Monday, December 28, 2015

Save the original Monster High dolls!

I just found out that Mattel will be redesigning the face of it's Monster High Dolls and I am quite annoyed because the dolls new face will be less dark and spooky. Instead, the face will be more toned down and cutesy. Apparently, people complained about these dolls and Mattel obliged.

A petition is circulating and the person who created this petition is asking Mattel to not discontinue the older models. If this is something that you agree with, I strongly urge you to go on over and sign!

This rots my socks on so many levels. It  teaches young girls that you need to conform in order to fit in - which is something that is not what Monster High stands for, by the way! As a grown, adult GOTH woman with a stable job (incidentally I was once told by a little girl that I look like one of her Monster High dolls) this message is nothing but negative. Yes, I tone down for my job BUT I do not have a peaches and cream complexion either! Really, Mattel? Why are you telling young girls that you need to change yourself if others don't like you? If you want to change the face because other people complained, fine but please do not discontinue the older models! In my opinion, you shouldn't fix what isn't broken, yet I am not in your marketing/PR department so I wouldn't know exactly how many people complained about the face being "too dark and spooky". On the other hand, I am pretty sure there are many people like me who love the original look of these dolls  and would like to see you keep them that way.

Again, here is a link to the petition and I urge you all to share on social media:

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  1. Pretty sure the people who throw their wallets at all things Monster High outnumber the people who are complaining. So, Mattel should stick with what's making them that cheddar.

  2. This is revolting!! I've never bought any of the Monster High dolls, but I love the concept! I wouldn't pay a dime for the new ones, but I just may go out and buy a few of the originals. I signed that petition before typing this comment, and I'm going to link this post on my blog and let others know about it. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

  3. I wish I had these toys growing up. Sad to see they are toning them down. Wasn't the whole point to differentiate themselves from the rest of the market?

  4. waow it sucks! I prefer the spooky ones - I even told my mum that if they had existed when I was a kid I would have loved them so much more than the classic Barbie dolls.

  5. I dont have one of those but always like to look at them at the stores and think about buying 'just one' (then I remember your pop figures and how fast a collection can grow and get worried I might start a collection on my own *giggles* yes, welcome in my real life thoughts, you made it there - and I dont mean it as bad as it might sound, I love you with your pop figures but I dont want to start collecting them or monster high dolls because I manage to clutter my flat with bones, feathers and glitter bats & spiders already O_O°)

    anyways, the new ones look horrible in my opinion, too cute, too normal, people could as well buy a barbie. Aren't they related to a tv show? will the characters change there as well? blergh.

  6. They just look so cheap. Not to also mention the style went a complete 180. It doesn't feel like there's any heart in it anymore. Ever doll previously had thought and effort put into it. Now they just seem... Empty. Like barbies with a different colour palette. I'm guessing their sales are going to crash if they relying on their new dolls to do as well as the original.

  7. It almost breaks my heart to see how the message of what this whole concept stood for is being dishonored. Being yourself and loving your freaky flaws is what made this characters so beautiful. They cool, fun, fashionable and stunning. More importantly they stood for something. Be yourself, be unique, be a monster. I'm sure a new generation of ghouls that look younger and more anime inspired is geared towards more tweens than teenagers but at least keep true to your characters. #savemonsterhigh



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