Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Diva in me!

I am not a glamorous person but I do like to add a little glam into my life here and there. Adding some glam in my life for me is by wearing makeup even if I don't buy expensive products and don't do anything fancy or over-the-top with it.

I spent several years just surviving, going on about day-to-day life and by being depressed. I stopped doting on myself and when I came out of my sadness, I made a commitment that I would always be the person I want to be and what I want the world to see even if this means going against on what society thinks I should be. Not long after, I ditched my colorful clothing, dyed my hair black and never looked back. This is why unless I am VERY sick or really pressed for time, I very seldom go out without makeup on. I do not let just anyone see me without my war paint and during the very few times I actually do go out without makeup (ie. like run to the store for milk, etc.)  I still  wear lipstick! As much as I work on my inner beauty, I do want that to shine through on the outside, even if my definition of beauty is different than most people. I don't dress the way I do to please other people but to please me. I want to look beautiful, glamorous, pretty, feminine for me!

Today, Darklings, was an exception to my "never leave home without makeup rule."  The second alarm woke me up this morning and this usually means, GET YOUR ASS IN GEAR! I am so not a morning person and I swear, one of the many things I am good at is sleep! I should win an award!  I also promised my little one a chocolate chip muffin from the Tim Horton's drive-thru this morning and I ALWAYS keep a promise I make to Philip, no matter what.

You guessed it, I actually dashed out the door without any makeup, not even lipstick! I did make sure to have my makeup case with me because there was no way in hell I would spend the day without any makeup on.

My boss, who is a very polite lady never said anything but I knew she was looking at me funny when she walked in this morning. Despite being late for work, she allowed me to go use the restroom and apply my makeup. I think she understood how I felt! Once my makeup was applied, I went to see her with a huge smile on my face and I thanked her for being so understanding. She admitted that I look different when I am not wearing makeup.

I am no makeup expert. I like to keep things simple but I do admire the power of makeup and how it can transform a person. It really does put an extra spring in my step when I leave the house with the right face on! To me, it is adding a little glamour to my daily life! We all need a little magic here and there.


  1. I definitely think makeup can transform you, I like doing it, but I don't do it much at the moment, allergies and stuff, but I love photos of me with makeup.

    I like that joke/ meme which is so true, if you wear fancy makeup some people will say you look better without makeup but if you wear none they will tell you you should put some on!

    It's really sweet how you skipped your routine for your kid though <3

  2. Sorry, but I already won the Sleep Award. Better luck next time.

  3. Though I can, and do occasionally, bring myself to leave the house (or have company over) sans "war paint", I feel so much more comfortable, confident and like myself when it's on, so I'd have been beelining for the ladies room with my makeup bag, too.

    How sweet that you and your son went to Timmy's and he got a chocolate chip muffin. That sounds like such a fun way to start the day.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  4. I've only had full makeup on once in my life. I felt so claustrophobic and horrible in it that I just wanted to claw it off my face with my bare hands! So no, I'm not personally a makeup person, LOL!

  5. A few years ago I used to wear make up all the time, even at home; I experimented a lot with different products, used colored eyeshadows for gradient looks and lipsticks too. Now my daily routine includes only foundation and powder and eye make up, eyeliner and mascara, I usually just do a winged eyeliner look...but lately I haven't been feeling up to doing make up at all...Partly because it's summer and it's freaking hot, so my make up would all just melt off my face in the sun, but the main reason is that I've become too lazy...:)



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