Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Summer survival: pool edition

There is nothing really special going on these days with me. It has been very hot here and to be honest, I hate this time of year with a passion! Come on! We want fall and we want it now!

On a more positive note, I discovered a public pool near my house and I have been going there almost every night to cool off and get some exercise. The pool is also reserved for adults in the evenings so there's no children splashing about. This is also wonderful for me because it not only gets me away from home, I can take a break from Philip, and it has been helping me with a lot of stress/anxiety I have been under.

On the weekends, I bring Philip to the pool and he loves the water. For a while, I gave up on the pool because he hated it as a baby and now that he is much older, he realized how much fun it is to splash around.

Another thing I like about the pool, during weekdays and weekends, there is also a wading pool available for the kiddies. I love the fact that I have a kid because I can indulge in my inner child with Philip over there. I am serious, if I didn't have a kid, I would borrow a friend's kid because I never had shit like this when I was younger!  You see, this is no ordinary wading pool. We have water cannons, a pole with buckets attached that tip over and splash you with water and all kinds of cool gizmos. We have a "water splash" as Philip calls it right up the street from my house but we don't want to go there anymore after discovering The Pool.

For those wondering, the following photo  is our old hang out, "the water splash" but we don't go there anymore after discovering The Pool.  This place is so overrated and as Philip would say "for babies"

So there you have it Darklings. What are you doing to keep cool this summer?


  1. Doing what I always do. Staying indoors with the fan or AC on.

  2. We bought a dismantable pool to put in our garden. Unfortunately the sun doesn't warm the water up enough to my taste. I like a 35° celsius water to bathe in!
    I understand you like having fun like a kid in the wading pool. I used to go to one too when I was little. :)

  3. I've never seen one of those water cannons before -- they look fun! Playing with water on a hot, sunny day -- the simple joys of life!

  4. Ah yes, fancy pools for kids are very jealous-making! But it's also nice to have a break!

  5. I've gotten back in the pool too - just the local indoor pool which has 3 pools for different tastes. I tend to go early (8am-ish) to avoid the 9am pensioner crowd (entry between 9 and 12 is very cheap). Its good the old folk swim but they are lethal! They kick the crap out of me and then stand and natter in the middle of the swim lanes.

    Its been a while since I've swum so I've been improving my backstroke in the medium pool very gently. Then I walk the 2.5miles home with a very good coffee shop half way home :)



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