Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Desperate times call for desperate measures

I like to think that I have a quirky sense of humour so while this maybe a harrowing experience, I am proud over my ability to laugh things off! I had a good Easter weekend despite getting a lot of migraines.  I also resorted to becoming a germaphobe - something that I always vowed I would never do and this amuses me!

I guess you can say that the story starts by my ability to put things off. You see, I have been avoiding getting my migraine prescription renewed because it is cold and flu season over here. I have a weak immune system and I don't want to sick - which thankfully has not really happened this year!  I just don't want to go into a germ infested clinic full of sick people coughing all over me to get a fucking prescription refill. I was relatively healthy this winter compared to the past. I was not going to ruin my track record, god dammit! Yes, not getting sick has turned into some weird competition with me, don't ask!

Friday night (or was it the wee hours in the morning?) was the worse migraine I ever had. My last migraine pill didn't completely work. My back and neck hurt so much that I started to cry. I can take a lot of pain but this was unbearable. In fact, at one point I wanted to end it all because I couldn't take the pain anymore and I wanted to go the emergency room. My husband Jay gave me some muscle relaxers and massaged some Rub A535 on my neck and back. I finally slept it off once the pills and the ointment took effect.

Saturday was spent with a migraine hangover but knowing that I was now officially out of migraine pills, I ventured out to the clinic in hopes of renewing them. Considering Philip let me sleep in, by the time I got to the clinic, they were full and not taking anymore people that day. My back was still very sore and I still had some slight head pain, therefore, I did not want to walk down the stairs. I figured taking the elevator was a better alternative. Well,  I thought wrong! I get in the elevator and another woman walks in and stands behind me. You can tell she just came from the clinic and she looked pretty frigging sick.  I tried to be polite but I held my breath. There was no way in hell I was going to breathe in her germs! Thankfully, she didn't sneeze or cough in my direction but this made me paranoid. I could have just left the elevator and taken the stairs but at this point, the elevator door closed. |We were already descending. Perhaps it was the lack of sleep or the hangover feeling but that poor sick woman caused my anxiety to rise. I did not want to get too close to her. It was like I was in the middle of a zombie outbreak or something!

 I did stop at the pharmacy afterwards in hopes they would give me a temporary prescription refill but they couldn't. They did provide me with codeine/caffeine/Tylenol pills just in case. I find it odd that they wouldn't give me my prescription but handed me codeine instead. What the hell?  I also ended up buying a travel sized bottle of Purell and some disinfecting wipes while I was there because I vowed I was not going to catch anyone's lurgy and was still paranoid from being around all those sick people (re: elevator lady)!  This is how my germ phobia began.

I find it funny because a couple of years ago, I used to work with this woman who probably had an actual case of OCD. I despised her because she left me a note complaining about my cat hair. She used to replace me (I was a receptionist) and she would go overboard spraying the air with Lysol Disinfecting Spray. She would use more than what was required and everyone complained about it. I bet if I lit a match after one of her decontamination sessions, I could have set the place on fire from the fumes alone! I am serious, I once watched her spray that shit in the air, there was a cloud that hung over head! I am all for the spray, don't get me wrong but I don't think it is necessarily healthy to use it in such large quantities like that. OCD lady also kept a pillow in a white garbage bag at my desk. On one side was marked with an "x" because she knew that was the side to put on my chair. I was pretty insulted the first time she did that. I also stopped cleaning my desk because she would clean it for me with her disinfecting wipes every time she showed up to replace me!!! She also complained to my boss that my desk was always dirty and my response made him laugh: "of course I stopped cleaning my desk. Who wouldn't? She always does it for me!" I was also pregnant for Philip at that time and it was also during the N1H1 scare. I think it was because of this woman, I never caught it! When all this was happening, the woman annoyed the hell out of me but looking back today, some years later, I am sort of grateful for her excessive habits because I never got sick!

I guess you can say Karma is getting back at me for making fun of her because there I was waiting at the clinic with a surgical mask on. I remember how insulted I was whenever OCD lady would do these sort of things to me and there I was doing something similar. I also used my own Purell I purchased because I would not dare touch the one they provide at the reception desk. I even asked for advice on Facebook on how I could avoid catching someone else's lurgy. Some people told me to not touch anything with my hands (makes sense) and one of my friends coined it best: "You're goth, Wear the mask. Make it part of your outfit!" she advised.

Despite being inspired by my friend's advice to wear the mask as part of an uber goth outfit, I woke up with another huge migraine on Sunday.  There was no way in hell I was going to get all dressed up, let alone put on makeup! The codeine/caffeine/Tylenol pills made me high as a kite. They didn't work too well, though. It numbed the pain a little bit but I still felt my migraine. Jay had to drive me to the clinic because I was not able to drive. Philip flinched and Jay rolled his eyes at me when I put the surgical mask on. He snickered at me cringing when Philip dropped his toy on the floor. He also laughed at me for wiping it down with disinfecting wipes when we got home. By the time I was called in to see the doctor, the pain from my migraine was coming back with a vengeance. Thankfully, the doctor was super sweet and sympathetic towards me. I was lucky because a few doctors seem to think I am just complaining and don't fully understand just how debilitating a migraine can be! I got my prescription filled and within 30 minutes, it went away.  Jay put some Voltaren gel to soothe the neck pain. Voltaren was something new I tried and it works REALLY well. I recommend it!

A mandatory embarrassing photo of me. This is when my migraine came back with a vengeance no less so obviously I had to take a selfie!

By the time my guests arrived for Easter dinner, I was a little out of it (migraine hangover) but considering they are just family, they are used to me being a little loopy! I don't think they really noticed!

In your youth, did you always vow to not do certain things to only catch yourself doing them anyways? Never in a million years I thought I would turn into a germaphobe. I can't say I really blame myself after getting strep or bronchitis or both so often.


  1. You should invest in a black surgical mask. XD

  2. My immune system isn't great, so I will move away from coughing/ sneezing people if I can. I also use antibacterial water free handwash when out. I would like to wear a mask but I hate when people stare. And I'd probably end up doing it forever lol.

  3. There was a thing last year in Australia when doctors asked business to stop asking sick employees for dr notes as there was nothing they could do to make them better and they risk infecting patients who are there for other more serious issues. Not that businesses care.

    1. I know! Over here, there are some companies that make it mandatory but my work doesn't. Whenever I got strep or some kind of infection and had to go the clinic, I asked for a note to cover my ass instead. I dont think people should go because they have the sniffles just for a doctors note.

  4. Whenever there is sneezing season I work with a mask on, I know my patiens would prefer a mask-less face with a smile but no way would I be able to do my nightshifts without getting sick by myself so totally understand you here!
    Good that you had a nice doctor though!



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