Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The skirt in my closet likes Mama's Soup Surprise

I am trying to be funny with the title here. I purchased this skirt while I was still on maternity leave 4 years ago. I recently found it in the back of my closet (see where I am going with the post title?) and  I decided to wear it. It is the perfect skirt for this time of year with the wonky weather we have been having. It is quite cool in the morning, warm in the afternoon and back to cold in the evenings. Thanks to the odd weather and not quite knowing how to dress for it, I am in the process of fighting off a cold. My son is fighting off the same cold too and I like to think my chicken soup or "Mama's Soup Surprise" recipe as he calls it has healing properties. The reason why Philip calls it Mama's Soup Surprise is because he was inspired from a song he sang while he was in daycare. Now what do I put in my magic soup that can cure all illnesses? It's simple, here is the recipe:

"Oh, chicken lips and lizard hips
And alligator eyes
Monkey legs and buzzard eggs
And salamander thighs
Rabbit ears and camel rears
And tasty toenail pies
Stir 'em all together
And it's mama's soup surprise"

Off topic, Ramona from her blog "Just Keep Brains" tagged me! Thanks for the mention, Ramona. If you don't read her blog, you should! I love this girl's style and she always has interesting blog posts! 

Essentially, I am supposed to put up a quote and tag three people for three days. So I just quoted part of the song lyric from Mama's Soup Surprise and now I am tagging 3 lovely bloggers! So...(insert drum roll here) I am tagging Cafe Lastrange, Roses and Vellum, and Mutant Stomp Friends. 
Tag! You're it!

Silliness aside and back to the main topic, wearing the skirt brought back memories from the summer I was on maternity leave with my son. The warm months were filled with me pushing my son in his stroller while we went out for long walks. I hated the neighborhood I lived in at that time. All the apartments looked the same. Neighbors were overly nosy and had no qualms with staring at you right through their windows. This was during my "crunchy Mom" phase when I purchased this skirt.

Wearing this skirt also brings back memories of when I slowly started dipping my toes back into the subculture. Around the time I purchased this skirt, I still denied being goth but I had no qualms about listening to Joy Division or The Cruxshadows while I was out walking! I remember these walks not only entailed shopping (usually for diapers) but I did frequently treat myself to Starbucks. I loved going there to meet my friend Angie for coffee. Life was simple back then. It was also hard because we had very little disposable income and had to be very careful with our money. We were barely making ends meet but I was happy.

The skirt had obviously seen better days. It is faded and the lining inside needs to be replaced.It is quite comfortable to be honest, especially when I have to go to work feeling sluggish and crappy.

Ignore the shoes. The skirt looked better with my docs but I had to take them off when I got home. My left foot is swollen from twisting my ankle and a blister! Good times! Danger Prone Sylvie for the win! Do you have an old article of clothing that you don't want to throw out due to emotional attachments?


  1. Our household is fighting a cold too. Looks like a cozy skirt. And your hair looks awesome. Thanks for the tag!

    1. You're welcome. I noticed you haven't posted in a while so I thought I would send a friendly nudge your way :)

  2. Oh my god, half of my closet is clothes that I can't throw out because of emotional attachment... I have so many things I never wear, aaarrrghhh! I like the skirt, it looks like something I used to own :)

    1. LOL I like to think that skirt is something that everyone used to own :p

  3. OMG a wicked song in daycare? You found a perfect spot for him I guess!
    Old pieces sometimes are the best pieces one can have in a wardrobe as well, even when they nearly fall apart or some wont be worn that much anymore, i am sure we all have emotional pieces! (at least i do as well, those are on a pile next to my sewing machine and i hope to be able to find a way of finding a way to make them wearable again!)

  4. The skirt looks cute and it makes you smile!

  5. Amazing how clothing holds memories! There was a book when I wasa kid, I think it was The Best Kept Secret by Emily Rodda, about clothes retaining memories of past owners.

  6. That skirt looks really nice and warm. :) I hope your ankle gets better soon!

  7. Good lord, I've been tagged for something. XP

  8. Nice skirt, and cool song.

    I recently got rid of my first goth-clothes as I no longer used them. It was hard letting them go, but I does feel better afterwards. I still have a lot of sentimental clothing still, and am trying to work up the currage to do a proper closet purge.

  9. Aw, I hope you and your son get well soon! The skirt still looks lovely. :)



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