Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween

I would just like to remind everyone to please be safe during the Halloween festivities. If you plan on drinking, please don't drive. Hey, I know I am pulling a "mom-ism" and all but now that I got that out of the way, we can get on with my blog post!

I feel kind of cheated this year. Just when Halloween FINALLY falls on a weekend, I get sick. I am still nursing this nasty cold I have had for about two weeks. I plan on doing something low-key but will be definitely taking the baby bat out trick or treating with my super awesome niece!

I went to work wearing more makeup than usual and with my cute devil horns I ordered from Kreepsville666 a while back. I was a little worried someone would say something but everyone told me how cute I look. I am not used to all that attention but it was nice. It always amazes me. I wear something I am pretty sure I would get in trouble for and they all end up loving it. I don't think the horns would be acceptable any other day of the year but perhaps I could wear more eye makeup in the future? I used to work in finance in a very conservative environment and am still amazed over the things that they allow me to wear in my current job. It's great but I am always afraid of pushing the envelope a little too far considering I do work as a receptionist. I am the first face they see when visitors or client come in. It was nice today because many visitors told me I got them in the Halloween spirit. Wohoo!


My cat, Pippin's tail got in the shot, haha!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The spider Jacked up my hat

Last winter, I purchased a Jack Skellington tuque for myself. It was on sale and granted it was a little snug, I wore it anyways. I thought it was cute.

My son recently saw the tuque in my hall closet and asked if he could wear it that day. I was so happy that he likes Nightmare Before Christmas that I was more than happy to lend it to him. He wore it while he was on his school field trip out at the pumpkin patch.

Fast forward to a few days later, he asks again to borrow the hat. Again, I oblige and we leave for school. As I was driving him to school, he starts talking and the conversation goes as follows:

"Mommy, I really like your Jack Skellington hat. I wish I could have it"

"Philip, that is my hat. I am letting you wear it today but eventually you are going to have to wear your minion hat again"

"Ah ok. You are such a beautiful, pretty Mommy. You are my sweet heart"

While I am amused over his flattery, I decided to just not respond. Philip, on the other hand, decides a new tactic.

"You know Mommy, I really would like to have this Jack Skellington hat very much. I am your baby bat, remember?"

Shit! I totally fell for his flattery this time around but I decided to stand my ground. I told him that he will always be my baby bat but the hat is still mine. I do not want him to think he could pull this stunt again by using flattery but I mentally planned on to eventually let him "borrow it on a permanent basis"!

The next day,  he points at this spider he made out of pipe cleaners at school. He asks if he could play with it. I really like that spider and I told him that I wanted to keep it on the bulletin board as a decoration. He argues that it is his spider and he wants to keep it. The roles are reversed! He wants my hat, I want his spider so I proposed a trade. He keeps the Jack Skellington tuque while I keep the spider! Unbeknownst to him, I originally fell for his flattery but I end up being a genius! We both win!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Canada's new Prime Minister and why objectifying him is not ok

I came home from work today and then the Internet happened. I posted last week about how we have a new Prime Minister here in Canada and it turns out, this Prime Minister is making quite the headlines. You see, apparently, he is considered "hot" and many women are swooning over the guy.

My brain hurts when I read trash like what is in this article here:

In essence, the writer is saying "it is ok to treat this guy like a sex object because it was done to us for centuries" Let me quote you a paragraph from this article:

"The basic argument is that since women know the horrors of objectification, why would we inflict the same treatment on men? But the "same treatment" has a very different effect. When men comment on a woman's appearance, their words come loaded with centuries of discrimination and sexual violence.
If for all of history, men and women had been equals, then tweeting about Trudeau's chiselled jawline would be the same as saying Eve Adams has nice legs. But that's not how things went down" 

-  Really? I have been objectified too and I know how it hurts. In fact, some asshole once stopped me in the street while I was out walking with my son no less and told me I had "a nice ass and nice tits". I know how it feels and the shame I felt at that time, especially when it was done to me in front of my 5 year old boy. Why would I do it to someone else? Doesn't mean this has happened to women for centuries it gives us the right to do it to someone else. I could not disagree more with this article. Two wrongs do not make a right.

 Don't get me wrong here. On some levels, there is definitely a huge difference on how women are objectified vs men.  I cannot prove it but I am pretty sure it happens to women more than men and if this does actually happen to us more often than it does to men, shouldn't we know better?

