Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Of being a princess

I am losing weight! I am slowly starting to pull out clothing articles from my fall/winter wardrobe and they feel loose! I have not weighed myself in ages. I just eat right and get as much exercise as possible. I stopped checking my weight because it stressed me out and made me feel bad about myself. I decided that a number on the scale shouldn't be used to determine my own self worth, instead I focus on what is on the inside and take care of myself.

The realization that my clothing is starting to feel less tight on me, made me feel great about myself, in fact, I was walking with an extra spring in my step and with an air of self confidence yesterday morning. I layered my tights with my favorite fishnets and I combined them with my old but favorite pair of heels. I dropped my son off at school (which has been going really well this days, I guess my reward system is working) and I was walking towards my car. I heard a little girl shout "Mommy, she is so pretty. She looks like a princess" I look over to see who the little girl was referring to and I was shocked to see she was pointing at me! I look like a princess? Me? That made my day! I come home from work and after supper, I gave Philip these Star Wars cookies for dessert. They come in shapes of all the Star Wars characters. Philip shared the princess Leia ones with me because I remind him of her. What a really cool compliment! What a great little boy I have! Wow! Two compliments in one day!

Without further adieu, here is my princess outfit. Now excuse me, the Royal Chariot awaits to escort me to the ball!

Playing with the filters on the new app I got....wheeeeee!Im tired, my hair is uncombed and I got caught in the rain but I feel great!

Today is the final day of my quote challenge. I was originally tagged by "Just Keep Brains" who also did the same challenge on her blog. Basically, I am to find a quote then tag three bloggers so they can do the same on their blogs! Today, I am going to quote Shakespeare. I was inspired by a post my friend Trevor put up on Facebook which involved this very quote. I am quite fond of Hamlet.
 “Doubt thou the stars are fire,
  Doubt that the sun doth move,
  Doubt truth to be a liar,
  But never doubt I love."

I have pretty much ran out of ideas on who I could tag and I am not sure everyone would want to participate either so if you do, feel free to tag yourself! I am taking the lazy route today! I deserve it, after all, I am a princess!

Monday, September 28, 2015

The dreaded pop figurines - part III

I apologize for the lack of blogging. I try to keep a schedule of 3 days per week (Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays - sometimes Saturday if I cannot do a Friday post). Lately, I have been blogging bi-weekly and really taking the weekends to unwind. I don't know if anyone has noticed or anything but it bothers me!  My personal life has been hectic. I am helping Philip adjust to school and believe it or not, it is an adjustment for me too!

With all kinds of personal stuff going on, there is no therapy quite like retail therapy. Sometimes a girl just has to brush herself off and hold her head high. I feel a huge sigh of relief that I survived the storm but now I am picking up the pieces, bit by bit. Here are some pictures of the latest Pop figurines I have purchased since my last post. Looking at these cute little guys does bring a smile on my face and allows me to forget all the crap that annoys me.

When looking at these figurines, please make sure you follow these instructions, it is very important, your life could depend on it! DON'T BLINK! THEY ARE FAST! FASTER THAN YOU CAN EVER BELIEVE! DON'T TURN AWAY, DON'T TURN YOUR HEAD AND DON'T BLINK! GOOD LUCK! - Doctor Who fans would get it :)

From left to right: Chewbacca, Han Solo, Dalek, Weeping Angel!

Even my son got on board, he got some Pop figurines for his birthday and loves them too. He has a Batman, a minion (King Bob!), the Joker, and the Hulk. He really loves comic characters.

Speaking of geekery, I recently had a meeting at Philip's school to find out the curriculum for the whole year. We did speak to his teacher afterwards because I was curious to see how he was doing. He is apparently very talkative, he is cute but he needs to work on his fine motor skills. She gave us a few tricks (hand exercises) but obviously, he doesn't want to do them so I made it fun. I told him that we were Daleks and the position of our hands were to make the egg beater thing they use as arms. We point our hands at each other and yell "exterminate". We do crafts and use scissors as practice. We got playdough at home so I feel like in no time, he will be up to par. In my house, we do geek and we do it well!

