Wednesday, June 22, 2016

"My whole life is a big dark room. One big dark room"

Summer time means bringing out the Lydia hat!

I have been feeling sad this week but I always feel like this whenever my son hits a milestone. I know I should be happy. We had such a difficult beginning that it is nice that I am given the opportunity to watch him grow up but it is so bittersweet for me! My baby bat just finished his first year of school. Today was his last day. The year was full of ups and downs but we made it! Philip will be going to grade one in the fall. What happened to the little baby that I brought home from the hospital? I actually cried a little today.

It really is a double edged sword. I am happy but very sad at the same time. My whole life is a dark room!


  1. My niece just graduated from pre-k. In other news, my mind is a bit of a dark room right now. XP

    1. I know. There is some weird voodoo going on out there. Everyone I am talking to is going through something. This has been a week from hell and I am glad it is almost over! Hang in there!

  2. You look good in that hat. I'm envious!

  3. Congrats to your baby bat for staying strong! And you look great - is that the hat from H&M? If so we have the same ^^

  4. That's a gorgeous hat! ;)
    My niece is starting school in the fall and although she's not my daughter, it's so strange to see her grow up so fast...

  5. You look great!

    Aw, congrats Phillip!



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