I can relate to what the blogger was saying about there are many times women were treated like second class citizens and how even today, in certain countries women have absolutely zero rights. That is sad, it sucks, and it pisses me off yet it is still no excuse to objectify someone because it is happening to your gender. I love how the author was trying to (badly) justify her actions.

 I do not want control, I just want equal rights. In fact, Justin Trudeau stated he wanted his cabinet to have an equal amount of men and women representing him. If you listened to his victory speech on the day of the election when he became Prime Minister, he sang his wife's praises and considers her his equal. Why can't we follow his example and do the same?  How would we react if a female Prime Minister was voted in and objectified? I bet so many of us, myself included, would take the Internet up by storm expressing our outrage.
It is nice to see that some people see things like I do. I came across this article here that also sums up my feelings on the subject.In fact, she makes the same points I do!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Fun things to do while you are sick

Well my lovely readers, I am sick again. It is so discouraging. I had a cold last week and nurtured myself back. I was fine for a day or two and I got sick again! This is a nasty, nasty cold. It is really taking a lot out of me!

Due to being ill, I don't have much of a post planned for tonight but I did come across some interesting articles/podcasts while I was nursing my cold all week! I thought I would share them here. I will be back Monday with some more blog posts. Hopefully I could write some future posts this weekend while recovering from this nasty cold!

Cemetery Confessions always have interesting Podcasts but they recently had one with Jillian Venters, author of The Gothic Charm School

With that, I am out. I hope you enjoy the links!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Politics, a pink ghetto, and dreams

Monday was election day here and we voted on who would be the next new Prime Minister of Canada. I will not bore you with political discussion or my views on the subject. I will talk a little about myself instead.

The reason why I brought up Politics was because I have a family member who was voted in on Monday night to be an MP. I was glued to the TV and held my breath whenever I saw her riding up on the screen. From very early on, you could tell that voting was in her favour but you never know how these things can turn out. I was so happy for her when she made it and was announced in.

I was proud of my cousin because not only her hard work paid off but she too had some pretty humble beginnings. I remember in my late teens I worked at a local courier company as a call taker. She worked as Dean's assistant for one of the University's here in Montreal. I have a large family and it is sometimes hard to keep in touch with everyone. Thanks to Facebook, it is a lot easier for all of us to do so and I was given the chance to watch her climb up her career ladder over the last few years. I cheered when she got her MBA and although I wasn't at the ceremony in person, I beamed when I saw the Facebook photos. She gave me a lot of comfort and support during my personal life's ups and downs too.

From a very young age, I envisioned myself as mother and never fully sought for anything beyond that point. Now that I have my son who is no longer a baby and I do not foresee myself having anymore children, I am starting to look at other things. A lot of women like me want everything. We want that career, we want to be loving wives and wonderful mothers and because of all that, we often lose ourselves in the process. We all know there was a time I did.

 My life is pretty chaotic at the moment but seeing her take life by the horns and move up the ladder, it makes me realize that I can do it too. Granted her children are no longer my son's age and are grown men themselves (in the Canadian Military no less!) it makes me realize that I too can escape the life of administrative hood or  the pink ghetto or pink collar worker as they call it. I just need to start soon.

I am not implying that I dislike my job, in fact, I take a lot of pride in what I do and I really do like my job.  I took the position and made it my own. There are so many challenges I face, made lots of friends (strong support system), learned so many things like how to become a little more extroverted and be more patient. I love that I was given more responsibilities and am often the go-to person in the office for some things. I am just being really honest with myself.  I am a very smart cookie and am done setting the bar low in my life. Why should we be forced or feel an obligation to restrain ourselves to what society determines as obligations for our gender? I am not implying that we shouldn't take these jobs but my cousin becoming an MP simply inspired me to look beyond myself and to see deep down just how much I have goals and dreams of my own.Why let the guys have all the fun?

I am dedicating this post to all the lovely readers who have messaged me, commented that they know what it is like working as a receptionist. How sometimes it is a thankless job and how they wish to sometimes get out of it. Ladies, there is hope. We can get out if we want to. My cousin is living proof. Fight, take some classes if you can, and never look back.There is more to life than having babies or working the front desk. There is nothing wrong with that if that is the life YOU choose and want for yourself. Just THIS girl right here wants more.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Declairing temporary insanity and another manic monday!