Oh and now is time for my quote and tagging of three bloggers. I was originally tagged by Just Keep Brains and I need to put up a quote and tag three people for 3 days. Today's quote is a picture I found online because I felt like the picture that goes along with the quote I wanted to use would be perfect. This is something I was tempted to do at work a few times but never would! In honor of my Han Solo figurine, I present you with this:

and now Gothic Soulflower, Appy Talk, and Adventures Of Lexington, it's your turn. I tagged you!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The skirt in my closet likes Mama's Soup Surprise

I am trying to be funny with the title here. I purchased this skirt while I was still on maternity leave 4 years ago. I recently found it in the back of my closet (see where I am going with the post title?) and  I decided to wear it. It is the perfect skirt for this time of year with the wonky weather we have been having. It is quite cool in the morning, warm in the afternoon and back to cold in the evenings. Thanks to the odd weather and not quite knowing how to dress for it, I am in the process of fighting off a cold. My son is fighting off the same cold too and I like to think my chicken soup or "Mama's Soup Surprise" recipe as he calls it has healing properties. The reason why Philip calls it Mama's Soup Surprise is because he was inspired from a song he sang while he was in daycare. Now what do I put in my magic soup that can cure all illnesses? It's simple, here is the recipe:

"Oh, chicken lips and lizard hips
And alligator eyes
Monkey legs and buzzard eggs
And salamander thighs
Rabbit ears and camel rears
And tasty toenail pies
Stir 'em all together
And it's mama's soup surprise"

Off topic, Ramona from her blog "Just Keep Brains" tagged me! Thanks for the mention, Ramona. If you don't read her blog, you should! I love this girl's style and she always has interesting blog posts! 

Essentially, I am supposed to put up a quote and tag three people for three days. So I just quoted part of the song lyric from Mama's Soup Surprise and now I am tagging 3 lovely bloggers! So...(insert drum roll here) I am tagging Cafe Lastrange, Roses and Vellum, and Mutant Stomp Friends. 
Tag! You're it!

Silliness aside and back to the main topic, wearing the skirt brought back memories from the summer I was on maternity leave with my son. The warm months were filled with me pushing my son in his stroller while we went out for long walks. I hated the neighborhood I lived in at that time. All the apartments looked the same. Neighbors were overly nosy and had no qualms with staring at you right through their windows. This was during my "crunchy Mom" phase when I purchased this skirt.

Wearing this skirt also brings back memories of when I slowly started dipping my toes back into the subculture. Around the time I purchased this skirt, I still denied being goth but I had no qualms about listening to Joy Division or The Cruxshadows while I was out walking! I remember these walks not only entailed shopping (usually for diapers) but I did frequently treat myself to Starbucks. I loved going there to meet my friend Angie for coffee. Life was simple back then. It was also hard because we had very little disposable income and had to be very careful with our money. We were barely making ends meet but I was happy.

The skirt had obviously seen better days. It is faded and the lining inside needs to be replaced.It is quite comfortable to be honest, especially when I have to go to work feeling sluggish and crappy.

Ignore the shoes. The skirt looked better with my docs but I had to take them off when I got home. My left foot is swollen from twisting my ankle and a blister! Good times! Danger Prone Sylvie for the win! Do you have an old article of clothing that you don't want to throw out due to emotional attachments?

Monday, September 21, 2015

Easy cake decorating for beginners - A product review of E-bay seller "From 0 to 14"

My son Philip is a huge Scooby Doo fanatic and after calling every single grocery store/bakery in my area, I decided to resort to the Internet. I wanted him to have a Scooby Doo cake for his birthday. Sure, he has other interests but Scooby Doo holds a very special place in his heart. I really wanted him to have a Scooby cake for his 5th birthday.

I resorted to the Internet and went on E-bay. I came across a local Canadian seller by the name of From 0 to 14. I found a really neat edible Scooby Doo frosting sheet! This is a FANTASTIC seller and I am definitely going to be purchasing more frosting sheets in the future!

