Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May The 4th Be With You

Today is one of my favourite days because it is Star Wars day! I did not buy a lot of new Star Wars apparel this year because I usually dress up more than wear casual clothing but it doesn't mean I can't share some love today! I actually borrowed my husband, Jay's  Kylo Ren shirt so I look a little frumpy. I wanted to wear something different than my usual Princess Leia shirt that I normally wear. Jay also commented that I should put my hair up like Leia as well. I knew the buns on the side would get in my way so I changed it up a bit. Philip hates it when I put my hair up but I sort of like it. I used to wear my hair like this when I was younger, except I had an undercut and would put ribbons around the buns. When I first came back to Goth, I used to style my hair like this often. I am so grateful that my work is tolerant towards dress codes. Best job ever!  Do you like Star Wars? What did you think of the new movie?


And look at the cute mug I got.

Happy May the 4th!


  1. We loved the new movie - Molly is going to cosplay as Rey at a con here in a few weeks! :)
    You look so cute :) And those SHOES!!!

  2. I'm glad the job lets you wear geeky stuff! Yay!



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