 I had a migraine from hell on Sunday morning. I think the drastic weather changes here (ie snow in the morning, warm in the afternoon and then cool at night) was the culprit.

By the time my son Philip went to bed, I declared temporary insanity. I desperately needed some "me time". This means I locked myself in the washroom, played Loreena Mckennitt, took a bath while dying my hair. I also gave myself a facial since my skin was all gross from being sick. Here I am at the sink, in my bra, coloring my hair black, when my son walks in to use the toilet. He sees me, stops, has a funny expression on his face then proceeds to ask "are you getting ready for Halloween? You look scary!"

Fast forward to today, Monday. I planned on wearing a dress (easy) because we all know I hate Mondays but my plans soon went to hell in a hand basket. As I was styling my hair, my husband noticed that there was a lot of hair dye still on my neck! I forgot to use a towel while I was putting hair dye the day before! Most of my clothes are in the wash and the clock is ticking. I opted for my turtle neck and my hippie skirt. Tonight, I am going to go looking for some scarves or something to wear for the rest of the week.

I also get to my son's school and realize it was a ped day. There is the babysitting service and most kids do not require a uniform on these days. Philip was pretty pissed off considering he showed up in uniform. I felt like such a bad parent.

I noticed later today too that I still had hair dye on my ears. I have decided, next time I declare temporary insanity and want to dye my hair, I am going to make an appointment at the hair dresser's! I am done! What a mess!

To make matters worse, my throat is starting to feel scratchy.

Let's hope the rest of the week goes better.

Friday, October 16, 2015

The dreaded Pop Figurines - Part IV (Halloween style)

I love this time of the year, I really do. The leaves are changing color, the weather isn't so hot, and Halloween is right around the corner, my favorite Holiday. I think it sucks that my work doesn't really do anything for Halloween so I have been politely protesting that by trying to spread some Halloween cheer through out the office. One day, I bought a bunch of "Scaries" - Halloween themed Smarties in little boxes and shared them with my coworkers. I was so hyper from eating copious amounts of chocolate and candy corn, by the end of it, I was throwing the little boxes of Scaries at them! People would walk by my desk, minding their own business, I would say "hey catch!" and then would proceed with throwing the little box of Scaries at them! Below is an example of the little box.

Image source

Today, I went to the Dollar Store and bought a package of Halloween pencils (I was sick all week. I figured it would be better for my health that way then buying more junk food) and gave most of them away.

Back to more pleasantries, there is something new I can now add to my list of what I love about this time of the year... cool Pop Figurines!

Night shade Sally

Edward Scissorhands. I love how there are scratches on his face.
The Exorcist (so cool there is even green vomit on the box!), Edward Scissor hands, and Dr. Frank N Further

I'm just a sweet transvestite from trans sexual Transylvania

This one can only be purchased at EB Games and is extremely rare. Yes, I took it out of the box. This is the Evolving Dalek Sec. Yes I know not really a Halloween one but it's a Dalek okay?

The Power Of Christ Compels you!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Crazy out takes - Say Cheese!

I recently got a new Smartphone. For those curious, I have an LG G3. I love it! There is a feature where you can look at the phone and say "cheese" (there are a few other key words you can use too but I don't remember them) and it takes your picture for you! I had fun testing this feature. The first few times I was very skeptical it would actually work and my expressions were priceless! My son also discovered this feature and had fun taking his picture too, although out of focus. So without further adieu...

Monday, October 12, 2015

Thanksgiving, Gothic style

My son, Philip is learning about Thanksgiving in school and when he came home to inquire about how my family celebrates the Holiday, I felt like I needed to do something. For those in the US wondering what is going on, Canada celebrates the Holiday before you guys.

In the past, my mom used to cook a meal with all the trimmings but since my family is pretty much scattered throughout Canada and some in the US, we no longer celebrate. My mom is also getting on in years and in my opinion, someone else should carry the torch. That someone is me....oh goody! I did not really want to cook a meal but I did it for Philip and am glad that I decided to do so.