The delivery was very quick and the communication with the seller was very pleasant and professional. Within moments of making my purchase, the seller contacted me asking me whether or not I would like my frosting sheet personalized.

Once I received the product, I was impressed! The image on my frosting sheet was identical to the one I saw online! The instructions that were included were well detailed and I had no worries about decorating my son's cake. The item was very well packaged and there was a sticker on the envelope that advised the postal workers to not bend it!

Once the cake was prepared and frosted with regular icing, I was ready to use the sheet.  At first. I had some difficulty with getting the frosting off the plastic sheet but the instructions said I could put it in the freezer for a few minutes. Once I took the sheet out of the freezer, I had no problems with the removal! It was so easy.

Needless to say, Philip was VERY happy with his cake. I beamed with pride when his eyes lit up and he exclaimed "Scooby! Look everyone! I got a Scooby Doo cake just like what I always dreamed of! Thank you mommy for getting me a Scooby cake!"

Sorry about the photo quality. It was hard to snap a picture (and do it quickly) with family members who want to converse with you and to do it without the birthday boy watching. I wanted Philip to be surprised and boy, was he ever! It was worth the hustle! The things we do for our kids, eh?

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tantrums on the way to kindergarten

I know the first few weeks of school can be overwhelming on the little ones. I can clearly see how tired my little one is when he comes home and we had to change his bedtime to an earlier time. I also know it is normal for kids to be this grumpy when they start a new school, a new routine, etc. I usually take my kid being an asshole in strides.

There are times, in my opinion, where desperate times call for desperate measures. On Monday, when my husband dropped the kid off to the daycare program, he flipped out. I guess he was testing his boundaries because he flopped down on the floor like a fish out of water and made a scene. He didn't want to walk to the babysitting program by himself and although teachers and students volunteered to take him (they are trying to discourage parents from walking around the school - which I agree) he still put up a fight

 Tuesday, my husband took him to school again and the drop off went better. Now today, it was my turn to take him to school. I warned him before we pulled up that he would need to walk to the daycare program by himself or with a friend. He tried debating with me. He wanted me to take him. Once again, he flipped out in the school, made a total ass of himself and did the whole fish out of water thing again. Alright, a tantrum as a toddler was understandable. After all, they can't always find the right words to express themselves, emotions are very big things for them, I get it. At 5 years old, this routine is an act. I know it was an act. A mother always knows. I was embarrassed.

Although I wasn't able to quite see it for myself, I bet this was the exact expression I had on my face this morning.

I was quickly ushered out the door and another parent was very kind to me. He reassured me that my son's behavior was normal. I never thought I would be so happy to hear the word "normal" associated with a member of my family! In fact, he told me that his own kid pulled the same stunt when he started kindergarten last year. I did appreciate the other parent's input but I couldn't help  pick up on  the whole "I am glad it's not my kid" feeling he had. I can't say I blame him. In fact, next year, if I see another parent in the same predicament, I would probably say the same thing and feel the same way myself!

My son is the type of kid who questions rules and authority. On one side of the coin, I am proud of that but there is always the flip side. It can be a huge pain in the ass. I learned, the best way to deal with strong willed children like my little darling is by using positive reinforcement. I had a brainstorm this afternoon:

 After supper and homework, I raided the jar of loose change we put on our bedroom dresser. I separated the quarters, nickles, and dimes. I then put each coin in it's own proper container. I got a piece of construction paper and wrote 3 simple rules or chores I want my kid to follow. If he cleans up his dirty dishes from the spare room, he gets a nickle. If he checks the cat bowls and feeds the kitties, he gets a dime. If he goes to the morning daycare at his school without a fuss in the morning, he gets a quarter. I figured a  $2-3.00 allowance a week is pretty good for a kid nowadays. He could get something at the dollar store or save for a toy he wants. I am always buying him crap and it is about time I stop! This is good incentive for me too! What can I say? I am not a perfect mother!
BASIC is his school daycare service

