Monday, August 1, 2016

Sylvie's home for little lost goths (lots of pictures)

 If I see you sitting there alone, I will approach you and you don't need to worry because I am just as socially awkward as you are! No Goth left behind!

Saturday, my family and I attended the Goth Picnic here in Montreal. To be honest, I did not know what to expect having not really been part of my local Goth scene for so long. I am quite happy that people were friendly and kind. This is one thing I love where I live: While you may occasionally find an elitist, the majority of the people are super friendly and down to earth.

I was pretty stoked because this was my son, Philip's first Goth event. In all honesty, I was quite happy to give him some exposure to the subculture at such a young age. He thought the people looked really cool and he admired the cyber goths. This is another thing I like about my local scene: you can be Lolita, trad, cyber, Rivithead, punk and no one seems to care. I also thought it was really cool that they had a huge coffin there with badminton gear inside for us to play with.

We had some difficulty finding the place since we got there late but we just looked for the black cloud! I was greeted by an old friend called Hugues that I met when I was a teenager so it was nice to introduce him to my husband and kid. Some of you may know her, she used to blog and goes by the name Sophie, well she stopped by too! It was nice talking with her.

As shy as my family can be, we did approach fellow Goths sitting by themselves and welcomed them to come join us. I met so many nice people that day! I am comfortable talking to one or two people but I can be pretty anxious around crowds of strangers. Despite all that, I felt like I was home amongst the people there!

I apologize I don't have any actual outfit posts. I even brought my parasol for the purpose but my new friend Thalia sure took advantage of the opportunity! It was a busy, very hot and humid day but we had a lot of fun. I look forward to next year's event and if the organizers are reading this, I would like to say thank who's going to come with me next year?

This adorable baby bat was sitting all alone. So naturally, I took her under my wings! She is 15 years old and her mom is goth. That is pretty cool! I love how the subculture has evolved from when I was a kid!

A view of the Mont-Royal where we were at.

 Jay also got some nice shots of me!

A  random photo. We encountered this panda on the walk back to the Metro. I think it is cute.

Really cool video footage of the event.


  1. You look absolutely gorgeous. Kudos to you to approach those who sits alone.

  2. Wow, that looks like a fun event and it's great to see so many different 'types' of goths of so many different different groups of age having fun together^^

  3. Great photos! Glad you had a good time!

  4. I love Goth picnics, it's how I met some of my best friends! It's great when people are friendly and inclusive!

  5. Looks like an amazing time and that is so kind of you to welcome people and thus make new friends. That is what our amazing community should be all about :)

  6. That's just amazing, this kind of events should happen much more often - i know there are some small 'picnics' in Germany these days as well and I hope this will grow! Let's all get to know each other better than we can by just clubbing :-)



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