Wednesday, January 13, 2016

First World Corp goth problems: static cling

In the past, I wrote about common corp goth problems which ranged from getting my long skirts stuck in chairs with rollers to falling flat on my face in front of a customer. There is one problem I previously overlooked until today. The problem is called static cling!

The weather here has been very cold, which is expected for January. Like every winter, I suffer from static cling. Unlike previous years, the static has not affected my hair so much (probably due to the fact that I cut it short last summer) but I need to keep this in mind while choosing outfits to wear in the morning. Copious amounts of dryer sheets/fabric softener has not helped my situation. I pretty much gave up, to be honest. Like every winter, I thought I was good to go in the morning until I get to work. It is only when I get my coffee that my skirt is sticking to me. What can I say? I am not a morning person! The other day was no exception when I decided to wear my famous long skirt that got caught in an escalator. It has been trimmed and re-hemmed since the ordeal. I tried a dryer sheet but the skirt loves me so much, it just clings to me. It helps but like a bad rash, the static comes back!

Despite the slight irritation,  I was quite comfy, especially while wearing  my new leopard print hoodie. I actually found it on the "For Sale" rack for a whole whopping $5.00! I am a sucker for leopard print and have been enjoying Coffin Kitsch's outfits over the past few days.

Screw you static!


  1. I love the purply colour of the jacket!

    Sounds like static really loves you! I am usually the person the cars zap on windy days , I find i get skirt sticking to my tights but if I don' t wear tights, it doesn't cling.

    Maybe you have a jinx like my one where anything i touch in other people's houses immediately falls off!

  2. Hahh, it happens to me all the time too...:D Btw, when did you change your background? I just noticed it, it looks awesome! :)

    1. Yes, I changed the background. I felt like it needed a little ompf!

  3. Yep. Static cling is the worst. I carry dryer sheets with or sometimes hair spray works too.

  4. Ha-ha Two things, I remember the nylon shirts I used to wear in the 70`s at school, if you took them off too quick you could get an electric shock from them. Also we had a cat and sometimes when I stroked him there would be a clicking sound we found out that was static, poor cat.

  5. Argh! Static is a nightmare, especially when you live in opaque tights like I do. Can't wear viscose at all or I electrocute myself all day long. I've resorted to granny style half slips with skirts - though sometimes if I walk a while they bunch up round my waist. Very elegant - NOT!

    Your hair looks very cute with the spiral curls.

  6. *giggles at kitties photobombing* so happy i barely have static problems, must be a pain to have them as a common thing!



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