I also decided to imitate his tantrum. Yes, folks.  Tonight, I flopped on the floor and did the same fish out of water shtick he did. He laughed at me. My husband videotaped the whole thing but there is no way in hell I am going to post that all over the Internet! I screamed, thrashed on the floor and wailed just like what he did this morning. He thought it was hilarious. I then told him "That is EXACTLY what you did this morning. See how silly you looked?" His face grew serious. It started to sink in. I then proceeded to ask him if he would like it if other kids laughed at him. He said no. I then pointed out that he was a big boy and big boys don't act like that. It makes them look silly, just like when I did it. I told him that I didn't want him to take tantrums and look silly like that because I am afraid other kids will start calling him a baby. Only babies do those things. I asked him if he wanted to be made fun of for acting like that. He shook his head. He didn't want to be called a baby! I made sure to emphasize that I knew he wasn't a baby but a big kid. I felt like it was important for him to know that I didn't think anything negative about him. I wanted to show him in a way he could understand that there are consequences to his actions. I told him he could be angry at me or even scared about walking there on his own but he has to use his words. I would comfort him but he would still need to walk there on his own because big kids do those things. I said I will always be there for him but there are times he needs to do things on his own too. I personally feel like he was testing us. He wasn't afraid of going there.  It is a new school, a new routine, new faces. He feels this is a blank slate, he could try to push the limits and see where the boundaries are at. He learned real fast where the boundaries are!

Monday, September 14, 2015

WTF am I going to put in my kid's lunch?

I seriously called up my mom and apologized for being such a pain in the ass when I was a kid. Karma works in funny ways! For the record, my son's school does have a hot lunch program but most of the meals he won't eat and well, it's expensive! My son also likes the independence of bringing his own lunch just like his mom and dad.  I am thinking the hot lunch program might be an option for when he is in the higher grades but for now, he is quite contempt with his Minion lunch bag to bring food into school everyday.

For me, this can cause a slight headache and can be somewhat of a nuisance because he refuses to eat sandwiches. They could be wraps, subs, burgers even and nope, he won't touch it! So I resorted into putting some cold cuts, Ritz crackers (forget those Vegetable Thins and other kinds because they are gross, mommy!) and tons of fruit. I add a juice box, his water bottle (reusable, BPA free!) a Rice Krispies square bar and some raw veggies. Don't forget those apple sauces in the squeezable packs; I swear, they are like crack for kids! I sometimes include those little packets of raisins too. Surprisingly enough, he eats everything but he is at school all day and we got to work, which means he needs an extra afternoon school snack for the after school program. Sometimes, I even add Goldfish crackers too. I did sign him up to get monthly pizza and frozen yogurts (separate from hot lunch program). It's cheaper and the proceeds  help with school funding.  What do we do on the other days?

I am not the whole mom who goes on Pinterest and gets inspired by or copies bento lunch boxes either. I don't have time or patience for that! I did find some practical recipes on these sites (see below). I cannot follow any recipe that contains nuts  as there are some kids in his class with allergies. So if you have a picky eater like I do and don't want to spend a lot of time making lunches (seriously, he has homework to do and I got videogames to play!) maybe these easy ideas would be useful or you could find inspiration from!

Also, since this whole going to school thing and being independent with his lunch is new, I wanted to make it fun for him. I was at the Dollar Store the other day and noticed they came out with Halloween stuff. Look at these cool sandwich/snack bags I found! I put some in his lunch and he came home today all excited. If I remember correctly, the Dollar Store also carries Christmas and Easter ones too. I think having fun stuff in the lunch entices his appetite too.

 Parents/ Students: any ideas or tips you have that you wouldn't mind sharing?

Friday, September 11, 2015

Silly random thought of the day: clubbing with my son

The other day, as I was talking with my husband about our son, Philip, he said the funniest thing to me. We were discussing how Philip is very much like us. He is very shy and it takes him a long time to get out of that shyness. He prefers to be alone and doesn't seem to like large crowds. He loves to "read" (he can't wait but he makes up his own stories by looking at the pictures in his books) but he has very slowly started to sound out words! I love that he loves to "read" as much as we do!

