Monday, May 9, 2016

Inspirational Mother's Day Gift

Holly from Night Blooming Ohana gave me a very kind hearted nudge last week. My post about not being a typical Mom inspired her to write her own blog post from her point of view. As a result, she inspired me!

In her blog post, Holly wrote: "My septum piercing was actually my Mother's Day present last year... yep, I got stabbed with a needle to celebrate my "mom-ness" :)" and I began to think about the sort of gift I would like to receive myself for mother's day.

Part of my wishlist for 2016 was to get more ink and what better way to celebrate Mother's Day! Seriously, it gives me some downtime AND I get a cool new piece of artwork on my body! Hell yea!

If you read my blog or know me personally, there is a very good chance you would know that I love Hello Kitty. Back when I had to conform, Hello Kitty was always there for me. It was one of the last few facets of my personality I did not hide away from people. Even today, people give me Hello Kitty stuff and I am just so happy to have her in my life! I have been wanting this tattoo for a long time!
We didn't realize that Jay got in the picture. Haha!

Freshly tattooed! I think it was not even 5 minutes old!

1) Buy a pair of Winklepicker boots. 
(2) Buy a coffin purse/backpack 
(3) Buy more long skirts 
(4) Buy some good blazers 
(5) Get more ink - in progress! More to come  
(6) Get my ears and labret (lip) re-pierced
(7)  Buy some more coffin and bat jewellery - I need more!
(8) Bat plushies because who doesn't have enough of those, right?
(9) Get a daith piercing


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Holly and thanks for your inspiration too.

  2. Love the Hello Kitty with bat bow! Waves hi to Jay.

    1. Thank you, Laura. Jay says hi back!

  3. Awww, sweet tattoo Sylvie! Personally, I thought I was done but just recently I've been feeling the need to extend one of my bracelets further down towards my hand. I can't work upwards anymore because I have those 'chicken flaps' on my upper arms now! Ewwww..... ;)

    Thanks for tagging me on Mother's Day! I couldn't find a pic of me with both kids though and I didn't want either of them to feel slighted so I didn't participate. :)

    1. I understand not wanting to exclude a child! No worries about not participating. I hope you can get another tattoo if that is what you really want.

  4. It's funny how many darklings/goths love hello kitty. :) Nice tattoo!

    1. I know it is funny how many of us like Hello Kitty.

  5. I LOVE it!! It's so YOU, too. :-)

  6. OMG! That's so damn cute!



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