I am current fighting off a cold, once again and am hoping beyond all hope it doesn't turn into another infection like it always does. I also work full time and am trying to care for a very clingy kid. It seems that since my son started kindergarten last month, he is super clingy when he is home with me. I do coddle him. Some may say I do it a little too much. I think he needs the comfort and am well aware that one day, he will soon grow out of it and I will miss giving him so much affection so I am taking advantage of his clinginess. I was in no mood to cook a big meal.

I figured having a Thanksgiving meal on the Sunday night as opposed to Monday was ideal. I got the extra day of rest and the extra day to catch up on all those dishes.

Considering my family is super easy going, I decided against using the good china, after all, I was in survival mode. I also did not make turkey because last year, we had it until Christmas and were sick of it! I made a roasted chicken instead with sweet potatoes and a Cesar salad. I was originally going to make a cake but my mom saved my ass on that one by bringing these cute Halloween themed cupcakes she bought from the local grocery store.

My husband got used to my family and our weirdness. Unlike his side of the family who tend to lean a little more towards the conservative side, we are loud, boisterous, we have inappropriate conversations  at the dinner table but it is all fun. My family is so used to my quirks and never expected the good china or a big doo anyways. They didn't care that we were cramped in my kitchen or whether or not the dishes matched, which they didn't by the way. We just enjoyed each others company.

After the meal, my niece and I were on Facebook admiring all the beautiful place settings our friends did. I laughed and remarked my table. My niece pointed out the bottle of blood, the candlebra, and my skull filled with hot sauce that I leave on my table year round. We were highly amused  over the fact that we forgot to remove them. Somehow, those objects would seem out of place in the homes of the more normal people for Thanksgiving but were the perfect centerpiece on my kitchen table. I immediately snapped photos of my sink filled with dishes and the table setting I have to post on Facebook. Now I am going to post them here. I want all my friends, readers, and distant family members to see how I celebrated Thanksgiving, Sylvie style. How despite the lack of tradition and fanciness, we had a great meal. That is something to be thankful for.

I just noticed there is a hand in the picture and my collar is on the table. I took it off during the meal, haha!

P.S. Those dishes (aside from my wine glasses) went in my dishwasher. Screw hand washing them!

Friday, October 9, 2015

How I still hold onto my father's legacy after all this time.

Today folks, is my dad's birthday.  He unfortunately passed away years ago and I miss him terribly. Next week will be the anniversary of his death. Some years, this time of year is easy for me. This year has been particularly hard. It all depends what is going on at that time.My dad has had such a great impact on my life that over a decade later, I can still sometimes grieve over his passing! This blog post is dedicated to him, in honor of his memory.

Growing up, my folks always encouraged me to have my own ideals. They sometimes teased me about them but never discouraged me from being who I want to be. My dad once told me that I was weird but that was ok, it is what makes me special.When I started expressing myself by dying my hair different colors (ie bright reds, pinks, blues, multi colors, etc) in my early teens, they never thought it was odd. In fact, I think they were amused and secretly placed wagers behind my back on what funky color they thought I was going to dye my hair next! When I started to wear black and become a full fledged card carrying member of the goth community, they were not really surprised to see me ditching my punk/grunge look for the more macabre one.

A picture of a picture.

I think my dad often over looked a lot of my personal eccentricities because he was a bit of a rebel himself. He often questioned authority and never played by the rules. He always had the "don't like it, don't look" mentality that I have adopted. I remember in my early teens my dad bought a statue/light-post for the front of the house. The neighbors soon complained and were very rude about it. My dad smiled and went about his business - which meant, he was encouraged to buy more statues. One or two of them were quite nice, tasteful, even but that wasn't enough for dad! It was so embarrassing whenever friends would come over. All they needed to do was look for the house with the statues. This was a perfect landmark whenever I had to give directions to my house! I swear, my childhood home used to look like a mafia refugee house!

The more the neighbors bitched, the more statues would mysteriously come up. I think by the end of it, we had no more room! We had about 6 or 8 of those ugly things! My dad didn't stop there. He made a fountain with running water to also be put on the front lawn. He had fancy Greek or Italian designed flower pots all over the place with actual flowers inside. One of our neighbors commented that he was going to paint his windows black because our house was an eyesore. My dad politely asked him to hold that thought, went in his workshop and came out with two cans of black paint. He handed them to the guy!

