Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Product Review Kreepsville 666 devil horn hair clips

Fellow blogger, Ramona from the blog "Just Keep Brains" commented on my Happy Halloween post by requesting I do a product review on these Kreepsville666 horns I was wearing.

The horns were originally ordered online and they arrived well packaged.  They hold very well in my hair. I was originally worried about them sliding off during the day but they were very sturdy. In fact, I managed to use my headset at work while wearing them at the same time  and they did not budge. My son pulled on them and they held on too. Just like what I posted previously, I got tons of compliments from coworkers and clients.

The only thing that annoyed me about these hair clips was the fact that you can see part of the clip underneath that it is used to attach on your hair (the metal fastener)  but it is a very minor inconvenience. I think it was more of a question of how I fastened my hair over any default I had with the clip.

If anyone reading this post has used this product and has anything they would like to add, please comment! I am sure others might find it useful.

You can see the metal fastener here, you need to look closely

They remind me of Hershey Kisses mmmmmmmm Chocolate!!!


  1. Oh, that's how you fix them in your hair? Looks way better that the usual small metal pins which loose grip after 2 seconds! Thank you for the review!

  2. Sometimes I find these easier to wear with my hair tied up rather than down, and I don't know if it's just me but I find it sooooo hard to get them even! Also, the metal bit sometimes gets caught in my hair and I need help to untangle them.

  3. They're fab! I really like that you're freed from the far-too-often headache inducing-ness of a stiff plastic headband. These look like a lot of fun and I'll definitely keep them in mind for if I ever opt to go as a she devil for Halloween.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. whee, thanks for that review, I guess it is time to save up for some kreepsville haul (since there actually are a few things on my wishlist O_O°) I guess one could use some varnish thing matching the haircolor to hide the sneaky parts of the clips... also, have to agree on hersheys (even though ive only seen them in person once in my lifetime but still, YES!)



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