Monday, January 25, 2016

Born in the wrong decade. Music sporlight: Trisomie 21

Most of my music tastes derives from the eighties. I really do think I was born in the wrong decade because during the eighties, I was a kid in diapers!

I got inspired to feature this band thanks to a friend who shared a video of them on Facebook! The band is called Trisomie 21. This is the French spelling. To spell in English, it would be Trisomy 21 which is also known as Down Syndrome. Aside from this little tidbit, I really don't know much about this band except that it was formed in France and they sound really good!

I was very grateful for my friend sharing the video because I got to relive a fond memory of my baby bat days as a teenager and I want to share with you. I think the year was 1997 or 1998 and I was about 17 years old, perhaps 18. Growing up in Montreal was great because we have so much culture and the local goth scene back then was thriving. We were very fortunate to have a radio show called "Les Mouches Noires" that aired every Tuesday night. I remember staying up to listen to the program. This is right around the time people were only beginning to get the Internet in their homes and a radio program featuring music popular in the goth scene was the way to go! I was poor, didn't own a computer (most households didn't own one back then) and there was no way in hell my mother would allow me to tie up her phone line (remember dial up?) to go on the Internet. Back in my adolescence, the radio show was a perfect source of information for baby bats like me! The DJ would introduce me to new Goth bands and I got to expand my knowledge on the subculture. This was my only way to discover new music aside from going to clubs and friends talking about it.

People would also be able to call in the show with requests and I remember getting all excited whenever a crush or a friend would dedicate a song to me! I used to own a cassette player (remember those?) and would record the songs off of the radio. I learned excellent timing skills that way because it was a real disappointment if I should ever miss the first few seconds of a song. It was a real treat whenever I managed to tape a special song request that was made out to myself or a friend of mine. I remember waking my parents up  by shouting out in excitement and then getting yelled at for "making an ass of myself in the middle of the night." In fact, I wish I still had my cassette collection because I am pretty sure I recorded my mom giving me shit for waking her up!

I remember being enamored with Trisomie 21's song "La Fête Triste" that played on this radio program, which was also my introduction to the band. So tonight Darklings, I impart you with this song.  I hope you feel just as enamored with it as I did those many moons ago and hope you all find some form of nostalgic memories of it from your youth as I just did. Enjoy!


  1. Impressed! I was lucky enough to see them live, a few years back. Such a great band.

  2. Any excuse to show your creepy home movies, huh?

  3. Yep, another wrong decader here! So much 80s band love!

  4. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Sadly I know feeling all to well. it's possibly the reason why me and my partner 20 years my senior get on so well

  6. I was in my early teens in the end of the 80's. Looking back on that time period now, I can really say that it was a time when new kind of music was invented and evolved. I didn't like some bands, electronical music, but when I hear 80's music today, I think everything sounds so much better that what they come up with now. It was experimental, artists were wearing makeup and hysterical clothes, it was fun even the depressive music was fun.



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