Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Product review Stargazer lipstick

Lately, I have been playing around a lot with makeup and have been trying different techniques, colors (mostly darker shades) and just having fun goofing around on my free time. I like to try new things, to step out of my comfort zone because I was never one of those goths who wore extravagant makeup and usually kept things fairly simple. OK, there is one exception. When I was a baby bat and newly into goth, there was a time,  I looked like a mime on acid and I vowed to never do that again. Yes, I still wear makeup and love wearing makeup but I wont spend a huge amount of time on it. I am a hassle free chick in the makeup department but you will very seldom catch me leaving my home without lipstick on!

I am a huge fan of Stargazer foundation and I had such high expectations after I received the lipsticks I purchased online from them! I recently ordered black glitter #1014 and purple #128. The purple is acceptable for work and was not quite the shade I was looking for. That's ok. I am happy with the color anyways. The black has glitter and well, I was obviously sold on that!

I admit, I was originally going to do a negative review on the lipstick. You see, when I first tried them on, my lips went blackish and/or pink instead of purple! Again, I am not the type of girl who has a lot of  patience when it comes to makeup. I usually just carry lipstick on me when I go out, I re-apply when needed. I do not use lip primer or any other fancy crap. In fact, I never knew lip primer existed until I started watching tutorials and reading blogs! I did purchase a lip brush (after a friend of mine suggested it) thinking it would enable me to apply this on better but I did not get great results.  I noticed that the lipstick would not apply. I am pretty much used to lipstick being smooth, kind of creamy in texture but this one was hard as a rock! How was that going to get onto my lips? What I did do was take the lipstick and rubbed it on my hand several times and it seemed to apply better. Perhaps it needed some warming up? After rubbing it on my hand back and forth several times, I did get better results and the lipstick went on smooth!

I do not know if this is a color stay lipstick but I noticed that it has good staying power.

All in all, I would recommend this product if you are really into makeup and don't mind a little bit of work to get the lipstick on but I prefer something that doesn't give me such a hassle. The glitter on the black lipstick shows up really well (once it does apply) but for lipstick, I think I would stick with my Covergirl or Hard Candy. Who knows maybe one day I will buy the expensive kinds at Sephora! Now that would be living on the edge for me! Ooooh! Seriously, I don't see the point on spending that much money on makeup when I could be buying other random crap like Pop figurines but that's just me. Priorities.

If anyone who has more experience with Stargazer lipstick and has anything productive to comment, please do not be shy. I am welcome to suggestions and would gladly edit this post if there is something useful you think should be added. I am not a makeup expert. I do not plan on being a makeup blogger unless you want tutorials on how to screw up your makeup! I like to experiment and well, if someone finds something useful, why not offer my wisdom and quirks?

Have a good night and remember my eyeliner or lipstick was meant to go on that way!


Black and purple combo!

Got some glitter on my chin. Go me!


  1. I usually don't buy hugely expensive makeup either, Manic Panic lipstick is my splurge, ha ha! I have no idea what to do with hard to apply lipstick. It looks nice, though.

    1. Oh yes, I used to buy Manic Panic way back when. I really like their stuff too.

  2. You might like Kat Von D lipstick. It's easy to apply and stays on for a long time. :)

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I heard a lot about her makeup line but never bothered looking into it. I may just do so now. You rock, Mary!

  3. If I ever decide to get into make-up again, I'll probably try out L.A. Colors. It's inexpensive and looks nice.

  4. I am alllll over the place with lipstick, I have some MAC and some Jordana and some Manic Panic lol. And N.Y.C.! I am also a big fan of Wet n Wild's lip balm/stains :)



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