Monday, November 23, 2015

Punks not dead

Over the weekend, I was hit with a wave of nostalgia and I felt like I was a pretty cool mom. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to be my kid's friend. I am his mother and there are rules. On the other hand, I like to think I make a pretty neat mom because I am goth and all. Seriously, I wish my parents were a little more open minded with me when I was growing up!

I don't always take my son shopping with me while I head out to the alternative stores but I have done so in the past, however, this was my first time taking him to this particular store. It made me emotional. You see, I discovered this place when I was about 14 years old and it was the first cool, alternative store I ever been to in my life. Here I am, 21 years later still shopping there! I do not go there often and the last time I went, three years ago, Philip didn't come with us. I guess the reason for the nostalgia was because this was the first alternative store I have ever shopped at and it was nice to pass the torch on to my son. According to their website, they have been open since 1979! They have been open for over 3 decades!

Philip loves to take the metro.

The store is located in Montreal, next to Sherbrooke Metro station and is called Rio X20. Now don't be fooled like I was on Saturday. There are two locations and they are located across the street from each other. It has been like that for as long as I can remember. The first one used to sell Doc Martens and all kinds of boots. Now they sell Converse shoes. I realised this only after I went to the second floor, where all the Docs were located back in the day to only realize, they re-located them across the street. My trip was not in vain as I got to appreciate and admire their collection of used leather punk jackets that are tripped out in studs, patches that were hanging on the wall! They have been there since I was a teenager and think it is nice that they left them there! It is a cool tribute.

 The second store is where all the cool boots/clothing/accessories are located. What I like, they don't just have a few Doc Marten models, they have walls and walls of them! That is the shop we wanted.

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 They not only carry Doc Martens but have quite a nice selection of alternative clothing and band t-shirts as well. They even have a nice section for kids clothing. Naturally, we browsed that section together and this is where Philip noticed a Mistfits shirt. When your child asks you to buy him a Mistfits shirts, you buy the kid the damned shirt!

 On the second floor (each store has two floors) is where the t-shirts, patches and some additional DMs are located. They sell Docs on both floors! I bought myself a Joy Division patch. Philip wanted one too because he likes that band and often requests for it in the car. I now have to sew these on our coats. I do not force my son to show an interest in the things I like and I encourage him to seek out his own interests but I am pretty frigging proud that he takes after me in some ways!

The reason for the visit: My husband needed new Docs. Not long after we got home, I noticed a pretty big hole in mine so off we went again on Sunday. It was an expensive weekend but the last pair (though the cheaper Made In China models) lasted us 3 years. We pretty much wear our boots on a daily basis, especially during the winter. I expected to get some pretty epic bruises and blisters on my feet again from breaking in a new pair but after wearing them all day today, I think breaking these ones in will be a lot easier. I had some difficulty walking around and some slight pain but that is a price to pay for some bad ass boots!

These are my husband, Jay's boots

These are mine!  All Mine!  My precioussssss!


  1. I want a pair of Docs so badly!! My brother got some recently and I am SUPER jealous :)

  2. You now have a baby bat kid. :)
    BTW, do your docs have a zip? I had the same ones years ago, I couldn't have bothered to lace them up every day so the zip on the side was very handy.

    1. I saw that the 18 holes had a zip. Some ofther smaller models did but mine didn't. I kinda like it without a zip but that is just my personal taste.

  3. I definitely think having alt parents would have been cool! My parents were a combo of Athiest anti-establishment type people who encouraged me to enjoy iconoclasts and oddballs like artist Norman Lindsay, and confusingly opposite Victorian morals!

    It is so cool the shop you went to when you were 14 is still there! So many shops I used to go to are now closed! I can't think of any right now that are still open! I guess Gallery Serpentine is still open since I went there at around 21, but that is only 7 years. And I've never been able to afford anything!

    I have heard from friends that their new Docs are easier to wear in, whether it is a particular pair or making the leather more supple on all of them I am not sure, but it does give me hope of having more Docs in future without the pain of wearing them in! my last 2 pairs were second hand worn in pairs, ha ha.

    1. Your parents sound cool! I hear you on not being able to afford anything. Alt clothing is super expensive!

  4. haaaaah, thats a reason to be proud for sure! love to see all the baby bats grow up and find their own very special interests but somehow all tend to stick to the dark side ^_^ <3



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