Friday, February 12, 2016

12 albums that have stayed with me forever

My buddy Appy from his blog, Appy talk posted a list of albums that stayed with him forever. Apparently this is going around Facebook and now we have started here on the Blogsphere! Look at what Appy and I have done!  I decided to tag myself and participate. Why don't you join in on the fun too? Without further adieu, here is my list. I am trying to go in chronological order from the time I was a kid to now because I am OCD that way but you don't need to list them in any particular order.

(1) The Phantom Of The Opera - I know, not technically an album. I'm cheating! Oh no! From the time I was a little kid, this is my favourite musical and would spend countless Saturday afternoons listening to the musical on CD with my dad.

(2) Metallica, The Black Album. The first dance at my wedding was "Nothing Else Matters" and this was my introduction to metal.

(3) Pink Floyd, The Wall - Seriously, the song "Another Brick In The Wall, Part II" was played on the last day of school every summer! I would spend entire afternoons listening to this album as it tells a story.

(4) Smashing Pumpkins, Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness. This album came out when I was 15, not long before I became a baby bat. I am not implying this bandis considered goth but I really like the songs, they have a lot of meaning to me. I still listen to this album today. I remember when I was a teenager, the Cds would stay in my player. For about two months, this is all I listened to.

(5) Marilyn Manson, Anti Christ Superstar. Again, yes, I know, it is not goth but this was my gateway drug to the subculture like most teenagers of the 90s.

(6) The Sex Pistols, Never Mind The Bollocks, beecause its the fucking Sex Pistols come on, Anarchy in the UK, classic!!

(7) Gothic Rock compilation CD.

(8) Music For Vampires, A Delicate Dependency

(9) Skinny Puppy, Vivisectvi

(10) The Sisters Of Mercy, Floodland

(11) The Best Of Bauhaus, because we all know some body is dead, undead!!

(12) Rammstein, Sehnsucht because this was the last birthday gift my father ever bought me. He passed away several months later.

P.S. Coming soon to a blog post near you!!!!!! Stay tuned for a special post on Sunday (Valentine's Day) as I am participating in Holly's Vampire Soirée!


  1. Some awesome influential albums for sure! I tell you every Chicago goth will say that smashing pumpkins is considered goth.

  2. "because we all know some body is dead, undead!!" *snorts* ;D

  3. I was never a bat, more grunge for a while, so I remember Smashing Pumpkins with nostalgia. Sometimes I wish I had been a baby bat, I missed out on quite a bit of culture.

  4. Good and interesting choices I have a few of them, and singles from others.

  5. I have loved The Phantom of The Opera since I was a kid, too! I still haven't got to see it onstage !

    I love these posts but I don't even know how I would choose!



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