Monday, July 4, 2016

The friendly knowing nod

Alright guys and ghouls, now that Canada Day is out ouf the way, we shall continue with my bitching! Today's topic at hand: The Nod. You know when you see another alternative person and you nod at them as a way to say hello? We used to do this. Alright, not everyone used to do this but a lot of us did. I remember but I am wondering since when and why did we stop doing this?

I have noticed over the past couple of years that whenever I ran into a random alternative person on the street and I gave them a friendly nod, they never returned it! I swear, very recently, this one girl was staring right at me and walked away!

Are we that afraid of being judged by other goths or is it because we are too busy doing the judging ourselves?

Many local people are complaining that the local goth scene fading away and not like what it used to be. In a way, there are right and lets do something about it!

Will I ever stop nodding at fellow goths? No because I am sure one day, someone will nod back.  I am also not a snob.

If you see me and you nod, I will acknowledge your nod back! If I give you a friendly nod, it is not to judge you or immediately become your BFF, I am simply acknowledging you. Not only by ignoring the other person you are being rude, it only further creates a rift in the subculture.

Remember, I am a mom and I always tell my son to be polite and to play nice so perhaps we all could use that same little lecture?

I do love the subculture and I will not leave any time soon. In fact, I really don't mean to sound all that bitchy (only a little bit). To be honest, the few times I actually did venture out to a club or a concert, I have met some very friendly, down to earth people who made me feel really comfortable. I just wish there would be more of them!

I challenge you to give your local goths a friendly nod today!

Good night Darklings!


  1. I'm not sure that we have the nod in Australia, for me it's always just been eye contact and a smile with someone else in interesting clothing. I still get that smile back. I'd like to think weirdo solidarity is still around!

  2. I have to say I wouldn't nod back, just I like don't smile back at strangers smiling at me. For me, it gives a signal they would like to chit-chat when I'll return the nod or smile, because they concluded from my appearance they have something in common with me. Which is rarely the case and I really don't like people. By not nodding back I'm just setting a distance. If it's rude? Maybe. But much more comfortable for me.

    1. I guess over here it is a bit different. Usually a nod is just a nod back and we go on our merry way. That's it. I think it is because of that, I never really looked at it from your perspective either. That is a valid point you make there too.

  3. When I see someone wearing alternative fashion I don't dare "connecting" with a smile or a nod but I secretely observe their outfit. However I went to a japanese con 6 years ago and I took lots of pictures of lolitas, goths etc because the atmosphere was very kindly. Also a few days ago I complimented a tattooed woman with orange hair on her look and I surprised myself. It was just spontaneous of me.

  4. Yes, the nod! To be honest, I just randomly smile at, or say hello to, everyone I pass these days.

  5. I still do that, not in this town though because the looks you get back is FAR from positive (then again I barely go outside in this area anyways, prefer to drive a few hours to wherever my friends actually are active that time, in every other city people smile back at you maybe 90%)



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