Friday, May 13, 2016

The Dreaded Pop Figurines version 1.3

I am really loving the new Doctor Who Pop Figure launch they did for this year. These are some of my favourite companions!

You will see below a Pop Figure of Capt. Jack. Speaking of good ole Captain Jack, very recently, cctor John Barrowman posted a video on social media teasing his fans that he will be returning to Cardiff in a week and a half for something but he won't tell us what for! Oh! I hope it's Torchwood or Doctor Who related! I really want to know but then I don't want to because...spoilers!

I thought I had a fourth Pop Figurine somewhere... was it another companion?

found off of Google images.

I guess I don't have a forth one to showcase here, my apologies but for some reason, I thought I had another one to show you! Oh well, enjoy these companions instead!

From left to right: Riversong (she even has her gun...pew! pew!) Captain Jack Harkness, and Sarah Jame.

Fun Fact: He wears a belt and suspenders because he literally can't keep his pants on!


  1. I like River's outfit! That's a scary gif!

  2. I know I keep repeating myself... I LOVE Doctor Who ♥

  3. Ah, come on, these are too cute^^ River looks badass even for a pop figurine...:D



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