Monday, March 21, 2016

The beginning of warmer times and how the blind led the blind

The last time I used a skateboard, I was 12 years old. My son, Philip wants to learn and we spent some time Sunday afternoon learning the fundamentals of skateboarding. It was a rather interesting experience. He needs practice but I am impressed that he can stand still on the board without falling off - which is something I did.

Ooops! His boots are on the wrong feet! :p

Originally, I was not going to garden this year because last year, I was lucky to get one tomato. Philip convinced me to give it another go. My mom (AKA old lady green thumb)  advised me to start planting my seeds now. Last year, we planted the seeds late but I did not expect any results as I wanted to teach Philip the fundamentals of gardening. This year, he was quite happy to see that we had leftover pumpkin seeds from last year. He is convinced that the Great Pumpkin is going to visit our house on Halloween! We also planted some flower seeds. Unlike last year,  I was smart enough to write on the containers exactly what I planted.

Since it is still quite cold outside and honestly doubt they would survive out there in this climate,  I put them in the sunniest room in my house, which is in the spare room, now Philip's play room. I am excited to see his reactions when they start to grow. For the record, he checked them 5 minutes later and was disappointed to not see any sprouts yet! He even suggested to my husband that they play this new game called "watch the plants grow." I hope the seeds take!


  1. Good luck with the flowers! And the skateboarding!

  2. Good luck, and may the bugs stay away!



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