Monday, November 9, 2015

Gothic retail therapy

Last week was my hell week. On Monday, I got to work late because I thought I lost my wallet. What happened is a typical scenario in my life. You see,the day before was spent on my couch nursing a migraine. I asked my son, Philip to get my purse for something because I didn't want to move! I placed the purse on my couch and my cat Pippin was laying on it. I pushed the cat off my purse  and the contents, including the wallet fell out. I did not notice the wallet. I guess with the shuffling around from the cats and my son, the wallet got kicked under my couch. It was a good thing I didn't cancel any cards!

On Tuesday someone walked in and smelled like they showered in cologne. It was so strong that I was able to smell the person from across the office! This is a huge migraine trigger for me and was thankful I had my meds. This is a huge pet peeve of mine.

Wednesday was a real crappy day. At one point, I left my desk, went to see my boss for a chit chat. I got one rude customer after another and needed a break before I started getting rude with them! I also had someone who very rudely kept interrupting me while I was on the phone with an angry customer. This person did not respect my personal space either and I politely snapped. I don't let my son get away with it at home, why would I let this person do so at the office? I came home drained but still managed to make cookies. I drank wine too!

Thursday was the worst. I was super productive that afternoon when all of a sudden, I felt something in my eye. I went to the washroom to discover that my soft contact lens broke in half in my eye! I wasn't able to get the other half out! I had to leave work early and go to my optometrist who was able to get it out for me. It is a good thing I have a super understanding boss. I have worked with her for the past 4 years and I don't think anything surprises her anymore with me. If something strange and unusual happens, we all know it happens to me.

Friday, thankfully went better. After work, I declared temporary insanity. This meant I left my husband and son to fend for themselves. They were alright, they had Mcdonald's for supper! I parked my car near my house since I live near a metro station and took the subway to the plateau here in Montreal. I love taking public transit. I just put my headphones on and got to listen to my music without interruptions. I read my book and was careful to not miss my stop like I often do! Sometimes, it's nice to just get out by yourself and tune out the world.

I hit my two all time favourite goth stores here in Montreal! I spent most of my time in the first store because the owner brings his dog to work with him! She is the cutest, sweetest thing. She was very calm and very friendly. The owner was super cool too. He didn't mind that I spent over an hour in his store, loitering. That time was spent listening to the music he had playing in the background and with his dog. At one point, she started following me around the store and wanted me to give her a belly rub! I thought that was so cute!  My mission was simple: pet the cute dog and buy a new purse. I felt like getting a larger purse would be favorable. It would be easier for me to have a larger bag vs the really small impractical purse I was already using. My reasoning or should I say excuse to buy a new bag was simple: if I bought a new purse, perhaps I won't misplace my wallet? Funny enough, I seem to find my wallet better in a bigger purse too!

I thought I would share my purchases with you! The end of my work week finished on a good note and it was a nice weekend too. It is nice to relax after such a horrible week and it is even nicer when you get some new pretty items for yourself!  Here's to retail therapy because it is much cheaper than actually putting yourself through psychological therapy! How was your weekend? Did you do some retail therapy as well?

My new so not work appropriate choker! The choker is made out of PVC.


  1. Goodness, that really does sound like a long, challenging week for sure. Poor dear! What a rough way to launch the new month. I'm really sorry it got off to such a rocky start for your, sweet Sylvie. Fingers and toes crossed that the rest of the month is far kinder to you.

    Gentle hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* I used to ride the trains and buses in Calgary just to relax/unwind/meditate in public (without anyone else knowing) and can totally relate to you there.

  2. What a silver lining to losing your wallet. I am gonna use that one on his Lordship next time I misplace something.

  3. No retail therapy for me. I'm flat broke.

  4. Cute bags and choker! I say ypu deserved stuff after a week like that! I love stealing love off other people's pets!

    I am lucky I don't get migranes from cologne, but feeling ill at its overwhelming stench? Yesiree!

  5. I thought that choker wasn't too inappropriate for work... until I read that it's pvc hahahahahahahaha! Beautiful bags, it sounded like you really needed that shopping trip. I find just plugging in the headphones and listening to music really helps me relax too

  6. Omg that purple purse! <3 It's so important that you have a great boss, but also to declare temporary insanity sometimes!

  7. We are purse sisters! I also own and love the skeleton bag... Never mind that you had a bad day or bad week, that happens to the best of us. But it is great that you coul still smile after a little break from your routines! ^^

  8. *giggles* - that first bag, when I last saw it I thought you might like it. Scary point of reading your blog / following you achieved!
    After this horrible week you deserved to spoil yourself and well, glad to see you smile in the picture!

  9. What a week! The contact lense story will give me nightmares, I'm sure of it.



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