He told us, at three years old no less that he wasn't like the other kids. I was shocked. Part of me was proud that he feels that way but a huge part of me was sad because I obviously know how hard of a road it is to travel when you don't fit in with the norm.  He told me that again recently. This is not from me pressuring him into anything either. I love that the kid loves cemeteries. He loves Scooby Doo but wishes that the monsters on the TV show were real not just people in masks. He brought home a picture from school the other day and his teacher wrote "Philip says that he loves Halloween and he always will' I burst with pride. He once asked me why I dress always in black and he once commented that I look like a witch. I thought it was cute and took it as a compliment!

Obviously, for the time being, the kid is being introduced to our taste in music and participates in our lifestyle, he will probably change his tastes as he gets older but for now, he often requests Joy Division and Blutengel in the car. Again, the kid's music preference is awesome and makes me proud!

I was boasting to my husband about all these things and commented that it would be funny if he ended up being goth when he gets older, especially having been exposed to the subculture since a very young age. My husband than said something that made me stop in my tracks:

"Wait until he is old enough to go out downtown, I can just imagine the look on both your faces when you end up realizing that you both go to the same clubs!!!!"

The very few times I actually do go clubbing, it is as a means of escape. It is my escape from him       (and my husband)!  The idea of my boy in a goth club had me laughing. I just pictured him there on the dance floor eyeing the cute goth girl and all of a sudden, his MOM walks by! I find that kind of disturbing! Funny, yet disturbing!

I always saw myself as the cool mom, the one who takes her kids to heavy metal concerts but the notion of my kid going to goth clubs with me was something I never considered. Wow!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Of being played like a violin

Last week, Philip's first week of kindergarten went ok.  He came home on Friday and he was not happy. According to him, kids laughed when he got marker on his shirt, some kid tried to take his Goldfish crackers, and a kid made a face at him (stuck his tongue out). I thought his complaints were not really legitimate complaints about being bullied  since he told the kid not to touch his stuff (the kid obliged) and I think the whole sticking the tongue out was a game the other kid was trying to play. I bet this was  coming from an overly stimulated, very shy little boy who is trying to get used to a new school, new faces (all the kids from his daycare class went to another school) and perhaps fear. He was bullied in daycare and might be afraid it will happen again.

I was concerned and I listened to his grievances, I offered advice and even played role-playing games with him (you're the teacher and I am the kid in class sort of game) in order to get the scoop of what is going on in the classroom. This was great considering the little bugger didn't want to tell me anything! 

All weekend, my anxiety over the kid going to school as well as the school daycare (the BASIC program - we don't call it daycare in my house, he's a big boy now, remember?) was escalating. I imagined all kinds of scenarios and I got migraine after migraine. My back started acting up and I had to resort to taking my prescribed  anti-inflammatory again for it.I heard these complaints ALL weekend long.

It was a long weekend here too, Labor day or Labour Day as us Canadians spell it! I had that extra day of hearing my kid's grievances and letting my anxiety fester. My husband knew I was a mess and did what he could to help me. My kid, on the other hand, had no frigging clue what was going on with me on the inside. I blamed my migraines on weather changes! I hid my feelings so well, I was the Strong One.I wanted to be there for him.

Tuesday morning rolls around and I drop him off.  He walked in the school daycare (it's not daycare, it's BASIC!) program with his head down as if he were walking to the gallows. My heart sank. I was told his program was being switched to another classroom. I take him there. This classroom had less kids and it seemed...quieter?

All day, at work, I was a nervous wreck. All my coworkers and kind friends tried to reassure me that everything will be fine. It's normal. He's a kid. Obviously, it didn't work. In the end, I was anxious over being anxious! Who knew that could happen? By the time I got home, I was a basket case!

