Saturday, November 14, 2015

A self indulgent Friday the 13th

Last night, as I was editing a pre-written blog post while sipping my glass of wine, I decided to first post a picture of my Friday the 13th DVD on Facebook. I thought I was being funny. I decided to procrastinate my writing by reading up on what everyone else was doing and I kept reading these weird Facebook statuses. People were showing sympathy because something happened in Paris but I was unsure of exactly what. I decided to check the news. After reading about what happened, I decided that my blog post could wait. I felt like my post about what motherhood has taught me was not the time to post on the internet. Don't get me wrong,  I do firmly believe that my post was heartfelt, I just did not think it was appropriate in the wake of such tragedy.

I decided to keep my Friday the 13th DVD picture up on my PERSONAL facebook wall and even posted a funny Jason meme on my personal Facebook page.

I was told I was heartless. I get it, I have a crude, inappropriate sense of humour and I am sure some people don't agree with. Watching a horror movie in wake of a tragedy was perhaps in poor taste but let's keep one thing in mind: the movie is fictional. What happened in Paris was reality. My goal was not to offend anyone but more to show off to my friends by saying "look at the cool Friday night I am having at home"

I did not post a  Facebook status about what happened in Paris or expressed my sadness about it either. I just didn't see a point. Those who know me personally, know that these things do affect me greatly. In fact, it affected me so much, I decided my blog post about being a mommy could wait because it seemed so trivial in the aftermath of such horrible tragedy. Not only that but what about Beirut, Baghdad, Japan and Mexico?

You know something? I still cannot piece together what happened. I am saddened that families lost a brother, father, mother, sister, friend, etc to something like this. I could only imagine the pain they are feeling at the moment. While others may take comfort in changing their profile picture or posting their status or sharing memes, I just dealt with this in a different way. I decided to internalize and get all philosophical about it. I was inspired by a quote my cousin shared on her Facebook page. This is what I came up with while the movie was playing in the background:

Being someone who personally embraces the darkness, I do know there cannot be darkness without light. I am not mad at the person's remark about me being heartless, they are just handling the situation their way. They needed an outlet to vent their stress on and I happened to post something at the wrong time. My goal wasn't to troll or offend anyone. I feel we need to put our differences aside and unite together in order to fight hate. We need to stand united together, to be that light in the darkness.

I never cared for religion personally but I do see why people are turning to their faith during the after effects of this tragedy but I do agree and support those who are saying "why are we praying for Paris? This is what got us here in the first place"

With this in mind, I decided to not dwell on differences such as how we are handling the aftermath of such tragedy and religious ones. I just want to find ways on how we can unite together. I love the darkness but in this aspect, I choose the light. Let's stand together and show our support, let's not dwell on our differences. At the end of the day, we are all the same. We were all born and we will all die someday. We are all human.  The quote that inspired me was from  Martin Luther King Jr. He once said " Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that"


  1. Hiya hun, a very interesting post, I can appreciate your sentiments, about not sharing your support;it's not we do not care it's something that has been scene before in great tragedies we unite together through social media. However, this intern it creates a cycle of hate for an entire group of people who through the actions of a minority destroy it for innocent people. I love your quote we can only destroy the darkness and hated through light, love and compassion. We are blinded to who the true enemies

  2. It's ok to deal with the sad news your own way. As a Frenchie I posted some of the statuses you talk about because I felt really moved and I must admit - scared. This world is going crazy, I don't know if their is a future for the human race out there. You wanted to talk about being a mum - I'll never be one for many reasons (it's ok to me you had kids, I just can't), but one of them is what is upcoming for them now on the short term and the long term?

  3. Uhm...Although I'm shocked that something like this could happen in a place like Paris and I feel deeply sorry for those people and their families, I will not 'hype' it like I didn't 'hype' the Syrian war, the revolt in Ukraine or the attack on that Russian airplane with 250 people on board either...Those things were equally terrible, yet people didn't urge to put up the black flags and light candles or change their FB profile pix because these things happened outside of the EU, in the Eastern world...Not even 9/11 was so 'hyped'...But now, that it happened in France, one of the biggest and richest country of the EU, Europeans are afraid, that the same thing could happen to them this 'hype' feels a little hypocritical to me...

  4. I feel overwhelmed and horrified by the happenings in Paris as well. But I think that by reacting fearful and full of hate we do exactly what the terrorist wanted to achieve. I am not more afraid of muslim than of christian extremists. I will not chnage my profile opics, I will not change my mind and I will not submit to the fear they want to spread...

  5. I think it's peer pressure, which never made sense to me... If someone's not vocal about their support for the victims, I don't assume they're on the side of the terrorists.

  6. You are not heartless at all. Your actions did nothing to cause or worsen the tragedy. You are free to live your life and do you as please, sweet Sylvie, and it pains me that anyone would be so callus and rude as to hurl insults at you over a Facebook share or how you have chosen to respond (publicly or not) to the horrific events in France.

    Thank you for this wisely written, poignant post.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. I feel sorry of proceedings, all this tragedy =/
    Whether it was in France or the US , are innocent people being killed by religious bigots. Here in Brazil we are very shaken and worried about the future of the world.

    Faroeste Manolo
    Página Facebook



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