Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Happy birthday to my husband

Today, is Jay's birthday and while I do acknowledge the fact that he is a very private person, I am thinking too bad, he is going to let me sing his praises today!

We met each other in high school but we disliked each other....immensely. We would often insult one and other when given the opportunity. Trust me, there were plenty of opportunities! I must admit, some of the insults were funny and I was impressed by his sharp wit.

He used to live in walking distance from my parent's house. I remember discovering his fear of dogs and would purposely walk close to him with my very big husky just to watch him flinch, curse and cross the road. My father and I would often take the dog out for a walk together and there was a time, he caught onto my tactic. He asked me why I would do such a thing. I told my dad that he was "an asshole and he deserved it"

What my father said next, I will never forget because it pissed me off  but there was a lot of wisdom in his words:"Be careful what you say, Sylvie, you may just end up marrying the guy one day" Unfortunately, my dad passed on before he could physically see that happening but I am sure he was watching over me on my wedding day with a very smug look on his face. I never thought in a million years that I would marry that asshole but we got reacquainted with one and other many years after high school by a mutual friend - who lied through his teeth in order for the both of us to talk no less. The funny thing is, we had no clue who we were having a conversation with each other because it was over chat (MSN Messenger) and we both had aliases. Imagine the shock we had when we both found out exactly who we were talking to! You can also imagine the angry messages the mutual friend received from the both of us afterwards. Thanks to the mutual friend, Jay and I did meet for a coffee because I was curious to see just how that little slime ball turned out after high school. We became instant friends too because we both discovered that we love watching animé and playing videogames.

What can I say? The little slime ball had some charm after all and it didn't take very long for me to become smitten by him. Every time he would meet me, he always had roses and a little dragon porcelain figurine for me.  Even when he proposed, I thought I was getting another dragon until I noticed that there wasn't a dragon in that box but a ring. I think that was one of the few times in my life I was speechless!

Being married to a sarcastic, hard-headed, and cynical man is no easy task. Especially when you can be sarcastic, hard-headed and cynical too but we manage.

On the other hand, I married my best friend who always puts me first no matter what. In fact, he pretty much stopped talking to his family after our wedding. It is a long story but he told me that I married him, and as his wife, I come first. I never asked him to do this either but I am grateful for what he did.

Just when I thought my husband couldn't be more amazing than he really was, he gave me the best gift ever: he gave me Philip. Not only did he agree to name our son after my dad, he was pretty cool with me giving Philip his name too. You see, Jay is really short for James and as soon as we found out I was carrying a baby boy, we both decided on the name Philip James. I thought it was cool that I would name my son after two very important men in my life! Now that we have a third person in the house who is equally hard-headed, sarcastic and cynical to deal with, I wouldn't want it any other way!


  1. I love this story! Happy birthday to him, you are lucky to have such a great husband :)

  2. Hahha, cute^^ Happy Birthday to Jay! :)

  3. It's interesting that you two orginallying hated each other and you ended up getting married, I guess love happens in the weirdest places.

  4. What a beautiful love story! Isn't it funny how life works out? Happy birthday to yer hubz!

  5. Lovely, Happy birthday to Jay!

  6. What a great story!! Happy Birthday Jay

  7. My guy is also private, as you can see he hardly appears on my blog either. Love that he puts you first!



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