Unlike last Friday, despite being a basket case and expecting to hear tales of horror, I was greeted by a very happy little boy. The BASIC program he bitched about no one liking him? He loved going there. The lunch program he bitched about all weekend? He loves the lunch lady and the kids there. He commented on preferring the new, quieter, Basic classroom in the morning too. Less stimulation, less kids to deal with, better for his shyness. I am so happy they placed him there!

This morning's (Wednesday) drop off was the complete opposite from yesterday. He was no longer walking to the gallows like the day before! He was chipper, smiling. He even walked to the BASIC room all by himself ( a 6th grader did follow him there to make sure he didn't get lost) and he even forgot to give me good-bye hugs and kisses!

While I do think his grievances were real to him over the weekend (to a certain degree)  I strongly suspect he played on them too. I was strong and resolute in his eyes but in reality, that really wasn't the case. I am sure he will have days that won't go in his favor but I will be better equipped at handling it! I think he played on his grievances and tried to take advantage of them to test the waters so to speak. He wondered what special things/attention he could get from Mom.  I am proud I didn't cave on that. I did my best at offering words of comfort, some extra cuddles, and playing new games  but yeah...with the anxiety and stress, the kid still played me like a violin!

Monday, September 7, 2015

To Mystify or demystify goth, that is the question.

 "Oh, sweet mystery of life, at last i've found you!" 
- Young Frankenstein, 1974

A while ago, an interesting discussion appeared on Youtuber, Nephilim Grave's Facebook page. He  posted a comment he made on another Youtube video done by Jwlhyfe de Winter. As a result, a very interesting Podcast by Cemetery Confessions was made. I felt like I had to piggyback on this and got inspired to write a

Many people within the goth community feel like goth is losing it's sense of mystery and there are many different points of view on this subject. In hopes of not completely regurgitating the podcast, I urge you to go listen, here or click on the links above. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on this subject and not everyone may agree.

Usually, I am in the middle on these things and I bet some may either take this post out of context or not agree with me at all. That's ok.  I rarely see things in black or white and this is no exception to the rule. I can see where goth has lost its sense of mystery and where it has not lost it's sense of mystery, and I can see it being a good thing AS WELL AS a bad thing at the same time.

First of all, goth did lose it's sense of mystery thanks to the Internet.  There are many "how to guides" everywhere and I personally feel that the person's individuality is taken away because of these. I don't think anyone should be told how to be goth.  What I am trying to sum up here in this paragraph, while I am envious of all this information available at our fingertips, there are too many "how to guides". It takes away creativity and it takes away the years spent in personal discovery of growing into goth. It takes away the mystery. Thanks to these guides, everyone knows what goth "should be" about!  It is no longer personal.

I too am responsible for goth losing it's sense of mystery as some would say that my wanting to be part of, even wanting to get acceptance from the mainstream could be considered part of that. Personally, yes, I wanted approval and acceptance from "normal people.'  In a non-conformist subculture such as goth, in my opinion, the last thing I could do is care what people think but I did. Let me tell you why:  Last week, my son started kindergarten. I wrote about toning it down a little on the first couple of days because I wanted his transition to a new school to be easy. I didn't want him to potentially be bullied because of me. Funny enough, even toning it down, we still stood out compared to the other parents.  We were remembered and they remembered who my son was. I guess being the tattooed mom in skull shirts helped! I was overly friendly with the other parents too, something I normally don't do. I usually stick to myself but I wanted acceptance - for my son. When he is old enough to choose whether or not he wants to take after his folks, I will let that choice be his own, along with all the responsibilities for dressing differently but for now, I let him discover who he is on his own. If he chooses an alternative lifestyle, then it will be his choice alone. I just felt like there was enough on his plate last week with the transition from daycare to elementary school, a huge change in routine, he just didn't need the added bullshit.

 Hell, for a while, in my blog title I wrote "I am just like every one else. I just do things in a Morticia Addams sort of way". In fact, in my about this blog page, I welcomed normal people to read my blog! I wanted them to know, we don't always grow out of this phase and we can be adults too. We are not evil and all those stereotypes. Kinda like" look at me! I am a responsible citizen! I'm a parent too! It's not true what they say! I may dress funny but I am a great mom !"