Pardon the photo quality. These were taken from VERY old photos. I tried to use the scanner app on my phone but the flash got in the way. I could have taken off the flash but the photos would be darker. I think there was something wrong with the original photos (camera film) that we used back in the day before digital cameras. These statues have been taken down. It gives you an idea of what my folks had up in front of their house!

these went all the way down the driveway almost right to the road

On the right hand side, he had lion statues carrying a shield or crest. I used to tell the neighborhood kids that they would come to life if they ventured on our property. I knew this because I was the witch who enchanted them!

I used to make also fun of my dad for owning a Speedo bathing suit. He purchased it in the nineties when neon colors were all the rage but wore it until he died - which was the early 2000s. The Speedo was black but the front part had all these neon colors...what a great crotch enhancer.  My dad would get even with me for ridiculing him. As a teenager, that bathing suit embarrassed the shit out of me. He knew when I would have friends coming over (that was the cool thing about my folks, I was allowed to have friends over all the time) he would purposely walk out in the middle of the front yard while wearing that horrible Speedo, shout out to me and wave with his beer gut hanging out!  He loved watching my reaction and loved it even more when I would give him shit for it after my friends went home!

 I got tattooed not long after his death in honor of him but what I failed to realize, I am also honoring him in a different way. You see, he taught me to be myself and to love me for being me! I do not need to conform in order to be accepted.

In a small way, I am also honoring my dad by passing down this knowledge to my son.  Philip told me very recently that his friends at school sometimes make some mean spirited remarks with regards to the pepperoni he has in his lunch. Curious,  I asked him what he told these kids and how he feels about it. His answer made me beam with pride "I don't care what they say. I like it and I told them that. I like it and they don't have to look at it or eat it. It is my lunch!" You go, kid!

It doesn't necessarily mean that someone is gone that their story ends. As I write this with tears in my eyes, I remember the last words he spoke to me on the day he died: "I love you, Sylvie. I am proud of you. No matter what choices you make in your life, good or bad,  I will be always be proud of you." My dad was never a sentimental man and I thought it was odd at that time he would say these things to me. Today, I am glad he did. As I look at how I parent my son and at the life lessons I teach him, I look back to those very lessons I learned from my dad  as a child. It is only now, I can see why he is proud of me and how I wish he could be with me so I could tell him all this. The only birthday present I can give you, Dad, is by offering you my gratitude. Thanks for helping me become the strong yet nutty woman I am today. The Padawan has now become the Jedi Master.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A lazy weekend

With the drastic weather changes, I know I can expect two things to happen this time of year: migraines and allergies! Last week, I had problems with both so when the weekend came around, I tried not to do too much (except for cleaning) and just let my body relax. While most goth people were out Halloween shopping,  I was having a lazy, relaxing weekend at home.

If I was not playing with my little one, or doing chores, I was reading my book or getting ready to curl up on the couch to watch a highly anticipated brand new Doctor Who episode Saturday night! To make things easy, sometimes a nice friend or family member would invite me over for dinner. This means one less meal to cook and clean up after! Knowing that I will have to leave my comfy little cocoon to either go visiting or a walk to to the store for milk or other items, I want something comfortable and warm but not look like I am leaving my house in my pajamas or sloppy clothing. I don't want to be one of those yoga pants wearing moms!

This is the comfortable and warm outfit I wore last Saturday. I am not overly dressed and I don't look like a slob. I can easily wear this too work too (minus the skull hand hair pin) of course. Look, no contacts either!

Monday, October 5, 2015

I have been tagged - Halloween post, Squeeee!

I was tagged into this Halloween blog questionnaire by Mary from her blog, Mourning Glory Designs. Thanks for tagging me! Basically, I need to answer these 13 questions and tag 5 more bloggers.

I will start with the 5 bloggers:
(1) Divine Obscurity
(2)Gothic Minerva
(3) Linnea-Maria
(4) Bones and Lilies
(5) The Everyday Goth

1. Favorite Halloween song?
2. Witch or Vampire?
3. Favorite thing about Halloween?
4. Halloween party or scary movie marathon?
5. Skeletons or Zombies?
6. Favorite Halloween candy?
7. Favorite Halloween movie?
8. Favorite Halloween costume?
9. Favorite Halloween store?
10. Jack-o-lanterns, yes or no?
11. Bats or Black Cats?
12. Is Halloween your favorite holiday?
13. Pumpkin spice latte or hot chocolate?

