Monday, June 13, 2016

A word on hate

What happened in Orlando affected me, therefore, I want to take this opportunity to extend my sincerest condolences to the victim's families.

What saddens me most about what happened in Orlando was that these people were at a place catered to them where they thought they would be safe from the outside world and it's judgments.

To those who hate:

What is it to YOU who sleeps with whom? Why should you care? How is that any of your business?

What do you care if the opposite sex uses the "wrong" washroom? What are you going to do? Look under the stalls to see if they are the correct gender?

What makes you so special that you get to judge someone by whom they are sleeping with, what they wear, what religion (or lack of) they have?

Just like what I posted about the Paris Attacks, let's fight hate with love. Let's not give these bigots what they want. Let's NOT be afraid and let us support those who need our support the most.

No mother should have to receive texts like these from their child:

My blogging about this certainly wont bring the victims back or perhaps won't make much difference but I wrote from the heart and what I wanted to express. Perhaps we might not make the world a better place but sometimes a simple gesture goes a long way. I have read so many stories shared by friends and family members over social media because they were outraged by some of the homophobia that is being passed around.  This is the aftermath of the tragedy and it makes me sick! On the other hand,  I have also read stories online where people stood outside in the Florida heat for 5 hours just to give blood. Meanwhile, good Samaritans showed up with drinks and food, some were Muslims that arrived at the clinic to give the blood donors that were waiting in line food or water. Let's follow the positive example and not fight hate with more hate.


  1. I always find it disturbing when people use religion as an excuse for their outrageous actions. Keep God out of your bullshit.

  2. This is just sad, my sister lost a friend. A high school classmate lost her uncle. I'm Puerto Rican and I knew that as soon as they started revealing identities it was going to be a lot of us. Hate sucks in all forms and color; racism, religion, sexuality, etc. Sad but necessary post!

    1. I am so sorry for your loss. *hugs*

  3. And in this tragedy, another drama is to be addressed: Gays don't have the right to donate blood.

  4. Excellently said, dear Sylvie, thank you. (Those texts are so incredibly sad - they make me think of the Tower jumpers on 9/11, in the sense that people were just going about their days like usual and suddenly they knew their lives were moments from being over; no one should ever have to face that, especially not at the brutal hands of another person).

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  5. You are totally correct. I tried to not focus on the assholes and instead tried to focus on all of the blood donors. No matter what anyone is, believes in, what gender a person likes NOTHING should be a 'reason' to kill :-( Sorry for anyone who lost somebody, who faced fear, who still faces fear.



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