I also feel, in a sense, we did keep our sense of mystery to some degree. It seems that the mainstream are still getting it all wrong. Many bloggers such as The Every Day Goth and Domestic Goth wrote very thought provoking articles as backlash to this article "Risk Of Depression And Self Harm in Teenagers In Goth Subculture: A Longitudinal Study" I simply would like to point out, just like these other two bloggers did, that most goth people are very open to sadness and do not have that "everything is wonderful mentality" that most people have. We are more open to discuss our feelings and not hide what is going on inside. I think a lot of teenagers and people suffering from mental disabilities are drawn to the subculture because we tend to be a little more open minded on the subject. In essence, again, the mainstream has no clue what goth is about and are so quick to label us all sorts of things.Despite all the "how to guides" and "what goth is and isn't about" posts, they still don't get us.I don't think they want to get us. They want someone to blame so they blame the people they don't want to understand - which happens to be us.

Another example of this was the Montreal Dawson shooting that occurred in 2006. This is more of a personal experience but I thought it would be valid nonetheless. This tragedy was no where near the scale of Columbine but the media backlash was the same: A guy in a leather trench, dressed all in black went into a college and started shooting. There was one fatality and many were injured. The killer had a Vampire Freaks online account and add to the fact he wore all black, the media labelled him a goth. I looked up his Vampire Freaks account before it was closed, the shooters musical taste had nothing in common with the goth subculture. Yes, he wore black but would he be recognized as a goth? Lots of people wear black and they don't look goth at all. For months after the incident, myself and my boyfriend (now husband) had a hard time going out in our trench coats. People changed seats whenever we took public transit and we were yelled at on the street. Even, local horror writer, author of the Goth Bible, A Compendium For The Darkly Inclined,  Nancy Kilpatrick, spoke to the media about the incident where she sited that "I don't experience Goths as being violent. It's not part of the subculture... Usually they are open to other people, kind and even funny." (source: When it comes to these incidents, perhaps losing our sense of mystery can be a good thing if the media and mainstream wake up? I think it is unlikely this will happen but it is an interesting point to look at.
Again, yes, I think goth has lost it's sense of mystery to a certain degree. I don't think it always has to be a bad thing either. It is nice to be able to go out and not have someone yell "freak" or other stupid, non-creative "insults" at you. Don't get me wrong, I still have received a lot of negative comments/stares from people but I also got my share of positive ones too. In fact, the positive ones outweigh the negative ones! There were many times I was out in full goth gear (corset, boots, and all the accouterments) and many people approached me with nice compliments. At least people don't always think I am violent or a killer, which is silly. It doesn't mean someone dresses a certain way they are more likely to kill someone or harm themselves.  I think there is still a sense of mystery but it is ultimately up to us to keep it that way and make sure we are viewed in a positive light.

Friday, September 4, 2015

First week of kindergarten so far

Monday, we had a meeting and the little ones went in for about an hour, Tuesday, the kids only went in for about two hours (boys in the morning, girls in the PM), Wednesday (first half of the class goes in), he doesn't go to school but had a full day on Thursday along with the second half of  his class (boys and girls). I admit, seeing my shy little boy, a few feet away from the other kids, unsure and nervous as all hell reminded me a lot of myself at that age. Despite all that, he also showed me that he also inherited my strength; He walked into school like a trooper and handled it pretty well. Myself, not so much. The moment he was out of sight, I began to cry! Part of it was out of worry for him and the other part was due to the fact that to this day, I look back on how things were when I was pregnant and how difficult things were for us. I never thought I would see this day. Each milestone is a blessing.