1. Favorite Halloween song?
I have two of them.  The first one is Marilyn Manson - This Is Halloween. The Second one is The Monster Mash! 
2. Witch or Vampire?
This is very hard for me but I do have a soft spot for a vampire. I guess it all depends on my mood.

3. Favorite thing about Halloween?
It used to be about the parties or special nights at goth clubs. Now it is taking my son Trick Or Treating. I also love the candy and the horror movies they play on TV!

 4. Halloween party or scary movie marathon?
There is nothing more romantic than having a scary movie marathon with that special someone by my side. Bonus points is if I manage to make him jump during the pivotal parts in the movie! 

5. Skeletons or Zombies?
Two years ago I would have easily said zombies but I am so sick of Zs. Zombies are now all the rage and I am just tired of seeing them or hearing about them. I would say skeleton

6. Favorite Halloween candy?
Candy Corn but it is so hard to find over here. When Target opened, we bought tons of it but it is now closed here in Canada. It totally sucks! I also love Tootsie Roll candy and Rockets.

7. Favorite Halloween movie?
I would have to say the Halloween series (the originals with Jamie Lee Curtis) and I have a soft spot for "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown."

 8. Favorite Halloween costume?
I don't really have a favorite.

9. Favorite Halloween store?
Michael's recently opened up here in Canada and I am liking what they have. I also go to Dollarama 
for every day household items. I saw a few things at Loblaws (local grocery store) and there is Village Des Valeurs (Value Village) that has a few good items. I love this time of the year, I stock up on every day household items!

10. Jack-o-lanterns, yes or no?
Hell yes! One of my favourite Halloween items which my mom passed down to me is a ceramic Jack O Lantern my aunt made. I bring it out every year.

11. Bats or Black Cats?

12. Is Halloween your favorite holiday?
Duuuh! It is not only a Holiday but it is also a lifestyle!

 13. Pumpkin spice latte or hot chocolate?
Pumpkin spice all the way! The hot chocolate comes later and I usually spike it with Baileys :)

Friday, October 2, 2015

Little black dress

My long time friend from High School, Crystal is also a fellow blogger. She recently did a blog post on her blog, Sometimes Glam sporting a very beautiful little black dress. Naturally, I got inspired to do a blog post myself! The source of my inspiration is thanks to Crystal and I being exact opposites. She dresses a little more towards the conservative side, while I obviously don't.

If you knew the both of us separately, you would never think in a million years we could be friends but we are.

We are friends because despite our appearances and personal preferences, we both have open minds and Crystal "gets" things where most people wouldn't. I respect her because she tells it like it is. There is no drama with her. If she has an issue, she will tell me. She won't beat around the bush about it. She won't leave snide little remarks. She says what is on her mind. If I don't like it, well that is up to me to deal with it! Usually, Crystal is a good foil for me and a great friend to have because she is the voice of reason behind the storm. She is ALWAYS there whenever I needed a friend.

Crystal no longer lives in Montreal but moved to the US. We still keep in touch on Facebook. We may not message each other every day, we may go years without talking to one and other but when we do, it is like we never left! She is one of my long time friends that I will always cherish.

Now back to her wonderful blog post. Her blog photos are flawless and she always looks gorgeous. Seeing her in her little black dress made me smile and inspired me to do my own blog post from my own very different fashion perspective regarding the little black dress.
As a corp goth, I can combine the LBD with a blazer or a cardigan. I can tone it up or tone it down to whatever suits my purpose. I can wear it with fishnet stockings or spider web ones. I can wear it with ripped up tights if that is the look I am going for. I can wear cute little shoes or big stomy boots! I can take a simple article of clothing such as the LBD and turn it into whatever the hell I want it to be! The sky is the limit! I can make it simple and wear it with a bat pendant or I can goth the shit out of it. Here is an example of me wearing the same dress!

 Another note about the LBD, If I really want to be daring, I can take a plain black dress and modify it to my liking. I can add a lace trim or turn it into a skirt if I really wanted. I am not super crafty so I will leave the huge modifications to the more experienced. I won't go there.

If you want to read more about the LBD, Gothic Beauty Magazine wrote an interesting article about it several issues back.

Thank you Crystal for your lovely post and most importantly, for being a long time friend!  


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