Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The potential of warmer days and the long lost bat stockings

I can't really complain about the winter we had this year over here in Montreal. There were many cold days but we also had our fair share of mild weather as well. Lately, the temperatures have fluctuated so much that I got migraines. The other day it snowed in the morning and by the afternoon, it warmed up. Today was absolutely gorgeous outside and I must admit, I am starting to look forward to spring! I guess you can say that I am tired with complaining about the cold and am looking forward to complaining about it being too hot!

My good friend, Alan, reminded me about purchasing these Sourpuss knee high stockings I bought last November. Thank you, Alan!  In fact, it was the day I took Philip to my old stomping ground! I actually forgot I had them! I know, eh? How dare I do such a thing! Think about the bats!

I get sick easily and am skeptical about wearing these just now despite them being quite thick but I was told that Friday will be quite warm. I may just give them a chance. Look at how cool they are!

Image found off of Pinterest

Pardon my over enthusiasm. You see, the last few months, I have been wearing leggings all the time out of convenience and laziness.I am looking forward to wearing my really cool tights/knee highs (re:fishnets, spiderwebs, you get the idea) that I have stowed away!  I get sick easily and will not chance it by catching cold so leggings are the warmer alternative. I wear them with long shirts,with skirts, dresses and well, we can't forget how bad ass I think I look when I combine them with my 14 hole Doc Martens! To be honest, I am not sure how bad ass I really am considering I am only 5'1 and probably would end up reaching your shins! Oh well, what I lack in height, I like to think my personality makes up for it!

 At home, well, I often go for comfort (re: Hello Kitty Halloween pajamas with my Betty Boop black housecoat because I am such a rebel!) unless I plan on going somewhere, obviously. I usually hibernate in the winter and it is not normally out of choice but because I  get sick all the time!

I always feel like whenever there is a change of season, I get excited. I pull out clothes I have not really worn in months and it always feels like I got something new! I am now looking lovingly at my pretty spring coat,  which is pretty much an annual tradition. I love this one!

Old picture. I have not had red hair in about 3 years but you get my drift!
I am also encouraged to shop and add new items to my wardrobe, after all, this year, I got organized and created a wish list for 2016. Unfortunately, I had to do some major repairs on my car in January and that set me back for a little bit but I am determined! Incidentally, last month, they released a new line of Doctor Who Pop Figurines!  I *need* K9 and Riversong. Oh and I also must have Sarah Jane..... alright I *need* all of them! Those would also need to be added to my list!

So yes, spring, I welcome you and now if you would excuse me, I got some online shopping to do! I would like to thank my friend Alan for that too!


  1. Wish there were only 2 seasons. Spring and Fall.

    1. I say the same thing but I am being positive. Summer and winter give me a reason to complain!

    2. Yes, or at least no summer! It's much too hot in Summer in Australia! Glad Autumn is here, but it hasn't really cooled yet!

      those socks are great!

  2. I have been wearing knee/thigh high socks all winter ( when it was -26-28 celsius also), cause they can be easily used on the top of a pantyhose or knitted leggings :) Combined with a knee high combat boots and a warm woolen coat, proper winter look was all done. Oh, nice to read that spring is coming, all though we are not there yet in Finland :)

    1. I hate putting stockings over leggings, I find it uncomfortable so you have my admiration! I hope it warms up for you soon!

  3. Those bat socks are super cute! I hope the weather is warm and you can wear them. :D

  4. I love that coat, I hope to be going to The Black Rose, Gothic Masquerade Charity Ball in York in September, so that could be an excuse for buying some extra fine clothes.

  5. Those socks are all kinds of marvelous! I'm a total sucker for anything (and everything!) bat themed/printed. Here's to the hope that springtime reaches Canada mighty quickly!

    ♥ Jessica

  6. :-D you need all pop figures, no doubt <3 and i am sure everyone can relate to re-wearing those seasonal clothings!

  7. Ohhh, pretty stockings! Me wants :D
    For wearing these in winter, have you considered wool shorts? They keep your essentials nice and warm, and no one sees them under you skirt. Mine are black with pretty lace ;)



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