Yesterday and today, we brought him in a little early and let him stay behind after school in order for him to familiarize himself with the school babysitting service. This morning, he already remembered the way to the classroom he needs to go to in the morning. He told me he loves all his teachers! He loves school (so far but I am betting that will change!) so all in all it was a great week.  I took the whole week off and to be honest, this transition was much harder on me than it was on him. It is only Friday today and it is the first day where I am finally able to relax and enjoy my time off from work. I am glad I took the time off, I think I would have been a basket case at the office and wouldn't have gotten much work done anyways! He came home very tired and cranky this afternoon. Apparently some kids tried to take his Goldfish crackers and although he didn't let them take it, he was upset over it. I think it is just exhaustion talking. It is a long weekend over here and I am sure things will go well on Tuesday.

As a side note, I was quite impressed when he brought home a picture he drew and the teacher wrote "Philip's description: I love Halloween and I always will." That's MY boy!

All in all, I learned several things myself this week and I had several doubts whether or not he would be ready for kindergarten (most kids turn 6 this year, he turns 5 since he just made the cut off date here in Canada by two weeks). I decided to compile a list as I am sure other parents have the same fears as I did:

(1) Can your child dress himself/herself? Do up hard to do buttons and zippers? Can your child put on his/her's coat on her own?

(2) Do you think your child is responsible enough? Do you think he or she can go all day with their packed lunch? Can they keep track of their stuff?

(3)   Can your kid listen to instructions then follow them?

(4) While the kindergarten teacher reassured us, it is not critical your kid should know how to use scissors but if he or she has a basic knowledge, all the better! Kids will be tracing a lot too and learning the alphabet so I guess your child should know how to recite the alphabet would be useful as well.

(5) Does your kid interact well with his peers? My son is incredibly shy but I have seen him play well with other kids. I know on his own time, he will come out of his shell. I seen already that they interact a lot with each other. Being used to other kids is a good start.

I am no expert here and by no means a child psychologist, these are only my early observations as a parent so far.

P.S. - It has been a hard, migraine filled week but I have an interesting post coming up on Monday. I try to balance the whole mommy/gothic/outfit posts/corp goth stuff, To the non-parents who follow this blog, thanks for your support and patience. To other parents who offered me advice or kind words (either here on other social media sites) thank you!Again, it was harder on me than it was on him, really!

Thanks for reading.


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The attack of the killer shelves

I was reviewing the hot lunch program at my kid's school and I am uncertain if I am going to sign up for a hot meal everyday. A lot of menu items seem repetitive and I figured I would wait until my kid comes home with requests before placing lots of orders for meals he may not like. I decided, I will order a few items and bag lunch for a few days. I realized after buying yogurt, the kid would need freezer packs for his lunch bag. One thing I like about where I live is that everything is in walking distance. The nights here are simply gorgeous that I happily took a walk out to the local pharmacy. After scanning their back to school section, I was unable to find the ice packs. I get to the cash and decided, before I get the girl to scan my purchases, why not ask? She assured me they were on the shelves in the back to school aisle. After scanning the shelves the second time around and about to give up, I looked up and eureka! There were the ice packs!

The problem is, I am a pretty short girl. After jumping up and down (no one was around to help me at that hour) to see what the ice packs looked like,  I noticed that there were larger ice packs on sale too but those were located all the way in the back of the top shelf. I tried using a ruler to scoot the ice pack closer to me in order to make this more accessible. My goal was to bring it closer to the front and then I jump up to get it. The thing is, I used a little too much force and the stupid thing almost pelted me right on the head. Uncoordinated me, I managed to catch something for once! I guess I didn't want my kid to go to school - on his second day no less with a bruised up mom. After all, I am always skeptical of other parent's judgements towards me, all I need is for them to think the worse!

This ordeal reminds me of the "2004 barrage of cans incident" where I used a ladle to scoop down my can of spaghetti sauce, except I was way too forceful and had nearly got pelted by several cans of spaghetti sauce! I do not how I managed to escape that with a mere bump on my head!  Afterwards, I re-arranged my food cupboard and made sure the everyday items were easily accessed, a rare feat at that time since the only storage space for food in that apartment was located on top of my counter.


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