Friday, January 15, 2016

Wishlist update - pretty shiny things!

About a month ago, I posted a wish list of items I would like to purchase. This month, I did not necessarily do any shopping considering I am still broke from Christmas AND I had to put down some serious cash in order to get my car fixed. There is a light at the end of every tunnel so they say and I guess it is true because I had an awesome Friday! This morning, out of the blue, I decided to double check the holes in my ears. I was a little too eager to assume they closed up but after double checking, I realized that I could still wear some earrings. I once had 6 piercings in each ear, I am now down to 3. Not bad, eh? I am still unsure if I will get some more on my ears, aside from a daith piercing (apparently, they can help stop migraines) so who knows? Perhaps I will get the other 3 re-done but only time will tell. I noticed today that the earrings sometimes bother me while I talk on the phone, especially with my headset. Perhaps this was one of the reasons why I let them close up in the first place?

third one is closed but the fourth was good to go, squeeee!

Despite the annoyances and sadness this week had to offer (my car, David Bowie and Alan Rickman dying) I must admit, it ended on a good note. I had to leave really early when my car was at the shop so it was nice to sleep in for a little bit this morning. I not only realized that I can wear earrings, my car was running nicely and I got to listen to Blutengel on my way into the office. I had a nice lunch with some colleagues and my son was well behaved tonight! I guess you could say that it is the little, trivial things that we often overlook that mean the most. It is sad that some very influential people have passed on but we can always help keep their legacies alive. We can pave the way for future generations.
"I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring"

My 2016 wish list:

(1) Buy a pair of Winklepicker boots. 
(2) Buy a coffin purse/backpack 
(3) Buy more long skirts 
(4) Buy some good blazers 
(5) Get more ink  
(6) Get my ears and labret (lip) re-pierced
(7)  Buy some more coffin and bat jewellery - I need more!
(8) Bat plushies because who doesn't have enough of those, right?
(9) This is an addition to the list since the last post - get a daith piercing


  1. So true, we cannot take the small things for granted, because the tiny things are the ones that make us happy! It's harder to notice the little things but they really matter!

  2. Wow did not know that about the daith piercing. That's pretty cool. Good thing you tried wearing earrings before you got repierced. Looks cool

  3. Oh cool! ^^ I've been planning to get a few extra piercings in my ears for...well, years. Honestly, I'm just too lazy to go down to the salon...:D

  4. That's really cool! My holes, especially the top two (out of four on each ear) tend to grow over really quickly (two weeks max), despite being healthy and having (all) been there since my teen years. I've had to repierce them a few times myself at home, but thankfully not for quite a long time now, as I usually do keep basic studs in the top three and then whatever earrings I fancy on a given day in the bottom one.

    Big hugs & happy wishes for the coming week,
    ♥ Jessica

  5. Ooooh, when you get the daith piercing please let us know if it really helps with migraines! (mine nearly disappeared whe i stopped gluten stuff but a bit is still left) also, totally see why ear piercings would bother people who have to talk on the phone a lot! Excited to see if you can complete your wishlist!



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