Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The living room project or how I kicked Mr. Fugly couch to the curb!

Considering we decided to renew our lease for another year, we wanted to make our home more "homey." We decided to change a few things around, mainly getting rid of this awful couch that has been pissing me off since we first moved in! The previous tenants left it here and it is a hide-a-bed. I don't remember exactly why we kept but it was probably under the context of "hey, cool a free couch!" The couch itself if an ugly puke brown color with some weird flower motif going on. It reminds me of a really bad acid trip! I used to put a blanket over it thinking I could hide some of it's ugliness but it would easily fall off. That couch was an eyesore and was never comfortable to sit on. The cushions would slide off and you would risk getting sodomized by a spring!  The only good use we had for it was when it became a scratching post for our cats! I guess my constant bitching paid off because we finally got rid of it last weekend! Remember folks, a happy wife is a happy life!
When we first moved here, Philip was going on three years old. This being an old building, our living room doubles as a dining area, except our kitchen is large enough to fit our table. We decided to use the dining area as a playroom for Philip. This caused many problems. The neighbors downstairs complained about noise and my living room always looked messy. It was so annoying coming home to seeing toys scattered about.  Even with the toys put away, it still looked messy. To make matters worse, the first thing I would see whenever I would come in and walk through my front door was that ugly couch

It was really heavy to move but both Jay and I managed to kick it to the curb! To be honest, I didn't care how heavy it was. I was determined to get rid of it and I was going to do it myself if I had to!

Preparing to move Mr. Fugly couch.

Now that Philip is much older, we decided to give him the spare room (which was supposed to be our office) as a play area. My apartment is on two floors and the spare room is actually on top of our kitchen. He can make as much noise as he wants and he won't be disturbing the people downstairs. A while ago, we had a TV put in there with a child sized table and chair we acquired from Ikea so he could watch TV in there in the mornings while we got ready for work. This way, the neighbors, who don't work, wouldn't have to deal with his noise so early in the morning. Besides, we stay on the upper landing in the mornings getting ready during the weekday. It made sense to keep him upstairs where we can see him! Not long after we made this arrangement, the complaints stopped. I know some of you might think "but children have to play" and to a certain extent, I agree. I also lived in an apartment complex where the parents used to let their kids play in the hallway at 7:30am on weekends. They played ball and the flute, it was not fun when you are in your early twenties and nursing a hangover! Especially when sounds echo in apartment buildings! I always vowed I wouldn't be an asshole parent like that. Don't get me wrong, some of the neighbors complaints were uncalled for but I was able to sympathize with the early morning noises. Also, as a parent, I know how hard it is to keep an over active toddler quiet who wants to run and play. Sometimes you cant simply go outdoors to let the kid run off some steam because you have things that need to get done indoors.

Today, I am happy to have a neat and tidy apartment whenever I come home.  The bookshelves that were in the play room came downstairs. Philip still brings toys in the living room and he can watch his shows with us but his toys go back upstairs at the end of the day.

These are my husband's beloved D&D books. Mr. Fugly couch in the background

Look how much space we now have!
Philip all excited. He found some lost toys hidden in between the cushions!

I had to include this because he is cute in his Batman PJs.
Taken from my window. Mr. Fugly couch was kicked to the curb

I found my Bat pen! It was in between Mr. Fugly couch's cushions. I was happy

It feels good g re-arranging things and making the place more live able. It is nice coming home and seeing a clean place without toys everywhere. As much as Philip would put his toys away, it always looked messy. Now the mess is kept upstairs in one room! It amuses me that I tried to keep Mr. Fugly couch hidden from everyone, even avoided posting pictures on social media with it in the background and here I am doing the opposite!


  1. Good for you on getting rid of Mr. Fugly Couch! :-) And I totally sympathize about small children and apartment living. I was raised in an upstairs apartment, and learned to be considerate of the people downstairs as a child. I even managed to learn to ride my tricycle quietly! The complaints are NOT always totally justified, but sometimes it's hard to know what is "quiet enough" and what isn't. Now that I live in a ground floor apartment under two different smaller apts, I can understand a lot better how both sides feel!

  2. Lol, it was totally worth throwing Mr. Fugly out, even just for that pen...:DYour husband is a D&D player? Cool! ^^

  3. Feeling a bit sorry for that couch though - at least it stayed with you for some time :-) ? but more space is a great change!

  4. Omg this makes me want to get rid of all our chairs. My husband loves to pick up these uncomfortable chairs that he thinks look cool (they don't). They're so uncomfortable that we just throw our stuff on it and don't sit in them. But I lost that battle many years ago

  5. Yay, Mr Fugly will no longer eat your pens and toys! You are probably lucky he never ate Phillip!

    It is nice that you are so thoughtful of others with the kid's playroom. I know most kids make a lot of noise, but it is great to remember others too! Some parents just let their kids run wild, and I am pretty sure most of the asshats I know are people who weren't disciplined and given things to play with as kids, but just told to go play where you won't bother mum and dad!

  6. You have a really lovely home. I adore the classic white wainscoting in your living room.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. Sodomized by a couch? Good thing it's gone.

  8. Sylvie, I love the idea of having a two story apartment space. I think you managed to make the best out of a situation which could have been pretty bad. Are these the neighbor's you write about sometimes who aren't so nice?

    OMG, apparently we're married to the same D&D book hoarding kind of man! :D I should take a picture of my fella's collection for you to see. We also pay for a storage unit for his 400? board game collection. Ha ha whatever makes him happy.

    And ugh the couch! Why don't former tenants every leave black velvet Victorian sofas? ;D

    1. Yeah those are the neighbors. I noticed that they act up in the winter time, I guess from getting cold out and being stuck indoor all day, they get nutty? I lived in worse places and I realized I shouldn't let an occasional, maybe yearly incident deter me from a huge place. The rent is reasonable and she hasn't raised it at all. Over here, she can legally raise my rent once a year. I have been here for about 3 years and not once has it been raised!

    2. Yeah, that helps. Even with buying a home, you never know how neighbors are going to behave. If it's once a year (or even twice), sometimes the known annoyance is better than the unknown aka it could be worse.



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