Friday, July 22, 2016

When you have a baby bat

I never expect Philip to be like me. I always try my best with allowing him to form his own opinions but I can't help smile over his "quirks" and how he is highly influenced by my tastes. Here are so cute examples and by the way,  I secretly hope he doesn't outgrow his eccentricities:

1) His favourite band is Blutengel.

2) He loves bats. In fact, he recently started a campaign to save the little brown bat from white nose syndrome. I am so proud of him. Not only has his taken an interest in environmental issues (he says he wants to protect Mother Nature) but he has a passion for animals, especially bats.

3) He loves going to cemeteries.

4) He loves zombies, vampires, and ghosts.

5) He already started talking about "not being like the other kids."

6) He has an appreciation for Joy Division, Cruxshadows, and Siouxsie.

7) He tells us other people's houses are weird because there are no bats or cool decorations there.


  1. You are a great mum, not telling kids what to like but letting them be quirky and interesting!

  2. Aaaaaw, too cute, he's too damn cute I tell you^^



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