Friday, July 15, 2016

When your blacks don't match

My mom recently bought me a skirt. She happened to see it in a store and she was so thrilled to be able to buy me something I like! The skirt is a weird shade of black but it is really nice. It is even better because someone thought of me!

Incidentally, my mom made a remark about the old geezer who lives across the street from her. He was commenting again about how I am such a pretty girl and it is a shame I look like I am in constant mourning My mom told me that she felt good buying me this skirt because she loves the way I dress and it is her way of showing the annoying guy up!


  1. It's a lovely skirt and you've an even more lovely mum.

  2. Yes, cool skirt -- looks grey set against your black top. Your Mom knows your taste!

  3. Aw, I love that your mum is so supportive!

  4. Hahha, I hate it what that happens, but it's a lovely skirt, so don't worry about the color^^

  5. It is a pretty skirt with a lovely emotional background so who would care for blackblack or notsoblackblack :-)

  6. It's awesome that your mom supports and "gets" your style. Thankfully my folks have always been very accepting and on board with mine as well, and have even added a few pieces (hats and jewelry, mostly) to it over the years, too.

    Big hugs & happy mid-July wishes,
    ♥ Jessica



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