Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Not another outfit post

Well Darklings, I may come across as being vain or shallow here but in all honesty, I was sick all day today with the flu so I look like crap but I do think I look really pretty in these photos and that cheered me up! What put a smile on my face was remembering Philip telling me that I looked like a beautiful princess in this dress.

You have seen this dress before. In fact, I posted about buying it from fellow Blogger, Mary, from Mourning Glory Designs. It was also one of my favourite items of 2015 which I showed it off in this post over here. Sharing the same dress over and over again would be boring and what I love the most about it is that it is versatile! I love how amazing it looks with my black corset and boots. For the record, before I begin showing off my pretty dress, which would have never been possible without my buddy Mary, here is the link to her blog and here is the link to her Etsy store!

Got to love freshly dyed black hair, no blonde roots are showing, woot woot!!!


  1. There you go, throwing your sexy in my face again.

  2. I love the colors and the dress has a simple but romantic goth look with 70's style bell sleeves. I adore dramatic sleeves whether they're impracticable or not.

  3. this dress is awesome...velvet, purple, flared sleeves <3

  4. The dress looks fab on you, and your little boy is adorable :)

  5. I love this dress. I might need to get something like it myself. You look stunning in it with your corset and boots.

  6. You really look like a princess!



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