Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Philip's first day of grade one

Today, marks the first day of the school year! Philip's introduction to school was not a positive experience for him last year because he not only had a bad teacher, he also had a class bully. While I was going through the ordeal, I thought Philip was the only kid that had trouble with this particular little boy. After speaking with another parent (whom I ran into at the grocery store a couple of weeks ago) she assured me that several  parents (herself included) had the same concerns I had. I was also reassured by the principal this morning that Philip will be in a new class with different kids. In fact, she even walked him to his class! I called the school later because I was worried and turns out, Philip appeared to be happy in his new class. I used to be an easy going parent but after what happened last year, the school is going to be tired hearing from me! I don't plan on being a helicopter parent but do plan on keeping tabs with the school. I do realize that I could easily put Philip in another school but they did what they could given the time constraints last year (shit hit the fan at the end of the school year) and have been pretty good at dealing with the situation. Besides, he has friends at the school and I don't necessarily want to separate him from them. Knowing that he is happy and is looking forward to seeing his friends tomorrow takes a load off of my mind.


  1. I hope Philip has a WONDERFUL time at school this year! Glad the school took action and not surprised to hear that other kids and parents were concerned too.

  2. My niece's just started school today, I'm curious what she thought of it...:D I hope Philip will continue to enjoy his new class^^



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