Friday, February 5, 2016

Caffeine deprived, workplace paranoia and a frumpy disposition

I often exclaim that I am not a morning person. This morning was no exception. I had to get ready in a rush and decided to wear my wrap/poncho thingy at the last minute. In a way, I am glad I did, otherwise, I would be cold in just my little t-shirt! On the other hand, I think a sweater or something else would have been a better choice. I look a little frumpy and this is a good lesson for me because I didn't really look at myself in the mirror before leaving the house! I often like to showcase my better outfits here and I thought it would be fun to show off my not so great outfit choice today!

 I got paranoid too because I felt like the tights were not acceptable for the office. I am pretty sure I would have been reprimanded at some of my last jobs for wearing them. Surprisingly enough, I was showered with compliments! It is funny how we sometimes think something isn't workplace friendly and it really is! Looking back at these photos, I regret not removing the wrap/poncho thingy for this post because I looked much better in the top I was wearing underneath! Oh well, too late now. My makeup is washed off and I am in my pajamas. It has been a long week and I am done with it!Time to relax!

My husband actually snapped a photo of me scratching my nose and I started to laugh. He said "better your nose then your butt!"

Soooo tired. zzzzzz!


  1. I think you look adorable and those tights are FANTASTIC.

  2. Fun outfit! It's strange, you know. I'm an epic night owl, which, when paired with chronic painsomnia brought on by some of my medical conditions, means mornings and I don't always meet, but when I can greet them, I tend to really enjoy that part of the day, too (not as much as night, but a fair bit all the same).

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. I think those tights don't look too gothy but they are a bit whimsical - although totally acceptable, I think, for work. I like them!

  4. I want the tights and shoes, very doll-like! The poncho is kind of cool but maybe not so workplace appropriate, makes me think of outfits for Mad Max :P

  5. I also get paranoid like that with what I wear. The tights are very nice though, and don't think they are inappropriate at all :)

  6. To be honest, I think these tights are kind of elegant. I mean, they are edgy, but elegant, absolutely work - appropriate. ^^

  7. Your tights are amazing! Glad none of your workplace colleagues got fussy.



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