hot summer's day. This is who I am.

The negative side to being my friend:

* I can go weeks/months/years with no contact

* I much rather be alone than be around a lot of people

* I can be chatty and never shut up or I can go ghost. There is no in-between

* I am very moody without my coffee.

* Casual conversations bore me. In fact, they drain the life out of me. I would much rather have deep, meaningful conversations about various topics. I guess this one can be a positive point too, depending on the perspective!

The positive side to being my friend:

*Despite going weeks/months/years with no contact, I can easily pick up on where we left off and there it would be like there was no period of absence

* Despite being a loner or an introvert, I usually prefer one on one conversations with people.

*Despite being a chatterbox, I do listen to you when there is a problem and will be there for you despite any period of absence. I am usually one of the first people to come running if shit hits the fan in your life.

* Bringing me coffee makes you my best friend by default

* Due to the nature of my job, I make casual conversation ALL day. In fact, I learned to be cute and witty, usually sarcastic commentary to make my customers or coworkers smile because talking about the weather bores me. Thanks to this, I need a lot of alone time on my free time (lunch, at home in the evening) because I need to decompress from my day. Being around people drains me. There are days, I am in bed at 8pm because I have been "people-ing" all frigging day.

*Thanks to my need for downtime, I will recognize your need for it too. In fact, you won't even have to ask me. I am comfortable leaving you alone or even being in the same space as you and not talking. It won't be awkward either.

Being my friend can be frustrating because I am a flake. That is what probably lured you to me in the first place. You never know what to expect from me. As the age old saying goes " it's not you. It's me!" so don't take it personally that I dropped off the face of the earth again. I just need to hide in my cave for a little bit from "people-ing" too much!


  1. I recognize all these characteristics from myself, LOL! Introverts unite, as that graphic says!

  2. A lot of that seems familiar. Even when we are out caravanning I don`t feel at ease with new people when we have a `Get together` in a room or marquee….. Unless it`s me running it.

  3. We should turn this into an introvert blog party thingy...:D

  4. definitely need downtime! I have a few friends I can not see for years and still click with. It is great! I too like having conversations with a few special people about things that matter.



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