Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Politics, a pink ghetto, and dreams

Monday was election day here and we voted on who would be the next new Prime Minister of Canada. I will not bore you with political discussion or my views on the subject. I will talk a little about myself instead.

The reason why I brought up Politics was because I have a family member who was voted in on Monday night to be an MP. I was glued to the TV and held my breath whenever I saw her riding up on the screen. From very early on, you could tell that voting was in her favour but you never know how these things can turn out. I was so happy for her when she made it and was announced in.

I was proud of my cousin because not only her hard work paid off but she too had some pretty humble beginnings. I remember in my late teens I worked at a local courier company as a call taker. She worked as Dean's assistant for one of the University's here in Montreal. I have a large family and it is sometimes hard to keep in touch with everyone. Thanks to Facebook, it is a lot easier for all of us to do so and I was given the chance to watch her climb up her career ladder over the last few years. I cheered when she got her MBA and although I wasn't at the ceremony in person, I beamed when I saw the Facebook photos. She gave me a lot of comfort and support during my personal life's ups and downs too.

From a very young age, I envisioned myself as mother and never fully sought for anything beyond that point. Now that I have my son who is no longer a baby and I do not foresee myself having anymore children, I am starting to look at other things. A lot of women like me want everything. We want that career, we want to be loving wives and wonderful mothers and because of all that, we often lose ourselves in the process. We all know there was a time I did.

 My life is pretty chaotic at the moment but seeing her take life by the horns and move up the ladder, it makes me realize that I can do it too. Granted her children are no longer my son's age and are grown men themselves (in the Canadian Military no less!) it makes me realize that I too can escape the life of administrative hood or  the pink ghetto or pink collar worker as they call it. I just need to start soon.

I am not implying that I dislike my job, in fact, I take a lot of pride in what I do and I really do like my job.  I took the position and made it my own. There are so many challenges I face, made lots of friends (strong support system), learned so many things like how to become a little more extroverted and be more patient. I love that I was given more responsibilities and am often the go-to person in the office for some things. I am just being really honest with myself.  I am a very smart cookie and am done setting the bar low in my life. Why should we be forced or feel an obligation to restrain ourselves to what society determines as obligations for our gender? I am not implying that we shouldn't take these jobs but my cousin becoming an MP simply inspired me to look beyond myself and to see deep down just how much I have goals and dreams of my own.Why let the guys have all the fun?

I am dedicating this post to all the lovely readers who have messaged me, commented that they know what it is like working as a receptionist. How sometimes it is a thankless job and how they wish to sometimes get out of it. Ladies, there is hope. We can get out if we want to. My cousin is living proof. Fight, take some classes if you can, and never look back.There is more to life than having babies or working the front desk. There is nothing wrong with that if that is the life YOU choose and want for yourself. Just THIS girl right here wants more.


  1. Happiest congratulations to your cousin, what a stellar accomplishment. I really enjoyed this post and the wise reminder you capped it off with. We can and should continually feel free to choice our own path in life and pursue our dreams at any age.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I worked clerical positions since I began working full-time at 16. I became the administrator of my department after 20 years but I was deeply unhappy doing that type of work. Finding your true calling is a process that needs nurturing and time and I commend you for taking those steps now and realizing that you are ready to do more with your life. It takes courage to break the roles we have been assigned in life. I believe you're on your way to a grand new adventure!

  3. A very inspirational post! I wish you the best of luck, whatever you decide to do. I also enjoyed my time as a receptionist, but it did feel good to move on from there too. I've worked several different roles in administration that I feel takes the best bits from being a receptionist, but leaves behind the less attractive bits.

  4. <3 follow your dreams and celebrate those who do! Some people spend too much time trying to keep others in their places!



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