Friday, March 11, 2016

In my happy place

People who know me personally know that I am a pretty upbeat, jovial person. Hell,I am even that dreaded annoying perky goth! There are times I feel sad and I concentrate on the little things that make my heart sing during those times. For the record, I have been quite happy these days but it doesn't mean one shouldn't reflect on the positive! In fact, I would like to share them with you today. Here they are, in no particular order.

(1) Bats - Seriously, how can one not resist these adorable little creatures?

Taken from Goth Bats Facebook page

(2) Cats - I own two fur babies. I named them after the Hobbits from The Lord Of The Rings novels/movies. They are called Merry and Pippin.

(3) Novels - I love to read. Nothing more makes my heart sing by diving into an imaginary world and getting caught up in a story. Some of my favourite books are The Dragonlance Chronicles, The Soulforge, Interview With The Vampire,  Dracula, The Lord Of The Rings to name a few.

  Book images taken from

(4) We can't forget my own baby bat, Philip. If he is asleep or I am somewhere without him, I think of all the cute things he has done over the years and my heart melts.

(5) Videogames. I love RPGs and often get caught up in them. My favourite games are The Legend Of Zelda series.
This is where I got the image!!!!

(6) We all know that I love Doctor Who.

(7) Monty Python because no matter how much of a shitty day I am having, I can always remind myself to Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life.

(8) Music but I think most people feel that way.

(9) Shopping. I know that impulse buying can be harmful to one's financial well being but sometimes, a little retail therapy goes a long way. I can never have enough clothes, shoes, Pop figurines and accessories!

(10) Movies. Some of my favourites (in no particular order) are: Labyrinth, The Crow, As Good As It Gets, Hellraiser, and Legend.

Eric Draven Pop Figurine!

(11) Chinese food, coffee, tea, and chocolate. Enough said!

(12) Horses - from the time I was a little girl I love that animal. In fact, my life long dream was to own one.

(13) Collecting stuff - for a long time I collected porcelain dragons and gargoyles. While I keep these figures and still have them on display, my collection shifted more towards those Funko Pop Figurines. Those make me happy!

(14) Cemeteries- I love the sense of history I get while walking through one. It is so relaxing.

(15) Being out in nature - something I don't do enough. I love being out in the middle of bum fuck nowhere watching the night sky. I love stars and I love having deep conversations with people while being inspired by all the constellations. I love being around camp fires with friends or family members, just sitting around (usually drinking) and I love all the funny things (usually sexual innuendos) we come up with! I love hiking in the woods and feeling connected with the trees and wildlife. I feel at peace with myself. I am a city girl at heart, I will always be a city girl to some degree but there is also a huge part of me that loves to be out in the sticks.

(16) My hubby - Last but not least. I won't write too much about him as he is a very private person but he is my best friend, although a huge pain in the ass at times! Especially when we play videogames together and he steals all my kills!!!!

What makes your heart sing? What's your happy place?


  1. My dog definitely always helps me keep going! Music and books too!

  2. I always listen to that Monty Python song when I'm feeling blue myself!

    In no particular order ... crafting, buying craft supplies, thrifting and antiquing, getting a new home decorating magazine, Wing Wednesdays with friends at the local saloon, our cottage out in BF Nowhere surrounded by nature, our kids, my husband ... those are my big happy things and places. :)

  3. I'm weird because when I dress in dark fashion, usually it means that I'm fine, and there was a time when I wore kawaii, colourful clothes and I was very depressed then. Also reading biographies about people with mental illness/addiction issues makes me feel better because I stop focusing on my own disabilities. Sad songs make me feel more alive. But don't get me wrong, I'm not a masochistic: My pets have always been a comfort, I can dress in bright pink with heart shaped jewels everywhere and be in a f*** good mood, dance and sing along with a cheerful tune. Contradictions...

  4. Music, crafting, and having crazy conversations with friends.

  5. Such a fantastic post! I adore it when bloggers share more about some of their favourite things. We have numerous points in common here, sweet lady, very much including bats, cats, music, movies, horses, collecting, and cemeteries.

    I hope that the happy vibes keep coming hard and fast all spring long for you!

    ♥ Jessica



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