Friday, September 4, 2015

First week of kindergarten so far

Monday, we had a meeting and the little ones went in for about an hour, Tuesday, the kids only went in for about two hours (boys in the morning, girls in the PM), Wednesday (first half of the class goes in), he doesn't go to school but had a full day on Thursday along with the second half of  his class (boys and girls). I admit, seeing my shy little boy, a few feet away from the other kids, unsure and nervous as all hell reminded me a lot of myself at that age. Despite all that, he also showed me that he also inherited my strength; He walked into school like a trooper and handled it pretty well. Myself, not so much. The moment he was out of sight, I began to cry! Part of it was out of worry for him and the other part was due to the fact that to this day, I look back on how things were when I was pregnant and how difficult things were for us. I never thought I would see this day. Each milestone is a blessing.

Yesterday and today, we brought him in a little early and let him stay behind after school in order for him to familiarize himself with the school babysitting service. This morning, he already remembered the way to the classroom he needs to go to in the morning. He told me he loves all his teachers! He loves school (so far but I am betting that will change!) so all in all it was a great week.  I took the whole week off and to be honest, this transition was much harder on me than it was on him. It is only Friday today and it is the first day where I am finally able to relax and enjoy my time off from work. I am glad I took the time off, I think I would have been a basket case at the office and wouldn't have gotten much work done anyways! He came home very tired and cranky this afternoon. Apparently some kids tried to take his Goldfish crackers and although he didn't let them take it, he was upset over it. I think it is just exhaustion talking. It is a long weekend over here and I am sure things will go well on Tuesday.

As a side note, I was quite impressed when he brought home a picture he drew and the teacher wrote "Philip's description: I love Halloween and I always will." That's MY boy!

All in all, I learned several things myself this week and I had several doubts whether or not he would be ready for kindergarten (most kids turn 6 this year, he turns 5 since he just made the cut off date here in Canada by two weeks). I decided to compile a list as I am sure other parents have the same fears as I did:

(1) Can your child dress himself/herself? Do up hard to do buttons and zippers? Can your child put on his/her's coat on her own?

(2) Do you think your child is responsible enough? Do you think he or she can go all day with their packed lunch? Can they keep track of their stuff?

(3)   Can your kid listen to instructions then follow them?

(4) While the kindergarten teacher reassured us, it is not critical your kid should know how to use scissors but if he or she has a basic knowledge, all the better! Kids will be tracing a lot too and learning the alphabet so I guess your child should know how to recite the alphabet would be useful as well.

(5) Does your kid interact well with his peers? My son is incredibly shy but I have seen him play well with other kids. I know on his own time, he will come out of his shell. I seen already that they interact a lot with each other. Being used to other kids is a good start.

I am no expert here and by no means a child psychologist, these are only my early observations as a parent so far.

P.S. - It has been a hard, migraine filled week but I have an interesting post coming up on Monday. I try to balance the whole mommy/gothic/outfit posts/corp goth stuff, To the non-parents who follow this blog, thanks for your support and patience. To other parents who offered me advice or kind words (either here on other social media sites) thank you!Again, it was harder on me than it was on him, really!

Thanks for reading.



  1. Congratulations for surviving your son's first week of school!! What an odd sounding schedule! I've never heard of a kindergarten where the children had a different schedule every day. Will it be like that all year, or was that just for the first week?

    I was also a year younger than my classmates, from first grade on. It wasn't difficult academically, but it WAS sometimes very hard socially, as I was behind everyone else in development due to my age. At parent-teacher conferences, my mom usually had to remind my teachers that I was a year younger than the rest of the class, so they should expect my behavior to be younger! But there's not much really that you can do to help with that one, except perhaps to explain it to him when he gets old enough to understand.

    1. Yes, I think he is a little behind developmentally due to his age, which I had to remind the daycare when he was going there. I could have kept him in daycare for another year but he showed more signs of readiness for the big school and I didn't want him to be the oldest in his class either. The schedule was only for the first week, it was to get the kids used to the new school. I am looking forward to hearing about his adventures at school.

  2. I can imagine the whole transition was really hard on you. Every milestone is bittersweet because you are so proud of them but leaving behind the previous stage in their development is a little bit sad and makes me wistful. My little sister just started school this week too, she turns 5 soon. I'm kind of concerned too about when to send my daughter to school because she will be eligible in 2018 but will only have turned 4 two weeks before this. I'll keep your list in mind and see what happens :)

    1. Yeah I hear you on her on being eligible for school. Its a tough choice to make. I can't wait to read about your little ones milestones!



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