Friday, December 18, 2015

You better not shout, you better not yell. Im telling you why. Candy Claws is coming to town!

I recently did a blog post about giving my son a traditional Christmas and how I wanted him to celebrate the same way his friends do. Sometimes, your kid surprises you and gets into things you like too and you end up adding something spooky to your Holiday. It sure is fun raising a baby bat!

Last year, I purchased through Voltaire's crowdfunding campaign a story book called "The Legend Of Candy Claws". I even did a review, which you can read, here.

For those who are not aware, to sum up the story briefly, it is about a giant bat called Hargoyle who takes Halloween candy from bullies while they are trick or treating and leaves them to children who don't bully on Christmas.

Philip LOVES this story and is constantly hoping I would give him the signed plush Hargoyle that came with the book. We read it quite often and he loves the artwork too. The kid thinks Hargoyle is an actual real giant bat and really does believe he will get Halloween candy on Christmas. In fact, he swears he saw Hargoyle flying around on Halloween while we were out Trick Or Treating together!


Since Philip is convinced that both Hargoyle and Santa Clause will be showing up on Christmas Eve, I bought some black and orange wool to knit a stocking to hold the Halloween candy inside. The problem is, I only know how to knit a straight line (I make scarves) but my mom is the expert. In fact, she taught me how to knit when I was a kid so I asked her for help.  I came down with a nasty cold recently and she was looking for a project to do. I ended up getting out of making the darned things. In a way, I am happy, I have so much to do this time of year. It was very nice of her and she even made two of them for us just in case something happens to the first one.. My mom is also highly amused over this and she even put aside some Halloween candy. The sock will be filled with the Halloween candy we placed aside (Courtesy of Hargoyle, naturally) on Christmas Eve while he is asleep.

Don't ask about the towels, it is a bunk bed for my cats!

I asked my mom for small ones considering he will be getting lots of sweets on Christmas and I don't want to over do it!

This Christmas, I am keeping some traditions I grew up but it is also nice to create some new ones. I would like to thank you, Voltaire, for giving my family this new tradition and for helping us create some of our own unique Christmas magic.


  1. Ok, this is serously the first x-mas tradition I have ever heard of that I want to add to my celebration! Have to look up Hargoyle immediately!

  2. Um that is the cutest OMG. I think my BooBoo would FLIP - we'll have to see about getting that book for her!

  3. I seem to have started a new tradition of washing my car, ready to go to family. And seeing Dawn of Llysium at The Black Swan.

  4. That is too cute for words! I don't even have kids and I so want a copy of that book for my shelves now. Thank you for the charming introduction.

    Happiest holiday wishes to you and your family!
    ♥ Jessica

  5. Awww I am sure he will be really happy about both visitors!! <3



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