Monday, October 26, 2015

Canada's new Prime Minister and why objectifying him is not ok

I came home from work today and then the Internet happened. I posted last week about how we have a new Prime Minister here in Canada and it turns out, this Prime Minister is making quite the headlines. You see, apparently, he is considered "hot" and many women are swooning over the guy.

My brain hurts when I read trash like what is in this article here:

In essence, the writer is saying "it is ok to treat this guy like a sex object because it was done to us for centuries" Let me quote you a paragraph from this article:

"The basic argument is that since women know the horrors of objectification, why would we inflict the same treatment on men? But the "same treatment" has a very different effect. When men comment on a woman's appearance, their words come loaded with centuries of discrimination and sexual violence.
If for all of history, men and women had been equals, then tweeting about Trudeau's chiselled jawline would be the same as saying Eve Adams has nice legs. But that's not how things went down" 

-  Really? I have been objectified too and I know how it hurts. In fact, some asshole once stopped me in the street while I was out walking with my son no less and told me I had "a nice ass and nice tits". I know how it feels and the shame I felt at that time, especially when it was done to me in front of my 5 year old boy. Why would I do it to someone else? Doesn't mean this has happened to women for centuries it gives us the right to do it to someone else. I could not disagree more with this article. Two wrongs do not make a right.

 Don't get me wrong here. On some levels, there is definitely a huge difference on how women are objectified vs men.  I cannot prove it but I am pretty sure it happens to women more than men and if this does actually happen to us more often than it does to men, shouldn't we know better?

I can relate to what the blogger was saying about there are many times women were treated like second class citizens and how even today, in certain countries women have absolutely zero rights. That is sad, it sucks, and it pisses me off yet it is still no excuse to objectify someone because it is happening to your gender. I love how the author was trying to (badly) justify her actions.

 I do not want control, I just want equal rights. In fact, Justin Trudeau stated he wanted his cabinet to have an equal amount of men and women representing him. If you listened to his victory speech on the day of the election when he became Prime Minister, he sang his wife's praises and considers her his equal. Why can't we follow his example and do the same?  How would we react if a female Prime Minister was voted in and objectified? I bet so many of us, myself included, would take the Internet up by storm expressing our outrage.
It is nice to see that some people see things like I do. I came across this article here that also sums up my feelings on the subject.In fact, she makes the same points I do!


  1. WTF this is not ok! We should be treating NEITHER men nor women as sex objects!

    Although honestly, I compare everyone to Disney characters. But not in a sexual way. Just cos... Disneyyyyyy

    1. LOL nothing wrong with comparing someone to a cartoon character

  2. How about focusing on the issues instead of the Prime Minister's jawline. You can do that later in the bathroom after the kids go to sleep. >D

  3. Objectification is a way to silence, intimidate, and oppress, and he's a public figure who's neither silenced nor oppressed. As a public figure of power, he has the means to let us know if this attention is unwanted. This isn't like plastering the internet with a random stranger's workout photo.

    1. I think at this point, he is too busy setting up office to really notice or he is ignoring that press. I think he wants his political career revolved around politics vs unwanted sexual attention. Considering he is newly appointed, he probably just wants to focus on the country vs some idiotic press. Perosnally, I just think it is hypocritical of someone to state they dont like it when it is done to them and then they turn around and badly justify themselves for doing it to someone else. It is annoying when my Facebook newsfeed is filled with this kind of crap. Let's get to the point here. We had such a horrible Prime Minister for 10 years, we desperately needed some new blood. I hope he can change things and do what he claims he plans on doing - we should be focusing on that vs how hot he apparently is.

  4. now this made me wonder... i tend to tell people when i like something about them (be it about appearence, words, projects, whatever...)... hopefully nobody ever thought i was going too far O__O



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